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  1. As you can see that this little girl doesn't like being put in this position, for fucking Christ's sake! All she wants to do is play.
  2. While we are on cosmology, what about the theory of the big bang? Sure they have observational data (After the fact) but when they turn the clock back and crunch everything into a single point (The singularity) then all mathematical equations break down. They arrive at a point they cannot observe & cannot understand mathematically.
  3. Shito! I really need to fine-tune my concepts.
  4. It's very random down here, but not so much in life itself. Do you really think this universe is life itself LuthAMF? That you yourself have life now? Not yet you don't
  5. Why would this cosmos, this beautiful construct give rise to life without all our permissions, then command us to choose it? Life isn't a choice LuthAMF.
  6. I am no longer hyperholiday, I am now JohnnyWishbone. Psychic Extraordinaire!
  7. Indeed TRP, and how many Christian's have you run into in your life that derives a Godly pleasure from tormenting people with hell. (God's want's to save you, they say)
  8. Ask any Christian if Jesus sacrifice was pleasing to their God, and they'll have to admit it was. On this basis the Christian has to view the horrific treatment of their Messiah as a good and pleasing thing, is this not sadism at it's heart?
  9. There's no path matey, just stop wanting shit.
  10. God is found in life, not a holy book. Me thinks.
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