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  1. Rethinking....it makes sense to me that if I were a guiding God, knowing my creation didn't completely understand, that I would provide guidance and grace. And across humanity, this is largely what we observe. Certainly we could make a case through evolution....."survival means love and grace"....so the group continues to eat. Good guess.
  2. Guess I'm not following you. I don't see any objective evidence that suggests the universe's plan for Edgarcito is anything more than filling a space-time continuum block with his ugly mug.... Lol, is this what you conclude?
  3. Yes, you're right....I need to decide how I want to continue this....thanks.
  4. My point is we have no way of knowing what the right choice is. We would have to have an understanding of what was meant for our lives. "Now this is eternal life, that you may know Jesus and God". They had no reference point for what was successful and what was not.
  5. We, or I, most of the time, act with faith that I am making the best choice for another. Again, I can ONLY act with faith in that I have no idea how my actions will ultimately play out in another person's life.....and even though I act "factually". Too many variables after the act to predict much imo. Lol, maybe it is irrelevant but we still do it.....it's inescapable.
  6. There's a really good burger stand they like...can only get there by air... (teasing, trying to be funny. My ex wife used to do butterflies. I'm not even sure the experts know how their navigation works, truthfully). Thanks A.
  7. Please explain how this simple plan is not truthful. We are not omniscient, therefore it's impossible to always act accordingly that we ultimately benefit others. In light of this, Jesus says know me, as I am one with God/Love....so that you might better act on others. Thirdly, I'm prompting you with the right choice...because I'm not dead, I'm alive. And lastly, when you fail to act correctly, there will be grace for you. So isn't this what we really strive to do daily....say on a good day? Act with loving intent through faith because ultimately we don't know the exact answer? Hoping we don't screw up their life by our stupidity?
  8. We used to tag individuals in central Texas. Apparently a source of income for the people in Mexico was to find the tagged individuals and turn them in. I do know that some of the ones we tagged were recovered 800+ miles from the tagging location. Had always understood the total migration both ways to be generations. Google if you must lol.
  9. Actually it's generations of butterflies....reasonably sure the butterflies that overwinter in Mexico don't make it back to Canada...
  10. Had a deviant childhood friend that would put model glue on crickets and set them on fire. As a grade school child he did this. To the latter, we aren't gonna solve that one....but thanks for bringing it up ....again.
  11. It was always implied...no data given. We didn't get spanked much...just "the look" of you are so inadequate and I'll blow up if you do that again...
  12. That was my point, I'm sure.
  13. I can't help you can't keep up at your age....the mental leaps. We are subject to whatever...God, the Universe, something larger. Likewise, there are things subject to us. I'm just saying that within your own righteousness, you have probably killed an ant, as God has, some evil human. You understood the ant could sting, God understands the capabilities of man. The problem is you are projecting your moral subjectivity on to a larger...
  14. You've stepped on an ant before, right...
  15. Good question. Off the cuff, I think it's a level of desperation to be known other than how we perceive ourselves. So when we are questioned, defensiveness pops up. Btw, your original question was exceptional. Thx.
  16. Or maybe it's the opposite way around....your brain is hijacked from 0 to 5 years per your caretakers and then the introduction of new information is more truth than what you had previously.
  17. Well, if you believe you are a bad person, which most of us probably have great potential, then Christianity confirms our lack of being complete and gives us a mechanism to be better people. Pretty straightforward.
  18. No, lol, it was an example....not me, lol. Although I is a decent soul.
  19. I gather belief if about finding worth in yourself....knowing that we aren't just here to fill up space time...i.e., I believe I am forgiving, intelligent, helpful.....have meaning. Belief connects us to meaning.
  20. You're another Dbag Weezer...."Half the population is 'good riddance!" jackass
  21. Dammit, we have been handed our hats...
  22. < jumps off tailgate, hangs head, out of beer>
  23. I don’t know what to tell you... we are not communicating. I do limit my subjectivity in my lab. Limited gasses, limited interactions... but I’m not trying to find / discern God! You seemingly wish to limit perspectives by limiting inquiry. I’m starting to think you are not really stubborn, just you don’t understand.
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