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  1. On 5/19/2019 at 2:34 PM, adelena4luv said:

    Why does god allow Adam and Eve to reproduce as that only leads to generations and generations of sinner that leads to many people ending up in hell? Why do god love us but also allow others to suffer? Why can hear bear such a pain for the people suffering in hell and dont just stop all these things from happening,less pain and dramas. Its also basically not rlly our fault that we are sinners because adam and eve made the wrong choice that lead us into these. If adam and eve didnt eat the fruit,we would be sin-free.

    Did God say Adam & Eve (Or their descendents) would end up in hell for eating the delicious forbidden fruit? No he didn't, it was some dick weed in the New Testament that said that buybull.

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  2. On 5/25/2019 at 2:29 PM, jamesbowers said:

    As you can see I am making a million threads because I'm desperately trying to distract myself.

    I thought it would be good to have a thread where members can come and distract each other with mindless conversation.

    p.s: Sorry about all the threads!

    Watch this, this will distract you for a bit.

  3. 19 minutes ago, DestinyTurtle said:

    It's uplifting when you see genuine generosity in the world these days. I think nowadays Xians, particularly in America, teach and believe that generosity and charity is an evil thing (because it is in service to people, and not "God"). I think the teachings of Jesus were literally turned inside out. Anyways, we live the consequences of intentions and degree of earnestness with which we face our lives, and what specific title we say we identify with during the course of that period has nothing to do with it.

    Yes, you understand what I'm talking about  :)

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  4. 1 hour ago, Wertbag said:

    I had a Catholic friend get me a job and job training that got me the career I now have. I have Christian relatives who knitted blankets for our baby, just because it was a nice thing to do. I've had a gay atheist flatmate steal my alcohol and never pay me back. 

    In any large group of people there will be good and bad. Christians are no different to atheists in that respect. 

    If they all do it for Jesus, then in the end it was never just for you.

  5. 1 hour ago, mwc said:

         Any alien life would observe us exactly as we are observing them.


         So if they are 100 light years from us then the light they see is one hundred years old.  They would be seeing into our "past" but for them it would be the present since the light just arrived (and vice-versa us observing them).  So however many light X's they are away (ie. minutes, days, months, years) then that is now far in the "past" they are observing.  In that sense we are seeing light that is about 8 or so minutes old (or in the "past" if you prefer) from our own Sun.


         To be able to actually see minute detail, like if they were 66 million light years away, and then to actually be able to see the dinosaurs on the ground roaming about would take a lot of resolving power and even then I don't know if would actually be possible for a variety of reasons.  Being able to know the composition of the atmosphere is possible but actually observing anything beyond what we might call a macro view of the planet (ie. the Big Blue Marble sort of view but nothing close to seeing plants and animals even large ones) I would think would probably be pretty much out of the question.


         Just have a look at this What if? XKCD.




    Well that was very informative, thankyou.

  6. 2 hours ago, sdelsolray said:


    No.  Electromagnetic radiation from Earth solely based on a human origin (e.g., radio and television signals) takes time to reach planets around other stars, how long depends on how far away that arrival point is from Earth.  In all cases, a deciphering intelligence at such arrival point will only receive dated information, relative to to any new information being generated on Earth.


    If that "other being's" technology was advanced enough to capture visible light at phenomenally high resolution, it might witness an extinction event on Earth, but again, it would take time for that information to reach the observer.

    You must be one of them, you seem to know a lot about these Alien folk  :)

  7. On 5/27/2019 at 5:32 AM, Wertbag said:

    We have no idea where intelligent life is in the universe, so have no way to guess the distance the light from our sun will have to travel before reaching a set of eyes. 

    If there is life watching then yes they would be seeing light that has been travelling for billions of years. 

    So if there are other being's observing this part of the galaxy, then to them we are like extinct already?

  8. On 4/18/2019 at 7:25 AM, TABA said:


    Don't do it!  Don’t do the Twitter!  

    Seriously, Twitter makes almost everybody it touches snarkier and addicted to outrage.  It’ll make you want to take a shower every time you log off. 

    Indeed it does, that's why I only go there for the porn. You leave cleaner that way.

  9. 14 hours ago, Samuel said:

    I’ve been mulling over the organizational strength of religion and thinking about what that means for a person confronted on the street by people intent on converting them to their religion.


    In a lot of ways we see different levels of power as problematic in relationships and I just wonder what other people think of this idea of what it means for a person to have to respond to and or fend of the imposition of a prying religion that proselytizes. 


    A rocket launcher comes to mind when seeing a street preacher.

  10. I remember back in 1996 in sunny Brisbane, Queensland (Kangaroo Island as I call it) I met this gay guy at a tarot reader's apartment. At the time I was crashing on the floor of this readers home. Then this gay guy took compassion on me, and let me stay in one of his spare rooms.


    Just off the bat, just like that


    Never had a Christian do that, without an ulterior motive. I stayed there for a long while and had a lot of fun. Then when my birthday rolled around, the gay guy and all his lovely gay friends went all out. They all bought me gift's, paid for my entire meal, and gave me plenty of drink's. 


    Off the cuff, and never asked for a thing back.


    Never had a Christian do that, without an ulterior motive.



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  11. On 5/24/2019 at 10:09 PM, LostinParis said:

    My husband had his first psychotic episode 2 years ago. I blame the fundamentalist religious beliefs with which he was raised.


    Did your psychotic episodes include religious hallucinations?


    My husband began to experience demons and was convinced he was going to hell. He believed there was an invisible war going on between two invisible kingdoms over his invisible soul. It was bizarre to watch.


    He spent a month in a mental hospital on meds (thank goodness for Australia’s free health care).


    With Satan lurking around every corner, and god as a giant survelliance camera in the sky, it’s no wonder that many of us became crippled with anxiety and danced around the edge of sanity.


    My husband still clings to his faith, and is fighting against his rational nature. Cognitive dissonance is not psychologically healthy.

    All my mental projections were based around my belief systems. I had one episode that Aliens were communicating with me, and putting me through test's. But now since I refuse to believe in anything anymore, my mental illness has up and vanished (Along with the paranoia also)

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  12. Yesterday afternoon


    I tried to forsake you


    From my mind


    From my heart


    I thought It was time


    To let you go


    Since it seemed so clear


    That you'd rather not have me in your life


    So in one go I let it all go


    And divorced all my thoughts of you


    That you were not my child anymore


    It seemed so easy at first


    Until a deathly spell fell upon me


    And I became pale as a ghost


    And my whole body went into shock


    And there I lay on my bed


    Totally disconnected


    My stomach churning & churning


    For a whole hour


    Until I couldn't take the pain anymore


    And staggered to the bathroom


    And violently threw up


    Then my head was hot all over


    Like I was going to black out


    So I lay back down


    Feeling like I was going into a comma


    But I fought the urge of sleeping


    Until about another hour passed


    And my mind just couldn't take the thought


    That I never loved you


    And my heart just couldn't take the sense


    That it would never feel you again


    And in a flash, there I was again


    In the bathroom


    Vomiting up all over again


    As if this was never going to end


    Until I realised I had to plug myself


    Back into you.

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