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  1. Thanks for the great replies guys. I guess im still really naive in thinking that its impossible for ANY human being in this day and age to be as totally brainwashed by religion. When facts and logic are so readily at hand. Religions ruins everything. I tried to reason with my christian friend yesterday. She reacted with so much hostility it scared me. Like a cornered wild animal.
  2. I mean has anyone here ever successfully reasoned with a evangelical christian? Is it simply an impossible task im wasting my time with? Or can it be done?
  3. Welcome Danny. Im so sorry for you as i have experienced the loss of someone who i should have been with through the faith virus. Its made harder by the fact its based on the biggest con in history. Hang in there buddy. It gets easier.
  4. Im sorry but im guilty as charged. Havent posted a lot since my initial plea for help. But im in regular touch with a terrific guy from here who has helped me considerably. Ive had a lot going on but will try to make a better contribution guys. This place is awesome
  5. Im working with my therapist every week now trying to figure out how i move on. It was a bit of a curve ball for my therapist as she had never encountered anyone with my problem before. She is very much taken aback by the churches control.
  6. I do not believe im using her as a way in filling a void in my life. I absolutely love her through and through. But right now im trying to come to terms with the fact it will never happen. Made even more difficult by the circumstances where it wont happen...i.e. her belief in a fairy tale
  7. Was actually very emotional experience Karna. Got a lotta stuff out there. To be honest the therapist was a bit overwhelmed by my story but very sympathetic. Back later this week
  8. Sdelsolray wow really good music there
  9. Sdelsolray do you like Mark Knopfler?
  10. Im going to go see a therapist thursday
  11. I fell in love with this girl when i was 14. She has always been the one. Even though i got married to another woman who i also loved deeply. I think what makes it so difficult to break the ties is that you wait your whole life waiting on the girl of your dreams to fall in love with you, then she finally truely falls in love with me, but a complete fairy tale tells her no that it cant be.
  12. Im not sure why some of you guys think i need to see a therapist or counsellor
  13. Thanks guys i know you mean well. Yeah i compose music on guitar. Love being outdoors in nature too
  14. I guess i just didnt appreciate or realise how serious or deep this brainwashing went. Heartbroken all the same
  15. Thanks flordur for your honesty. Do you really think she is far removed from reality by this brainwashing. I know i ask naive questions but i really have had no exposure to this before and am really struggling to understand how ordinary sane intelligent people can be suckered in like this. Is it actually the case that she is yoked to this abusive husband forever...in this the 21st century?
  16. I hear what you are saying guys. Damn bloody religion ruining perfectly sane people. Good people. I never imagined it could do so much damage. Here i am, knowing that this girl will go back to a paranoid schizophrenic husband and be put in danger again. I wish i didnt care so much...but i do
  17. Btw we also laughed, flirted, hugged.
  18. But tinged with sadness. Says that she has too much too lose and must choose God over me. This despite saying she was in love with me. She said she will be married to her husband until he dies. Its gods law. She says even if it takes 20 years she believes god will fix him and cure him of paranoid schizophrenia. How do i possibly compete with that?
  19. Spent the day with her yesterday, a wonderful day
  20. Feeling pretty low tonight guys
  21. I love this place!
  22. So basically you pay to go to church. Wow. Jesus didnt charge an entrance fee to the sermon on the mount did he? So how does these pastors keep for themselves as income
  23. Anyone still out there?
  24. Margee thanks for the hug, needed that. You described the situation perfectly, we were like two giddy teenagers, and i know for a fact that she was relishing this new sense of being alive and freedom from the shackles of church. She told me.
  25. Thanks guys. I am in survival mode, didnt see it
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