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  1. You were my final belief in this world But now it’s come to the point That I just don’t know enough to keep it alive That I just can’t deny the convenience of this desire You just can’t be here at every given time And I’ve had enough of all the waiting I just can’t live out the rest of my day’s holding on And I’ve run every possible scenario in my head But there’s no knock on my door And no bear you’re holding in your arms So I guess I don’t have a choice in the end I have to burn this belief to the ground To the ground To the gr
  2. I have to ask this, but do you hate your own political system? Because I can't stand the politicians in my country. Once it was a fair country, that didn't squeeze every last drop of blood from us. But now the politician's are literally doing less than the less for our community they did many year's ago. I received a flyer in my mail box about a week ago promoting a new party in Australia United Australia (Clive Palmer) He's the one that's going to turn this country around. I'm reading this flyer, it looks very promising (Compared to the Labour & Li
  3. At judgement day, the Lord of hosts will decide who is in the book of life, and who is not. Those who are not found in the book of life will be tossed into the fiery pit's of hell. Hell will be a place seperated from the coming new creation, but as the Bible points out, there is a chasm inbetween both places. The new creation must be infinitely large, either the place itself or the place outside itself. Because how can you distinguish a place as a place if it has boundaries but no outside. Hell must also meet these same conditions. So therefore w
  4. Oh thankyou. I have been drinking a fair amount alcohol lately, as I feel like I'm coming apart.
  5. Into, intro, intro. I don't know what to say, I'm not good at introducing myself anywhere. Okay, I can tell you that leaving Christianity was the worst suffering I've ever gone through. A good comparison would be, hell itself. I bloody hope I'm alright now, because there was a time I wanted to literally burn down every Christian church on earth. I have been left with so many scar's because of those beliefs they tortured me with my whole life. Now, I am all alone, it's just me left to carry on. :)
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