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  1. lol, but there's only two of us....
  2. Yeah, but when you are "lost" and a group of people start paying attention to you......then it's pretty much human nature to say whatever they are doing is right because it feels so right to you. Then it progresses into 3.5 hymns, potlucks, and two prayers to be right. And then right is 3.5 kids and the SUV and knowing there are people that just don't get it like you do. I still believe but also think it was healthy for me to contest my beliefs and then decide whether I believed after that. And this place just so happened to be the test. Fundamentalism is just part of the evangelical process I think. Haven't read the Bible in years but on occasion. The message is so much more clear now....and different, than it was before. I realize not for you, but still feels like home for me...which is ok for both of us.
  3. Keen little badges we get now......I read the Prof's and Florduhs, and I swear they said "grand bastards"...lol.
  4. I will attempt to use your advice. Our best efforts at communication in my opinion shows respect and helps us understand each other better. From glancing at some of your responses in other threads, I gather you are a very knowledgeable person....which I appreciate on some level. In my mind, the constant dynamic nature of our world, and what I understand of outside our world, suggests a state always working towards balance.....which is not balanced but unbalanced. And to that point, ultimately labeling the processes as such is currently out of our capabilities.....on the large and small ends both. As an aside, what keeps popping into my mind are the descriptions people give after a near death experience....oneness, more colors. For some reason my mind wants to associate balanced with these descriptions. Thanks.
  5. Been to enough therapy Walter where I believe this to be immaturity. Had you had sufficient intellect, you would have noticed that our assigning broken or unbroken, imbalanced or balanced, is truly whatever we wish to assign it given our lack of capability, given our lack of point of view. Because you don't seemingly grasp this, your help is of no consequence. Thank you Ed
  6. Certainly. Which is part of my point. My balance is not anyone else's balance.....that a marriage is to strive to provide a loving "balance" through the years. Again, at the end, I expect there is a time when you just think, wow, I can't believe that person had the tenacity to help me through life. It's amazing actually.
  7. I've already explained the contradiction. Why do you incessantly keep asking the same questions. It's a bad quality in you sir. Please stop and go re-read what I have posted. Then ask yourself if I really haven't answered your question.....which I have.
  8. I believe it's broken and unbalanced, but that is from the perspective I have. I expect from my perspective, it's whatever I label it....
  9. Walter, what is a balanced universe. Please explain. Thanks.
  10. Maybe because you would want religious people to understand science....where you might frame it that there is anecdotal evidence to support God in science.....and vice versa. I don't know that I'm understanding your question please.
  11. Not entirely on topic Edgarcito, but I can't agree with your last, throwaway comment. If life is something that just happens then it gains its meaning ONLY from us, the people living it. Not from an unattainable theoretical absolute. We alone are responsible to each other and to ourselves to give our lives (and by extension, our marriages) meaning. Thank you. Walter. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above is a rephrasing of one of my earlier posts. If life is just something that happens then there is no theoretical absolute to try and reach. ...and the universe is unbroken by sin. And therefore, balanced. Thank you. Walter. That's fine, that's your opinion. It's not mine. Edit: You really have no means of saying balanced...
  12. I expect there is a way to marry science and religion. The thoughts bounce around in my head regularly. I don't think Walter that it has to be one way or the other to be a coherent life.... Truthfully, I like my thoughts from earlier in the day...
  13. I don't think we know due to our many limitations. What I would speculate is unbalanced and broken....
  14. So? That doesn't limit my aspirations towards the "unattainable". Science? Religion?
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