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  1. Thanks D....I've given them the option to define morality on their terms.... Not gonna happen in our lifetime...but who knows. Take this pill and be a moral bastard......cue John Lennon...
  2. < Mr. Kotter voice> "yes Mr. Horshack?"
  3. None of the above....thanks.
  4. What good would me taking responsibility for my own knowledge achieve.....greatness? I'd just be that much bigger an ass if I had more capacity. I appreciate the effort though sir....truly.
  5. I like this comment actually. Just an example that had crossed my mind M. If someone said to you, prove to me your great great grandmother ever existed, it might be a challenge in doing so. I mean, here's her picture, and there's a rocking chair she rocked children in, but that's not really proof...
  6. If we were closer in proximity, I'd buy the beer. The Prof is a good dude....we argue for sport.
  7. No, hasn't even opened the door to my mind.....thanks.
  8. It's like you didn't read what I just wrote. I can regularly watch demonstrable morality. I am looking for a scientific definition. Please don't bother responding unless you have something relevant to a proposed scientific definition of morality. If we can define it physically, then we can do all kinds of wonderful stuff.... REMEMBER, it's not valid unless we can have reasonably high certainty...
  9. The way I see it, we can perhaps guess at some immediate form of morality. X thinks and does Y for someone else. Again, we might conclude this to be an immediate moral process, but logically, we really don't hold the high ground on what acts are ultimately moral.....did X's thoughts and acts remain moral long term. We don't know....morality is either has a transient cultural or an absolute definition. And I'm just trying to hold you to a scientific definition of whatever you're arguing because that's the only evidence you seemingly accept. Which is why I blew a gasket when you said morality was demonstrable.... We have a pretty good chance for defining the FSM, his noodly appendages, and his flight dynamics....but not so much the mechanisms for morality, joy, etc. If I were to start that conversation, I might try to understand then chemistry of Demerol....
  10. Look at all the colors.....yay!!!
  11. You have no definition for morality.....so the rest is yeah, bullshit.
  12. The answer wasn't that difficult....you did it in one sentence. The rest of the crap is egos and fear.... But you are right....it's an emotional trigger when I read moronic crap posted like fact... ..triggers me to respond. I'll work in that but no promises.
  13. A+B=C A+B+hypothesis= Squirrel
  14. Walter you butthead....don't you remember....before I could offer my forms of evidence....anecdotal/demonstrable....you demanded that I play by some bullshit debate rules and then made sure to cast your vote to shut down the thread. How is any form of evidence I choose now valid? I'm offering to hear YOUR scientific mechanism(s) supporting morality....because it's real apparently per the Prof.... and no one is offering squat. The complete irony here is that the lawyer is holding the high ground... It's alright....all the invalid evidence supports that we can't define such.....just look at our congressional clusterfuck at the moment.... Good day to you sir...
  15. What's your point....you shut down the evidence thread and now you appear to be ok with "we can demonstrate morality". Why bother? It's obviously not real if we can't start from sub-atomic particles and track it up from there. Oh shit, I forgot....it's an emergent quality/reality.....
  16. Just trying to carry on a conversation TEG. When I, a Christian say, morality is demonstrable, proof is demanded. But when *I* ask for proof, morality is then magically demonstrable. You care you explain why your group is special? If it helps to bitch at me, I'm here.
  17. Thank you. I would just like this group to stay with their preferred evidence of choice. "Morality is demonstrable" is now on the table... ahh well.
  18. That's right W, I know the answer already.... I'm looking for a physical/chemical mechanisms that are responsible for, as the Prof says, demonstrable. Morality is this chemistry, joy I that chemistry, etc. Then the arguments here would be substantiated. I doubt we will ever understand....too complex I'm betting. Not a biggie.
  19. So here is what I see please: Understanding physical/chemical mechanisms (proof) -> natural/physical -> behaviors -> proof of cultural norms. We know that if we understand the physical/chemical mechanisms, then we should be able to prove everything thereafter. So where is the breakdown....too many variables, complexity?
  20. 1) Sin is an assumption, I suppose, that there are actual physical facts/mechanisms that lead to life and death, both physical and spiritual....much like morality and health governed by laws and physicians.......facts being discovered that make us question our morality. Again, the assumption is that there is a complete definition of all that leads to life or death.....that God holds. As an extra thought.....is morality provable?
  21. I edited....please re-read sir. Thanks.
  22. Look, from an absolute view....sin -> death. There would have to be some something that takes away sin from the equation. From this standpoint, any sin is death.... Hold my horse....I forgot I'm supposed to write more gooder for S, the grumpy lawyer that presses me to strive to do better. From what I gather about the Christian story, to reside with God requires that somehow He allow sin temporarily in His presence and that also we atone for this sin. To reside with God would mean payment for those behaviors that don't match His mechanism that produces life/eternal life. God has apparently given humanity rules in the past for residing/life/eternal life and rules for atonement as well. From this perspective, assigning sin a negative value(s), any net negative sum would lead to death.....i.e. any action outside of this mechanism leads to death.
  23. I was asking why, from a non-believers standpoint, the necessity towards a more moral self.
  24. Well this begs a few questions from a non-believer standpoint. Why pursue some different morality that is not just as is, how we exist. Where is that morality found...is it inside us or are we subject to it.
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