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  1. Thanks for the consideration. I'm happy that you recognize I'd be interested. Thing is, it's obvious we're at a snails pace in the debate. I prefer to re-establish footing there. I know I did jump off for the "Deconversion" thread but that was not a time consuming effort. I'm going to stick to the debate but keep this in mind. You all say the most interesting things.
  2. Btw... Your theology is horrendous. But we'll get to it.
  3. Sorry. I did get sidetracked rather than sticking with you. Yes, let's continue.
  4. Does a troll engage in debate with one of your own?
  5. Would any of you here appreciate having your private messages to one another displayed for all to see? You're lying if you say it wouldn't matter. So that little envelop for PM is no different than the bell for open notification?
  6. I found a Christian physicist using this exact model to state evidence for creation. Isn't that interesting. So who is interpreting the data correctly? Who is answering the questions the most consistently? I'll say it again. If Genesis is not a literal reading, we have no reason to understand anything. I suppose some will take that as some extremist Christian position and use it as a basis for dismissing Christianity but that only reveals the deeper issue. So if we move on, I think my focus may change. So far it seems we've really gotten nowhere. Shall we continue? As an aside, I made an extreme error in judgment by posting what I thought to be harmless. Seems there's no such thing around here. The claws, fangs and irrational offense came out very very quickly. Folks made a big to do that's for sure. Seems there's a Ringleader in fomenting offense taken. Lesson learned. Again.
  7. You have asked me several times to state "What I think" on certain things. I watched this video and can only come away saying it really doesn't matter. With contrary opinions to literally everything, theres no point to anything at all. This video is the perfect example. So is the debate over? What more is there? Personally, I hope not, but where do you think we go from here?
  8. Please stop lecturing me. How bout we just leave it now.
  9. Of course you see the worst possible. Even someone's sincerity is refused. If I were allowed to delete my post I would.
  10. "Conveniently ignored." How bout we just leave it.
  11. No I most certainly do not. I apologized, Alright? It was a genuine apology. Is it accepted or do you need a pound of flesh as well? How bout we just leave it.
  12. No, of course not. I can see the seriousness of some of the issues but maybe, just maybe y'all take yourselves TOO seriously.
  13. Alright. Any attempts at levity are pointless, I guess. I'm sorry guys. I thought... ...it doesn't matter what I thought. It was to be lighthearted. Not this. Sorry. florduh didn't seem to be offended, though. But whatever. I'll stay where I'm allowed.
  14. That doesn't make any sense. Alcoholics don't try to make beer be not beer.
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