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    Used to be hardcore within the faith. Now I can't unknow that this truth was a lie.

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  1. I am doing my best to avoid it. I live off campus in a flat, so that's a bonus. I've managed to cut it down to about 6 days. I really miss my little brother and I'm honestly going to give him anime. It's insane how close-minded the religious mindset is
  2. I have Bordeline Personality Disorder, mixed with some depression and anxiety. Meds and therapy have made a HUGE difference and I can cope with life. Religion also had the effect of making me worse. Church is a place I associate with anxiety and the need to perform. God...at this point I still believe God exists but I don't think It cares.
  3. I have a good support system in my friends. Not all of them are religious. And even the ones that are, understand the importance of therapy and medication. So I talk to them and my partner while I'm at home. I also have means of expressing my emotions in a healthy manner.
  4. Thank you. I will definitely try the fogging. I am in university but I go home for holidays. I'll actually be going home soon. They don't respect boundaries. They think being the parents gives them the right to do and say whatever they want. Disagreeing is being disrespectful.
  5. Hi everybody. I've been reading posts here for about a week and it's been so comforting to find like-minded people. Almost everyone in my life is Christian. My family is very very very religious. I started having questions about a year ago. I didn't understand who got to make the rules and why they were chosen. Why was it more important to be straight than it was to be kind? Why was is more important to be married for sex to happen, instead of a loving, respectful relationship. And so many other why's. Anyway today is my first post because my father told me that only
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