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  1. The number 777 has been appearing regularly through various forms of information I have been connected to. I looked that number up, and supposedly it's not really God's number. It has more to do with man's spiritual awakening. Oi!
  2. Did God say Adam & Eve (Or their descendents) would end up in hell for eating the delicious forbidden fruit? No he didn't, it was some dick weed in the New Testament that said that buybull.
  3. Watch this, this will distract you for a bit.
  4. Yes, you understand what I'm talking about
  5. If they all do it for Jesus, then in the end it was never just for you.
  6. Well that was very informative, thankyou.
  7. You must be one of them, you seem to know a lot about these Alien folk
  8. So if there are other being's observing this part of the galaxy, then to them we are like extinct already?
  9. Indeed it does, that's why I only go there for the porn. You leave cleaner that way.
  10. A rocket launcher comes to mind when seeing a street preacher.
  11. I remember back in 1996 in sunny Brisbane, Queensland (Kangaroo Island as I call it) I met this gay guy at a tarot reader's apartment. At the time I was crashing on the floor of this readers home. Then this gay guy took compassion on me, and let me stay in one of his spare rooms. Just off the bat, just like that Never had a Christian do that, without an ulterior motive. I stayed there for a long while and had a lot of fun. Then when my birthday rolled around, the gay guy and all his lovely gay friends went all out. They all bought me gift's, paid for my entire meal, and gave me plenty of drink's. Off the cuff, and never asked for a thing back. Never had a Christian do that, without an ulterior motive.
  12. LOL. I am cracking up so hard, oh mercy!
  13. All my mental projections were based around my belief systems. I had one episode that Aliens were communicating with me, and putting me through test's. But now since I refuse to believe in anything anymore, my mental illness has up and vanished (Along with the paranoia also)
  14. Yesterday afternoon I tried to forsake you From my mind From my heart I thought It was time To let you go Since it seemed so clear That you'd rather not have me in your life So in one go I let it all go And divorced all my thoughts of you That you were not my child anymore It seemed so easy at first Until a deathly spell fell upon me And I became pale as a ghost And my whole body went into shock And there I lay on my bed Totally disconnected My stomach churning & churning For a whole hour Until I couldn't take the pain anymore And staggered to the bathroom And violently threw up Then my head was hot all over Like I was going to black out So I lay back down Feeling like I was going into a comma But I fought the urge of sleeping Until about another hour passed And my mind just couldn't take the thought That I never loved you And my heart just couldn't take the sense That it would never feel you again And in a flash, there I was again In the bathroom Vomiting up all over again As if this was never going to end Until I realised I had to plug myself Back into you.
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