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  1. Omg im sorry for what you've been through...but im very glad that you got out of it even though it was a very hard and confusing process. I felt like dying at first because I found no meaning in living if god dont exist anymore. Do you deal with stuff like this too?
  2. I actually doubt the christian belief at first but i kept asking older christians about my doubts. They also told me that some times god do not want us to know some stuff as we dont need to know everything and he have a reason of doing that. I just find so much loop holes .I eventually eccepted and i thought it was the best decision in my life but it is probably the worst. I just feel gullible and i dont want other christians to be like me. Ive put in so much thoughts and emotions but it was all a lie. I really want to help my friends who are still believing this but im afraid that they wont l
  3. Aww thanks! Its nice of you:)Im just here to be more firm about the false in christianity and never make the same mistake again. Hopefully also get some of the christians because i dont want them to waste their time in that(ik most of them arent open-minded). Have a nice day:)
  4. Plot twist: Chris was just an imaginary friend all along
  5. Yep,most religion included the idea of hell even though they claim that we have the "free-will" but is subconsciously pressurising us. Its just manipulation
  6. I think that no matter how much contradictions and evidence we prove to christians,they still wouldnt CHOOSE to believe because its up to them to believe what they want. Just like a person can say that the earth is flat and gobal warming is fake even though its proven its not true.
  7. Firstly,where in the bible does god require currency when he create? It is through speach he created. It states in the bible that he makes no mistake.(dude,i dont even believe he is god so im just referencing from the bible to clear your misunderstanding)
  8. Honestly,where in the bible does god even lack any financial help?? (except for jesus)Heaven is already described as being "decorated" with precious stones and diamonds,etc. And everything he created is through speaking it (from genesis when he created earth and beings). Why would he even need currency if he is the on in charge of this whole universe? Who do he need to pay? Himself??
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