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  1. Tell me who closed and re-opened the debate.
  2. Someone CLOSED THE DEBATE and my last post was removed. Then, obviously someone re-opened it and my post re-appeared. I assumed it was you, having declared victory. Either way, the debate was closed.
  3. Can't help the things written here by some.
  4. That's a lie, Josh. You CLOSED the debate having declared victory and then re-opened it with further comment. My last post re-appeared after you re-opened it.
  5. The majority of posts here are inherently "troll-ish".
  6. No no of course not. Analogy is lost on me. I need everything explained.
  7. "A puddle wakes up one morning..." Brilliance! Christianity is refuted.
  8. Oh man.... I keep forgetting. It's only I (and we) who do not "get" your stuff.
  9. True. Still no reason to think "literal-minded" (a frivolous term at best) can't comprehend the absurd.
  10. It's no problem to grasp either. Literal is not to the exclusion of the absurd nor vice versa.
  11. And what's in yours? Marshmallows?
  12. ...he states as an absolute.
  13. Don't you see it? You make the statement as though you know it to be true while claiming you can't know anything.
  14. Aaaaaand how do you "know" this? You state it as though it is true and a fact. But you just said....
  15. See there @Joshpantera? "What if's" all over the place!
  16. Joshpantera's quote was the confusing one. He only took my response to your original. Yuk yuk all you want. It eases the tension.
  17. Hey, 5G and AI, baby. Soon man will be making beings in his own image. Then we'll say "Oooooooh. So THAT'S how God did it."
  18. Right. "Who knows?" "...may have..." "What if?..." I think there is a premise for debate in there somewhere. Somehow. Who knows? We could ask Green walks door three Beagle swallow. Could be.
  19. That is considered a well thought out opinion to consider? That's what I responded to. Nothing else.
  20. The thing "proven true" remains your oblivion.
  21. What is in plain sight? There is a Christian doctrine of scripture of which you are all oblivious. Yet as former "Christians" you should not be. Josh couldn't articulst it in debate when asked; everyone else avoided it as well. You all say I never presented it either. But, being oblivious....
  22. I'd like to point out that my last post in the "debate" was oh- so-conveniently deleted. Here's another "point". For 25 pages nobody here knows how to spell "GALLERY"
  23. Christ is a fact. Since you obviously have never understood Christ, you also obviously do not understand fact. Pander your puke on someone else.
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