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    I was reared as a Christian and lived in the "Bible Belt" for the first 12 yrs of my life. During the time I grew up (60s) many if not most non Christians were silent. I am ashamed to admit that I stayed Christian as long as I did, but some part of me just wanted to make it work. I started yoga several years ago and while searching for more info about the history etc of yoga, I discovered Hinduism. As I read about the beliefs therein, I realized that these are the beliefs I had always held. I felt so spiritually liberated I leapt for joy. I only wish I had discovered this beautiful way of life years ago. Oh well, I have it now.

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    Hinduism. I am a Shiva devotee.

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  1. From Christianity to atheist with no in between. Maybe, just maybe there is another spiritual path more conducive to your soul. Just sayn
  2. Another Sunday morning that I am not racked with guilt over not going to church. I can't count the number of Sunday's that I went to church or mass because I felt guilty for not. I would awaken at about 7am as is my internal clock time. I would think of all the things I would rather be doing and how much I would rather go for a run, go fishing, take a bike ride or any number of things. Yet the guilt and shame that had been planted in my head over not giving God "his one day" would swallow me until I went. This happened for weeks which turned into years. Oh sometimes I would skip but those times gave me guilt. My mother was soooo addicted to God that she would ask me long after I left home if I went to church that Sunday. One of the most annoying conversations I remember having with her was over my work schedule and being exhausted. I had a job I detested. I worked 12-14 hours 6 freaking days a week and yes I was blasted tired on Sundays when by that time I had no guilt just fatigue. Once on the phone she asked about my church attendance and I reiterated my schedule and said I was way too tired to do anything but rest on Sundays. HER: have you been going to church lately? ME: way to tired. I repeated my work hours HER: "but who got you that job in the first place ME: (so as not to argue) God I guess HER: So you can't give him ONE day ME: Mom people ask me if I am ill because I look so exhausted, which I am HER : you should still go to church ME: (getting bolder now) Mom if God is as wonderful and loving as they say then he will be sympathetic to my need to rest. After all Sunday is supposed to be a day of REST. I don't remember how the conversation ended but by that time in my life I was already full of doubts and feeling bullied and manipulated. I finally retired from that lousy job which really paid well in terms of dollars but how much is my sanity worth??? That was several years ago. Mom has since gone to Heaven (I hope it is there for her sake and the sake of all who so staunchly believe). I just know that I like Sundays now. The religion I now embrace (Hinduism) does not require mandatory temple attendance. No guilt tripping My relationship with God is between me and her/him. It is so good to consider Sunday as just another day of the week. A relaxing day a stress free day, an easy day.
  3. Hi Caoin, Welcome. This forum is where I come when I need a sanity check. I suffer from depression and have taken meds for it fir years. It helps and feel much better about myself and the world around me. I Of course there were those who insinuated that I was depressed because of my sins. No I used to tell them it is a brain chemical but alas those people are not in my life anymore. Although I do meet the occasional SOB who tries to get me to return to church. (Like that's going to happen). Hang in there. Time will put distance between the matter
  4. Welcome Antares, I too came from that world known as the Bible Belt. I now understand belt to mean something that binds one. I lived in CA when I first accepted that xtainity and I were through. When we moved to AZ I tried going to a Bpt church just so I could meet people. However after that first few Sundays of hearing the same yarn I had heard for decades I just quit going. One day I was at a festival at another faith (the one to which I now adhere) and I suddenly became aware of a feeling of freedom and light heartedness. I celebrated thew feeling and can still feel it on Sundays when there is no reason to force myself to go to church. I am in the process of selling my HD Ultra. I miss it already but in time everything must go even the good things.
  5. Hi Lerk thank you for your extimony. I enjoyed it and feel for you having to hide who you really are but we have all done it to some degree or another I suppose. I remember once when I was teaching there was a Moslem girl in the class and she asked me if she should be a Christian. The question took me aback, and I told her she should go home and ask her parents. Maybe your grand children won't believe either. That way you can be the hero who shows them the way. My father didn't believe. I wish I had lived in a more open minded place I could have asked him about it growing up. However society in that little town was pretty closed on lots of things. Hold onto your sanity!
  6. Thank you Derek
  7. Thanks MOHO. I like your name!
  8. Thanks Destiny Turtle! Am trying
  9. Hello all, Glad to see that there are so many others who have left the oppressive regime of Christianity. I have noticed, not only here, but among ex-xtains in general that there seem to be two categories, Christian or atheist. While I fully respect Secular Humanist, I cannot believe that there is absolutely no supreme being. I am now of the Hindu faith and find it extremely liberating and with much spiritual latitude. When I ask a theological question, I am not told "not to question, just have faith". There is an answer somewhere and the faith welcomes questions. OK this is not an attempt to win Hindu adherents, but just an explanation as to how it has impacted me. I grew up in the notorious Bible Belt of the USA. My mom was EXTREMELY Christian but my dad was not at all. However he let mom have free reign in that aspect of our lives. My sis and I went to church EVERY Sunday, and were read Bible stories every night. I can remember dad condemning organized religion esp the Catholic church. Once he said that the church retarded the progress of science by thousands of years and that the church controlled the printing press in early ages, but mom had us so conditioned that we prayed for dad not to go to Hell. It never occurred to me until years later that he was correct. I feel lots of anger but mostly at myself for having been a Christian so long into my adult life. However the fact that I swallowed the whole cock and bull ultimately says more about me than it does Christianity. It leaves me to wonder why my powers of discernment are so lame. Actually though since age 24 I have had serious doubts about the truthfulness of the whole Jesus message. Something of which I had utmost faith to happen and for which I prepared myself did not materialize in all honesty was the "crack in the shell that eventually broke the egg". It never occurred to me to look elsewhere until I started taking yoga (which some Christians say is a sin in itself), that there was a viable alternative to the Bible myth. If any Hindu or other spiritual people are here feel free to PM me if you would prefer not to do so here. Welcome all comments Jag
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