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  1. Still pondering my next reply.....have been busy at making a living. Apologies for the delay.
  2. Ok, well, the good news is not long ago we were qualifying evidence. Now we may move forward.
  3. The question now is, per the definitions, can it be called evidence without being equated with proof. SURELY it can. Whether we can prove it, i.e. document or find both sides of the coin is on us. Looks like a slam dunk here folks.
  4. Definition of evidence (Entry 1 of 2) 1a : an outward sign : indication b : something that furnishes proof : testimony specifically : something legally submitted to a tribunal to ascertain the truth of a matter 2 : one who bears witness especially : one who voluntarily confesses a crime and testifies for the prosecution against one's accomplices ev·i·dence /ˈevədəns/ noun noun: evidence the available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid. Found these two definitions readily available but not really in agreement, so I posted both:
  5. The judges I've dealt with seem to think it relevant....js.
  6. No, first thing the pops up when searching types of evidence...lol
  7. Well, seems like judges like it when stuff is written down regardless.....see divorce court.
  8. https://i-sight.com/resources/15-types-of-evidence-and-how-to-use-them-in-investigation/
  9. I understand your point, thank you. I was asking myself.
  10. No I'm not...Bible verses could be from letters...
  11. Actually some of those are...
  12. All I am saying is from a quick wiki search is there are up to 15 types of defined evidence that I saw.... From the other thread a few weeks ago, people are bitching that Christians are almost impossible to reason with... while we/I note two things!!! ....namely, it's by faith and two, ignoring 14 OTHER forms of evidence that could be potentially discussed!?!! Hell, even modern day juries don't rely on physical evidence alone.....granted it helps, but crikey mates... (I will note on my piece of paper...... Astreja.....physical alone....end of conversation.) Head desk x infinity...
  13. How about sticking to the script.....that I am searching for evidence types so that we might potentially communicate. There ARE other types of evidence defined in our great world.... So far, it's pick something physical or we aren't interested.....right before the default, we don't believe the shit anyhow....lol.
  14. What still gets me is many of you expect that if there is a God, that he owns YOU some sort of special consideration, some sort of personal experience/evidence outside of what He provides everyone else. The point being, and I have asked this before....why do you expect Jesus to show up when we are in the time of the Holy Spirit. Why do you expect God the Father to show up when we are in the time of the HS. Why do you expect evidence....a miracle, or something physical, when apparently all these things were provided to humanity to no avail?? Yet here we are again......He doesn't do this, He doesn't do that, He is all powerful but won't. I KNOW you people are more intelligent than this. Care to explain? Is it personal hurt? Did you never feel Spiritual? Talking about it is ok....no biggie. But to place yourself in some special consideration group outside of the group of humanity is dishonest.....like you accuse Christians of....
  15. Like what, the Bible, or witnesses, or the church?? #answerfail
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