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  1. Considering your statement, I gather there is something to be considered regarding the qualities of freedom. Is there, can there be a state of freedom within an objective reality.....like Jesus accomplished....fully man but also fully free through his actions. Just thinking out loud. No quality thoughts tonight. Thx.
  2. I put you on ignore Walter. Thanks.
  3. It's a free service....come back any time after you have reconsidered your errors...
  4. Just trying to live up to the troll label you put out there....
  5. There's not enough detail Walter and the Spirit has not lead me yet to a better synopsis. Thx.
  6. No, if I told you then we might start to know each other, which would lead to understanding and grace and forgiveness....and that's to close to what the Book says. So I'll just suggest you go see a therapist. Thx.
  7. Yeah and perhaps I’m not being a troll but have my own reasons for aggravation...but you’re satisfied with your stance. Hate to be in your shoes at your advanced age. And the irony here is your on the side of intellectualism...
  8. I don't have a copy of the Big Book of Creation Walter....the mythical version of course. Thx.
  9. Like I said, it makes sense to me that if I had spent 50 years discerning my take on things, I'd hope to be satisfied with my decision. You don't seem satisfied to me based on what I've read. Just wish the best for you....don't want people to die aggravated.
  10. Sounds reasonable to me. But when I read your posts, you seem more aggravated than not. I would think that if you have done the work to sort out "God" through your lifetime, you would be more content. Or am I just misreading the tone of your posts.
  11. Is your method of aggravating posters with repetitive questioning on purpose Walter. Can you not comment with something cogent and then be happy whether someone answers you or not. Are you that hurt by Christianity? If you are, it's ok, but I can read. I can see the questions you ask. You don't have to ding the thread over and over. A simple honest discussion is what I'm looking for....not an aggressive discourse. I worked through that years ago with these people. We could have yelled at each other back then, but you missed your chance.
  12. Weezer, here's how it's gonna work out for you hopefully. One day, you're gonna discover that no one has the answers, not you, not the brightest folks and their educated research. And then when you have your turn in the barrel, like life does to everyone, you might understand concepts like grace and forgiveness and faith in the myth you are bashing are actually valid truths. If I can help, please let me know.
  13. Maybe he was looking for an equal to hang out with so he gave Adam absolute will...
  14. Godly, faithful..... Brandon Burlsworth, a movie made about him, his faith, work ethic, played at Arkansas. Post you picture when you're done...
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