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  1. Like a real discussion. I don't see any real discussions going on. Responses like "gobbletygoo/poo"......and deconverstion. BOTH those responses are not actually addressing the issues at hand. And ultimatums.....play by my rules or the discussion is over. Grow up young man.
  2. No, that's not right Walter. There is no objective base for your position(s). It is you that need to reconcile. I'm out here in relative-land, floating happily in the breeze.
  3. Lol, it presents a challenge every now and then, until I'm reminded by Walter why his argument is baseless.....TRULY baseless.
  4. Is your conscious stream real? Is mine? Can you objectively define these please so we might both stand on one side of the fence to discuss? Have you perhaps violated your own standard? Get with the program sir.
  5. My original post was an attempt at humor....reasonably sure you missed my effort. Thx.
  6. No one is keeping you from viewing life from this standpoint sir. Is there such thing as beauty? Love? You have ample opportunity to objectively define your life. Hope you kick it through the goal posts sir. Honestly, I think it's a sad perspective, but tally ho....
  7. I don't think so W. We either maintain the sin nature immediately, an ongoing process, or we are given Grace through faith.....a deferment. Kind of like driving a vehicle without maintenance. You can deal with your relationship with the car immediately and atone with oil for your driving offenses or you can have faith that that the engineer that built the car knew the customer would only run the car on one quart....so He puts HIS oil in for you. Don't make me have to explain it again Wheezy....
  8. Having a limited scientific background AC, I try to envision what is happening to what I am measuring. I try to be observant of trends in my instruments and look to cause from what I observe....are the instruments running correctly. So when I think about nature, I think about how all these dynamics end (cause), in the presentation we observe. Makes me think of the push and pull of electrons, joining and non-joining chemistry, particle physics. The quest for understanding chemistry/physics seems very similar to the quest for a god, something divine. If we understood the infinitely small th
  9. I don't think totally. I don't gather that we do understand the mechanics of it well enough to eradicate it. And you are making my point that even if we did understand the totality of "cleanliness", no disease, no "sin", that it would be inconvenient to some. <enter the Christian God>....ok children, I am going to give you Grace instead...
  10. Now that you mention it, I think we could easily use the Covid 19 pandemic as an analogous example.....i.e. we don't understand the mechanism to be Covid free (clean). Then apply all the reactions of humanity to the situation. Very similar in my mind. Battling for life. Carry on smarty pants.
  11. I always go back to the definition of holy/clean. If we knew specifically what that definition entailed, then "do this or do that" might make better sense. I've just understood for God to reside with humanity, holiness/cleanliness needs to be constantly resolved. So lets say God is within a room, that absolute of holiness must be maintained that God remain in the room. Has been a long time since I read the Bible, but seems to me that humanity didn't understand the definition nor want to maintain that relationship. So I think simply that God says "I understand, you don't know, and few are
  12. First of all, we know this is not real. Take for instance the scene when they were time traveling......the earth spinning. We all know that to move time, you have to go around and around the earth super fast like Superman in the movie....hello McFly...
  13. Religious by what definition please? Religious behavior or religion. Thx.
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