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  1. The number 777 has been appearing regularly through various forms of information I have been connected to. I looked that number up, and supposedly it's not really God's number. It has more to do with man's spiritual awakening. Oi!
  2. Did God say Adam & Eve (Or their descendents) would end up in hell for eating the delicious forbidden fruit? No he didn't, it was some dick weed in the New Testament that said that buybull.
  3. Watch this, this will distract you for a bit.
  4. If they all do it for Jesus, then in the end it was never just for you.
  5. Well that was very informative, thankyou.
  6. You must be one of them, you seem to know a lot about these Alien folk
  7. So if there are other being's observing this part of the galaxy, then to them we are like extinct already?
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