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  1. Excellently expressed. 5 smiles for you
  2. As awful as you feel now, just remember that if you were actually swallowed up by the Christian belief system, you'd be a whole lot more messed up in that hysteria than you are now. So keep being you.
  3. Well at least they have options, other than the 1 door Jesus offered.
  4. Are the people (Alien's) living on another planet close enough to observe the light from our star seeing our past or our future?
  5. Christ! That place is going to be overcrowded. Do these ghost's ever get out? And does Buddhism really have a hell?
  6. Hungry ghost's hey, what makes them hungry?
  7. Has anyone run tests on the activity in the human brain while these people are under the influence of that effect?
  8. Simple. Stop & suspend all attempts to create beliefs about anything. How? Understand that any unknown situation or subject you analyse doesn't require you to make up a belief about it first, and you only need to accept you don't know anything about it until you actually know evidently. Why? Because all beliefs are guaranteed to create uncertainty & assumptions, which is what is causing our current societal chaos. Bullshit? Depends if you just believe everything you've read here is bullshit.
  9. Well, that counts me out from escaping rebirth. (That's Buddhism right?) Because I just can't swallow most of the stuff these people say, when I've got to put down a Redback spider before it bites my baby girl.
  10. I started an account at Christian Chat to post one specific question. I wouldn't recommend any newly recovering Ex-Christian to visit this page, but for the rest of you this thread is like the lion's den on crack. https://christianchat.com/miscellaneous/never-believe.185135/
  11. I'm going to come back as a butterfly Because no one suspects the butterfly. Mewhaha!
  12. I think idgafism just might be I don't give a fuck in sinful motherfucker's.
  13. There's a little Nelson in every Christian.
  14. Well it's better than Gawd did it, and that settles it.
  15. That it began from a singularity? How does an infinitesimal point be an infinitesimal point without there being an outside to distinguish that it is a infinitesimal point?
  16. Can anyone explain where that (On-Fire) experience for the Lord originates from? It's also known as the burning in the bosom, Mormons are hot on that experience and wouldn't have a church without it, other groups call it slain in the spirit.
  17. Actually if anything LuthAMF, our current understanding of universe itself & the natural process of evolution is the very thing that's fucking your religious shit up.
  18. Christian's have always taught the world that sin nature is present in all of us, that we are born dead spiritually. If this is actually true, why aren't our children & younger teens literally doing all the sinful shit that the Christian point out that adult's do. I am aware there are cases of some children doing crazy stuff, but it is definitely not on par with the adult sinner's. What would you rather. Be in a room of angry adults Or. Be in a room of angry children Have ever seen a group of pissed off little kid's grabbing weapon's and
  19. Ah, I see that you are having a bit of a hard time letting go of the hurt (Recent past hurt) of the Christian experience. One day you'll look back at that mess they call a religion, and laugh, because you'll know that you are absolutely free.
  20. Yeah, and we don't even have gun's to deal with these threats.
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