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  1. Ok. I don't believe in "neutral" ground but what would you now see you were lacking? Anything?
  2. Thats just silly. Religion is taught, being a car is not. I should have said being born in a Christian home does not make one Christian. It would have saved you from explaining all that.
  3. A tapestry may lose a thread here and there but does not unravel the work of artistry.
  4. Neither is it an accident or random happenstance.
  5. A sensible view. I am one who "fell away". I've got plenty of critique against certain aspects of "religion". But as another famous saying goes, "Being raised in a Christian home no more makes one Christian than being born in a garage makes one a car."
  6. It's quite irrelevant that atheists "do not consider themselves guilty". All parents are guilty of either omitting information or over-emphasing other. A true atheist who has been devoid of any religious influence is hardly equipped to fairly teach Christian principles in order to allow his child to "make his own decision" any more than the illiterate can instruct his child in principles of proper grammar. It is an outright disparaging presumption to say the Christian utilizes "tactics" as you stereotypically contrast them against alleged "virtues".
  7. Ok...he didn't forget. He failed to mention, then. It's amazing to me that the atheist excludes himself. Every single home sets up on a particular set of principles, good, bad, informed, uninformed or indifferent; each with corresponding results. You're no different.
  8. hyperholiday asked about my profile pic. How does this relate?
  9. That's fine and understood. But when you say "We could be talking buddhist, hindu, muslim or christian." you forgot to include atheism.
  10. No to all three. I'm fairly introverted and not much for the spotlight. I have little to no "control" over anything including myself sometimes, which I recognize is no virtue. Enduring a Captain Obvious-like rebuke seemed unnecessary to me. While at times I may indeed be boring, those close to me find differently.
  11. I have not set a profile pic. That is evidently standard provision bestowed upon me by a Mod. None of those monikers are my own: "Irascible", "Authentic Christian Believer"...
  12. You stated something blatantly obvious. Thats not exactly quality writing either. I'm trying to quell the hostility. If you wish to preserve it, you're on your own.
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