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  1. I feel free. No need to waste my time of fasting to discern His will and at least still cannot know God's will . Freedom is a great gift when you leave these stupid beliefs behind you.
  2. Hi everyone, In my deconversion process, the unanswered prayers helped to go out as probably many of ex-christians. One of the most choquing experience is when I was in a pentecostal church and I remember a woman who was paralyzed with a horrible disease (I do not remember the name of this disease but she had big pimples every where, it was not chickenpox) and the pastors and church prayed for her healing but she never recovered. Same another time, a new born who was very sick, we prayed for him and he died. Theses two souvenirs have been traumatic and the point wh
  3. Jesus a husband with no love, no kindness, no compassion but a dictatorship we have to worship unless we are good to burn in hell for the eternity
  4. Thank you for your comments guys. I agree. However I think I have now a bad reputation how people gossip and I know people gossiped behind my back. Now several firms know I have been in a cult and it could be difficult for me to find a new job. I have been fired in 2018 but for other reasons (economical reasons). Past boss speak to new boss as they take information about you when you hire a new job. This is how it happens in my country in Switzerland. It is a difficult situation and I am afraid that more boss know I have been in a christian cult.
  5. Hi everyone, When I was a christian I was very zealous for evangelism and also in my workplace. My reputation has been affected and today I am experiecing regrets and guilt And I do not find any issue in order to heal and let this guilt behind me. My deconversion is a long process with stages with time to time trying to return To religion but at least with all the contradictions I go away.again and again. How can I overcome the fact I warned about hell and the guilt of being not respectful and try to convert people ? Thanks a lot !
  6. I am very sorry for you. I started deconverting some years ago and returned to church in 2019. In the beginning I was glad but same problems occur again. Why God does not answer ? It is difficult for me to completely leave because I know some missionaries who preach gospel and people received healing. They give their testimony. So why some people are healed and some not ?? After a short happiness being back in faith I feel again the brainwashing and the fear of leaving again faith. I really do not understand God. His behaviour, preten
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