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    I was reared as a Christian and lived in the "Bible Belt" for the first 12 yrs of my life. During the time I grew up (60s) many if not most non Christians were silent. I am ashamed to admit that I stayed Christian as long as I did, but some part of me just wanted to make it work. I started yoga several years ago and while searching for more info about the history etc of yoga, I discovered Hinduism. As I read about the beliefs therein, I realized that these are the beliefs I had always held. I felt so spiritually liberated I leapt for joy. I only wish I had discovered this beautiful way of life years ago. Oh well, I have it now.

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    Hinduism. I am a Shiva devotee.

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  1. In what sense??? I have heard him berate, denigrate impune and just plain trash any woman who can speak intelligently and articulately. He has referred to feminists as “feminazis,” Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke as a “slut” and a “prostitute” and female cabinet members as “Sex-cretary of State” and “Sex-cretary of [Health and Human Services].” Do some reading and try honestly try to open your mind
  2. I find it pure irony that the population who supports the church and is represented there in most services by a 2 to 1 margin are to be led by the person whose only qualification is gender. I am not qualified to lead anyone just because I was born with a dick. It is absolutely ridiculous that even in something as deeply personal as prayer a woman has to "get led". If I need to get led to God by another human then that is a God of which I have no need +
  3. It is a term Rush Limbaugh came up with. He hates everyone and women who can walk and chew gum are to him particularly repugnant.
  4. Ironic since churches are mostly filled with women and the men could care less. Oh well no longer my concern...
  5. I used to go to a church where they constantly taught that women should "obey their husbands" and that the "man was the leader of the house." Once I posed this question, what if you were having a heart attack and my wife was a cardiologist. So as you have this attack, I tell my wife not to help you. Now does she obey me her husband??? Or does she obey her Hippocratic oath?? I got lots of strange looks from that question but no answer.
  6. Agree with Logical Fallacy. It might be compared to people who "come out" in other walks of life. People who have come out as GLBT have been known to have their families try extra hard to "correct" them. IE arranging for them to meet available members of the opposite sex (under the logic that they just haven't met the right girl/guy). I don't bring up my beliefs unless I am specifically asked because for some reason religious disagreements cut more to the core than many other feelings and thus evoke more virulent responses. Find others who share your feelings and then you may feel that their camaraderie is sufficient enough that you don't have to "dump" it all on your family. (They may well feel dumped on". Do you live in a community where your beliefs, or lack thereof, may bring dis favor upon your family?? Some cultural groups are more attached to the church than others, which makes it even worse for one wanting to detach. I my case, I continued to attend church when I visited my mother because it meant so much to her. She is gone now and I am glad I made her happy with my attendance. After all it was just a few hours on a few Sundays, so I don't have that guilt to carry around. Good luck. Let us know how it turned out if/when you do tell them.
  7. Welcome and congratulations. On occasion one may find themselves reverting back to the old ways, esp during times of high stress. Just keep reminding yourself that was then and this is now, now is better.
  8. Great video. I find it interesting that the non white races are the ones holding the numbers. The video also mentioned something that I think keeps people in the church. That being getting to know others who are not believers. There are times when people join a church just to have some social life and to feel a part of something. I remember getting a job transfer to a small town where all the people were a member of one church or another. I got invited to more church services than I ever had. Eventually, I joined a church just so I could have a social life. I ever dated a minister who was one of the most mentally messed up women I ever encountered!!! Thankfully, I met my wife not too long after that and moved to another town where one could have a social life without pretending to be a Bible totter
  9. Not sure if this belongs here or not but I found the article fascinating https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37676977
  10. Whatever suits what he is trying to do at the moment then I am sure someone will tell him his favorite verse
  11. Wonderful news! Hope all continues to go well
  12. I remember being a small child putting my hand on the TV or radio because well heck I was a small child. However seeing that on TV and knowing it was accepted by at least some of the larger society was inspirational. So that part was especially funny. A kid in these times who is 5 or 6 does not have exposure to this as much as kids in my generation. Thankfully
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