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  1. I am Johnny Wishbone Psychic extraordinaire And I’m going to give you a reading It’ll only cost you 45 dollars Don’t worry I’m a professional Okay now The spirit’s are telling me That a relationship you had ended With someone who had dark hair Because one of you cheated You both tried to remain friends But you’d always end up fighting The spirit’s are telling me That sometimes you feel lonely Even when you’re with other people That no one really understands you And you find it hard fitting in But you are kind
  2. I don't know what that is matey, is it really a meal. It sounds nice, tell me what it is, I want to open my options.
  3. On a unrelated note, I've got some money to burn for dinner tonight. I'd like some suggestions for meal options, throw some ideas my way, and I'll go buy that shit.
  4. Goddammit, you Ex'es spin me hardcore. LOL
  5. I'm the actual living Antichrist. (Like)
  6. Alright, fuck you you germ. I'm not going to play your head games.
  7. I met this guy once, and his name was Luke. I got involved with him because his was an acquaintance of an old friend of mine. Long story short, this Luke character stalked the living shit out of me. I called the police on him, I confronted him, I even tried to reason with him. But this scumbag never fucking stopped harrassing me. Eventually I took him to the courts, and only then the stalking stopped. But once the order ran it's course, that psychopath went and moved into the apartment block I was residing in. I had no choice, so I ha
  8. Christian's, you know that the "Honeymoon" doctrine promotes the concept of sexual congress. Above this, I have witnessed more than a few Christian females who say "They are literally in love with Jesus" I'm starting to think that all you Christians really want, is to fuck your own God. TV Off.
  9. But your back! Hmm, you must really want to be here. Why do you want to be here? I remember many times when I joined Christian forums, I'd be asked the question "Why did you come here?" No matter what reason I gave them, those Christians had to believe that it was their God that was involved in me joining their forums.
  10. So your not a true believer, excellent. Welcome to the dark side, and remember what Jesus said. "When two delusions meet in his name, whatever the delusion may be. A greater delusion shall appear to be done for them"
  11. It's says on your profile your a true believer, right? As a true believer your only responsibility is to be a slave of all, you need to put your personal agenda's last, serve and love others as Jesus would. Or do you not believe that's what Jesus expected?
  12. http://clearlyexplained.com/answers/membranetheory.html
  13. Shit did I say brain. I'll get some information on this old cosmological theory, be back soon.
  14. I don't know if it's called M-theory. It was the concept that the universe existed on a giant brain of some sort.
  15. Let it go my friend, because. If you can't forgive your enemies today, Jesus will throw you into a blazing hot oven, and that's where you'll stay till the end of day's.
  16. You have two concepts here: 1. We essentially create our gods 2. We essentially assign power to a real God? Both those concept's contradict each other.
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