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  1. What is 50% of 3 individual, and whole thing's? 3 thing's that can not be divided in themselves.
  2. Supposedly there's only 1's & 0's, but people have created a belief system of (+ & - 1's & 0's) Zero being the neutral state.
  3. Everything becomes muddled when you forget to check if you've locked the garage door.
  4. Yeah I've seen some shit Who hasn't Unless you live on the moon Unless you live on a desert island And yet that's what I used to fantasize About falling off a boat with you And it being just the two of us Because they never left us alone Because they never wanted us To be together To be together To be together.
  5. If I have a packet of 20 cigarettes, and I smoke them all. Then I reroll the left over tobacco in the butts (2 butts per reroll) have I actually smoked 30 cigarettes, or 20?
  6. Yes, thankyou. But I only went on a food frenzy after downing 5 Canadian Club's. But I'm okay now.
  7. Matthew 23:9 9And do not call anyone on earth 'father,' for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. So? I think a name change is your only option.
  8. I'm still reading it (It will take some time) Question: This string world hasn't been observed yet?
  9. I went out today and ate 4 pork chops...I feel absolutely sick now.
  10. I could say that our positive affirmations, or our negative affirmations are all an illusion.
  11. Very true matey, but the core factor that convinces a person they know good or evil, is belief itself. That can only happen if they estimate the thing they're believing in as a true positive or negative. Basically it's like biting into a rotten apple and then viewing that experience as a negative, then from there accepting that the apple is bad (Evil) in totality.
  12. There's no real numbers here florduh. People approximate their moral values by accepting a (+ or -) on the bases of what those fuzzy feelings tell them.
  13. Umm, if I remember correctly I did post this in the science & religion forum.
  14. (The concept I put forward here today is completely observational) It seems to me that the idea of good & evil are constructed when a person looks at something in a positive way, or a negative way. So. A positive view of a thing = Believing that thing is good A negative view of a thing = Believing that thing is evil (Or simply bad) Now, it seems to me that forming opinions in the (+ or -) is creating most of our problems today. Because as I have observed, when a person forms a belief about a thing under these conditions they are doomed t
  15. I heard this a long while ago, that astronauts experience the NDE at times when their in that graviton thing. (You know the device that spins around at breakneck speed)
  16. I'll do that for tomorrow's meal.
  17. I'm talking about where Christian's get their spiritual knowledge from. Is it from their God (Holy Spirit) or is it from a teacher? Who cares about the formality of acquiring the ability to read & write, what's that got to do with anything.
  18. Okay, well I'm fairly straight ATM. I was trying to find a picture of Smurfette, because I had this thought it would complement your profile. I can totally see you as a Smurf, and aren't we all a little Smurfish on the inside.
  19. This is a photo I downloaded from a Christian's profile online. (Basically it's this Christian's mascot for God) Look at this picture for a while, imagine what that fundy is doing to this little girl's mind. Will this fucking religious madness ever end?
  20. Man I love pork, but I settled on beef ravioli, mmm, and carbonara sauce..mmm.
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