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  1. — Alan Watts retelling the parable The Bible kind of illustrates this. God attempts to lead humanity through the "complexity".....and then ultimately leads them to faith and grace given humanity appears incapable of navigating the complexity. Thinking the Bible then even addresses either way is acceptable, a life of law, or faith and grace through a gathering and atonement of/for inequity . Also seems to make sense that we should be repentant of our overstepping the complexity bounds....hurting others. Which again, leads us to faith, that we are acting in the best manner, and gr
  2. Good point. I was speaking in the context of the Prof's comment.... Edit: Thinking about it though....obligation can be direction/directing, selfishness can be direction/directing.....curiosity can be selfishness. Altruism? That implies that you know. I rest my case your honor...
  3. If we don't know someone, our actions towards them are largely by faith. To that end, seeing how I don't know what's best for someone two steps outside their front door, how are we to say anything really. Granted upon examination, we can provide help in many ways, but with respect to "who I am", and what is best for that expression, who can say. I don't see any other options really....we can hire a therapist and backtrack or suggest to young people what might work in their future, but I see no definitive.
  4. eesh Prof....you're making a case for faith.....ease off on the tryptophan. Happy Thanksgiving btw.
  5. Bear with me on this one as it is new thought for me. So let's assume we have a child that doesn't fit the conventional, the cultural norm for whatever varied reason(s). Said child might lean towards expression that makes them feel better, validated, heard, etc. Now mix this with local, state, and federal law. This child's expressions might not be in sync with the laws or views of a particular community or state, but they might find solace in a different community/state that practiced more similar views. Then let's go even further....say that national law ultimately limits state and cultu
  6. Wheezy, I can believe in Jesus and still point out poor behavior as well as care about the outcome of others. We have at least two choices, Grace or more of an OT approach, pointing to a more immediate correction of the less than ideal.
  7. Lol, certainly could be. Has taken me a long time to understand myself... still not done. The problem with S is, he already understands himself, has the intellect, and is still a dick....
  8. Not angry, just pointing out what a douche you are. Carry on.
  9. It’s hell for sure... full of smug fuck lawyers...
  10. You sound sincere and I appreciate that. My issue is that you don't place yourselves in the same impossible situation regarding objective "truth". Particles, sub atomic particles.....,sub, sub matter? Dark matter? Sub sub sub? The universe, multi-verses? My satisfaction with the answer doesn't lie with certainty. And I don't agree that someone should lecture me that our level of certainty is sufficient to say the discussion is over. Especially when the story talks about "spirit". Is spirit consciousness? Can we possibly define anyone's consciousness or objective reality? I seriously
  11. Well my friend, what IS the correct standpoint given the two factions...
  12. Very much appreciated. I will read. ty
  13. Is anyone knowledgeable about dark matter. Seems rather intriguing. Just a random thought, but why would dark matter not be everywhere. If the universe is 84% dark matter, than why would we not be missing more understanding of our physical world. I guess I've never thought about it and am currently lost in the dark matter sea. Thx.
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