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    Reading learning as much as I can
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    I am here to connect with ex christians telling there stories and hoping to learn new things

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    Yes I still believe in a god

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  1. Thanks for all the replies it feels so good to talk it people that are like minded I am going to give you a detail it conversations with some of my family members about 3 yrs ago I told my mom that I do not believe in Christianity anymore and she said that I was weak minded and I you cannot believe in God if you don't believe in Christ my brother who still is a Christian does understand my position but he is not judgemental at all any of you guys have any book recommendations to newcomer
  2. Hello everyone I new to forum my name is Markus and l am a ex Christian I just wanted to ask for a newcomer is there any advice you would have for any new ex Christian because sometimes it hard because my family does not understand my position on Christianity
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