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  1. UBU4U


    II apologize for that. I'm sort of blocked-up, or "frozen" (still am but not nearly as bad. ) I was/am going from a sense that I was all alone in this world, that I had to carry the entire burden of crushing christianity to save everyone and all at one time. (I was willing to "take the bullet" if necessary to give christianity the pounding it /finally/ deserved. Whew. It has had it's grip on ME just a tad to long and I have to protect us all. This is still all very awkward, and very socially awkward. I feel I have to say and do and 'fix' everything that is wrong in the world. I reside in a particular high-density source the Ass of God. I'm feeling as though I can't say what's on my mind for fear of repercussions. I feel as though I have to say "awe, shucks" instead of god fucking damn it. It's an unnecessary concern for saying the right/wrong thing. Saying this much is not exact;y easy, and for all I know I am not making any sense at this moment.
  2. UBU4U


    Hello everyone, I am frankly a bit amazed that I am even typing this, for reasons that - let's see - oh I almost forgot I'm not supposed to be here. A trumpet might sound? (Actually I am struggling quite a bit,, for reasons known. "Just" tipping my toe in the water, is, uh, a little hard to explain? )
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