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    I was reared as a Christian and lived in the "Bible Belt" for the first 12 yrs of my life. During the time I grew up (60s) many if not most non Christians were silent. I am ashamed to admit that I stayed Christian as long as I did, but some part of me just wanted to make it work. I started yoga several years ago and while searching for more info about the history etc of yoga, I discovered Hinduism. As I read about the beliefs therein, I realized that these are the beliefs I had always held. I felt so spiritually liberated I leapt for joy. I only wish I had discovered this beautiful way of life years ago. Oh well, I have it now.

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    Hinduism. I am a Shiva devotee.

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  1. Welcome and congratulations. On occasion one may find themselves reverting back to the old ways, esp during times of high stress. Just keep reminding yourself that was then and this is now, now is better.
  2. Great video. I find it interesting that the non white races are the ones holding the numbers. The video also mentioned something that I think keeps people in the church. That being getting to know others who are not believers. There are times when people join a church just to have some social life and to feel a part of something. I remember getting a job transfer to a small town where all the people were a member of one church or another. I got invited to more church services than I ever had. Eventually, I joined a church just so I could have a social life. I ever dated a minister who was one of the most mentally messed up women I ever encountered!!! Thankfully, I met my wife not too long after that and moved to another town where one could have a social life without pretending to be a Bible totter
  3. Not sure if this belongs here or not but I found the article fascinating https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37676977
  4. Whatever suits what he is trying to do at the moment then I am sure someone will tell him his favorite verse
  5. Wonderful news! Hope all continues to go well
  6. I remember being a small child putting my hand on the TV or radio because well heck I was a small child. However seeing that on TV and knowing it was accepted by at least some of the larger society was inspirational. So that part was especially funny. A kid in these times who is 5 or 6 does not have exposure to this as much as kids in my generation. Thankfully
  7. I had them come to my house and visit. I enjoyed it because for the most part they knew nothing about my religion (Hinduism) but I knew all about the Bible so I had fun with them but they stopped visiting...
  8. Yes for pete's sake, there are sooo many places to get chicken it is amazing that anyone eats there.
  9. I agree. I don't put up the tree and decorations because then I don't have to take them down, which pleases me greatly. However I consider it just a cultural holiday with different meanings to different people. Good food, parties, music and a chance to delete my checking account (because of grand-kids etc). Pretty hard to totally ignore
  10. I remember my really cool uncle. I was able to tell him anything and he would support me. He passed away in 1995 but I still carry him close in my heart
  11. For some reason I am able to block it all out. When they say grace before eating, I sit with bowed head but open eyes so I can say who isn't paying attention LOL. If the subject ever comes up I simply state that I am of the Hindu faith. That shuts them up because most Christians know so little about Hinduism that they have no pre-rehearsed automatic rebuke. I do like Christmas music though and the memories it evokes. Then there is the food. great food around Christmas time.
  12. He is very unconventional Shiva makes and breaks all social customs and moral codes to convey his state of freedom. He is the lord of the Tantra, who permits left hand methods of worship to sublimate evil tendencies to show that we need to transcend all dualities and judgment to achieve liberation. Which means you do not have to worry about what you eat, how you live, what lifestyle you follow, what norms you practice and to which caste or social background you belong. He makes your anger acceptable and tolerable Shiva can really get frighteningly angry at times and unleash his destructive powers. No one wants to see Shiva angry, even gods, because when he is angry he can do terrible things. Which means you can acknowledge your anger as an aspect of Shiva and not feel guilty about it. These two don't even scratch the surface. will write more when I return.
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