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  1. Josh, what defines spiritual energy in the body vs conventional... i.e. what is spiritual energy in the body.. or are you just saying we can measure energy in space and energy in the body and a connection exists.
  2. Lol, I've been called on the carpet for lack of evidence...me being a Christian. And here we have a distinct lack of evidence many of you are scientists. I guess Grace would be in order at this point......like the myth argues. Amazing, you people are truly amazing. I digress.
  3. I find it ironic that I am the one supporting historically non-believer arguments in this thread.....asking you Josh to demonstrate all the "knowledge" based arguments I have been subjected to over the last 14 years here. I'm down to faith on my end.....which is the correct response both from a Christian standpoint and scientific standpoint. I've asked you repeatedly to make a knowledge based link, between some yet unknown spiritual definition you've yet to disclose (other than people getting high in the jungle), to some guy's explanation of space. You have NOT done that. NOT NOT NOT NOT N
  4. I'm glad you are excited Josh about finding an anecdotal relationship that points towards your spirituality. Btw, it points to the Christian God as well. Can pull multiple verses if you would like. Seriously, if your faith is in quantum amplitude to demonstrate God (in a confined volume?)... good deal. I liked Moses's glowing face in the presence of a higher energy source. celluostic water purification (the staff in the water), and have forgotten several I'm sure that held my attention for a time. OH, the water phases, the triple point lol.....that was a good one, demonstrat
  5. Edstein: "Thinking spiritual is a relationship, communing, knowing, realizing our existence, with respect to the whole, attempting to marry this to our condition as humans. The problem is the "condition as human" aspect, each person possessing and Thinking spiritual is a relationship, communing, knowing, realizing our existence, with respect to the whole, attempting to marry this to our condition as humans. The problem is the "condition as human" aspect, each person possessing and with unique conditions. Christianity specifically provides a standard and mechanism to know the gre
  6. Lol, well good deal... we might be in an ocean of quantum amplitude. I still want to know what bang for my buck do I get for my sunburn. Does a fat gal have more spiritual than thin? Obviously, she has places that overlap!!! I’ll be here all week!
  7. Let's also back up please for a minute. Given some of the perceptions of our effort, I would like to satisfy the observations as well as I can....and consider them, given the source(s). So the question is please: What yield, what human product, what quality, is it you think humans have through spirituality. For example, should I have emotional expectations? Should I have physical expectations? Should I have,...any? And perhaps this is a very important question... what is it, your interpretation, or I gather that's what you have been trying to share with me, AN interpretation
  8. I've already read Walter's influence in your posts. This to me is very unimpressive because it suggests you need help. That's not a good look for you. Secondly, I DO understand everything you have mentioned but you have failed to move the ball forward on the field despite me prodding you to do so. Do you not understand that upon discovery of something small, there exists an infinite amount of small that we will never discover. Do you not understand that upon discovery of something large, there exists an infinite amount of large that we will never discover? You would like me
  9. Truthfully Josh, uncertain how old you are, but feel like you have absolutely no original thoughts on spirituality yourself... which means you aren’t spiritual. I’m not going to joust with all your references. Bottom line is a void, an emptiness, is what you have chosen as life vs. a human that has taken on iniquity, that we might have hope of doing better, becoming more aware tomorrow... bringing hope and life to someone through communion... not just a profession of physics. I don’t want to be tied to people through the void between us but by the shared experiences of life that get us to t
  10. The question is did God intend to keep Adam and Eve as innocents. I'm thinking He wasn't.
  11. I can't post in that thread Walter. Secondly, I can read without all the font sizes and boldings. Would guess they cost Dave and this site more money. You might want to consider that.
  12. Walter... his Void connects us, the Christian God ours, not a biggie, just is. I don't see a commonality either.
  13. M, his limb of the tree broke off for some reason....he understands the church to the limit he participated...
  14. You do realize "void" between something doesn't support connectivity, right? "We are connected by a void"??....I see. Perhaps we are adjacent to a void or we reside together within a void....or there are specific organizations of matter within a void. What is the "interconnecting factor" please. Factor and void are non-equal. You're gonna have show me proof where space is something more than space. I suggest you "phone a physics friend" here on this site and discuss more than THEORY given your claim was knowledge is superior with regard to spirituality. (Don't forget the Dark
  15. Let's summarize please. You have no physiological mechanism for any of your claims, which from an ExChristian-science standpoint, the conversation should have ended. I then proposed that the touted Oneness, as opposed to the Christian myth, was unrealistic....assuming existing constantly as One, would be spiritually moot given nothing relative to ONE feeling. We are again today pushing these points aside, still grasping at a surface reading of Scripture vs. a "read between the lines" approach as validating your argument......all mind you, with no means of discerning inferior/superior thro
  16. no sir, there is a distinct difference between immature and superior. Not only that... you have no way of discerning an absolute interpretation... so don’t go there...
  17. Let’s get past this part... the evangelical nature of the church puts it typically in the forever fundamental stage. We agree. That does not make one superior... it does speak to maturity but not superiority.
  18. Look I am myself a read between the line mystic type when it come to the Bible. I myself have encountered what I believe you are describing. My main contention with your stance is you have failed with Oneness despite your pleadings... simply because you don’t read between the lines with me. Secondly, I’ve pointed out how Oneness likely doesn’t even exist in our condition.... but you want me to somehow stay in this conversation while you unload another file drawer of knowledge... and then direct me into staying with your outline? Better make it quick... I can’t see you have much to argue...
  19. Nice left handed personal attack Walter....you could have just messaged LF.
  20. Let's just discuss one thing at a time please...I'm old, hard to shoot my arrows multiple directions at once....or just shoot for that matter. If you think about it Josh, spirituality requires manifestation(s). There would be no division of anything given we didn't perceive the manifestations. A mystic reading of the Bible vs. a fundamental interpretation requires resolution in your opinion, that one is superior. Off the cuff, let's look at marriage. Common universe, common earth, common atoms, two manifestations, a man and woman, and even I would think you would a
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