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    I was reared as a Christian and lived in the "Bible Belt" for the first 12 yrs of my life. During the time I grew up (60s) many if not most non Christians were silent. I am ashamed to admit that I stayed Christian as long as I did, but some part of me just wanted to make it work. I started yoga several years ago and while searching for more info about the history etc of yoga, I discovered Hinduism. As I read about the beliefs therein, I realized that these are the beliefs I had always held. I felt so spiritually liberated I leapt for joy. I only wish I had discovered this beautiful way of life years ago. Oh well, I have it now.

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    Hinduism. I am a Shiva devotee.

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  1. He is very unconventional Shiva makes and breaks all social customs and moral codes to convey his state of freedom. He is the lord of the Tantra, who permits left hand methods of worship to sublimate evil tendencies to show that we need to transcend all dualities and judgment to achieve liberation. Which means you do not have to worry about what you eat, how you live, what lifestyle you follow, what norms you practice and to which caste or social background you belong. He makes your anger acceptable and tolerable Shiva can really get frighteningly angry at times and unleash his destructive powers. No one wants to see Shiva angry, even gods, because when he is angry he can do terrible things. Which means you can acknowledge your anger as an aspect of Shiva and not feel guilty about it. These two don't even scratch the surface. will write more when I return.
  2. https://cort2020.com/ I think this should work but if not go to the top of this page and you will see a tab that says Spread the Word. It is right above the topic name SPREAD THE WORD or click here
  3. Yes the Dallas cops "investigated" his apartment and made a big deal of the fact that they found marijuana therein. This from the Washington Post DEVELOPING,” read a tweet from the local Dallas Fox affiliate. “Search warrant: Marijuana found in Botham Jean’s apartment after deadly shooting.” The news and the tweet, which received criticism online, had nothing to do with why Jean was killed the night of Sept. 6. But the situation was also familiar, another example of how unarmed black men who are victims in police shootings are defamed and made to look like criminals even in death as police investigations unfold, said Lee Merritt, a civil rights attorney who represents Jean’s family.
  4. She kept telling the 911 operator how very tired she was. If I were that exhausted I would have been relieved to get to my floor and not gone up one extra.
  5. I really enjoy the music as it brings back childhood memories (not all of which were bad). There are lots of secular things to do although many places and people have trees up, they simply fade into seasonal decor, much like decor size flags on Independence day. People in my senior Hindu group have a Christmas party every year. When I asked them why they celebrate Christmas I was reminded that Christmas is a secular holiday too. We have fun and dress in traditional Hindu attire. I do get fed up with all the xtains who troll about in the malls loudly wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS (as opposed to Happy Holidays) as if to remind everyone that this is the reason for the season etc. I always felt that if xtains want to make it really purely religious, then they should stop all the gift buying and toys for kids spending and focus on doing something Christ like for that day. If they want people to respect the religious aspect of it then it is up to them to make that happen. I felt that was even when I was xtain. However xtains seem to spend more money on secular activities and party more than some of the very people they criticize. Sorry I needed to rant that
  6. Remember the first Christmas I celebrated as a Hindu, and when I awoke on 26 December I had a rush of relief that I didn't have to take it all down in a few days. That was such a good feeling that I never looked back. Mrs Jag hinted about putting things up last year but I pretended to not hear. She really didn't get to demanding about it as I think she too was glad not to have the whole de-decoration process
  7. I keep mine as a reference. Sometimes I need to show something as in when I have a debate on an issue. Also, I have my very first Bible that my mom gave me when I was 8 years old. It was in KJV which was pretty much all there was back then. Needless to say it was difficult reading, as it still is 60 years later. It has great sentimental value. I also have Catholic Bibles that i keep just because I am a pack rat since I clearly only need two (one protestant and one catholic) for argument reference.
  8. My mother was a fanatic about this religion to the point where it really f*&ed up my childhood and left me with scars till this day. She used to quote this dribble to me when the other kids would beat the crap out of me. I was scared to fight back because well "look what they did to Jesus and he never fought back". So I was the town whipping boy. One day in high school a kid hit me and I flattened his a$$. Ah no more whipping boy. Also no more being nice to cretins. Maybe if Jesus could have just remained a philosopher nothing more nothing less he would be easier to stomach and you followers would not be so abrasively intrusive
  9. Have any of you been to this, or is this the first year? If this is not the first year then is it always in the same place? The topics look very interesting. Any space for those of us who have other spiritually?? Any feed back appreciated. Thanks
  10. Agree. Have been wrestling with that one on another project where we are trying to pose questions to get the most accurate answers possible. Then since I am a non ethnic Hindu the ones I meet are mostly devout and believe in the spiritual, as do I. I suppose your girl friend's experience are like those of some xtains who celebrate Christmas, and Easter, attend baptisms and weddings and other special events, but who do not entirely embrace the belief 100 percent. In fact, I attend xtain churches on occasion for those same reasons. I just attend with wide open eyes and am free from the shackles that once bounded me such as guilt for doubts. Your statement regarding the young people who are in church because they have to be are the me of yesteryear. Mom made church mandatory. Which of course made it all the harder to leave and all the harder to not feel guilty about doing so. Your last sentence causes me to ask are are already more atheists than religious in the world or are there more who find some area between xtains and "nothing"/black or white, pass or fail. Thanks for your response Jags
  11. I agree with what you state in the first paragraph. You tend to write more detailed that I do. Where I wrote etc, you gave specific examples of way of life. I could have named all of those celebrations too but it just seemed to be excessive. The Catholic church itself has laxed from the way from how I grew up. I grew up pre-Vatican 2 and remember well the entire way of living. Many former holy days of obligation are now optional days. If a modern day atheist rejects all belief in the supernatural, then, to me that is a generalized definition that would suit a "Christian atheist" as well as a Hindu one.
  12. Beautifully put. I especially like the sentence "Gossip is a way of "othering" you " I once worked in the Bible belt and saw sooo many "otherings" that it was sometimes hard to tell the good folks from the so called bad folks. The common denominator seemed to be Jesus. Each gossip group was more linked to Jesus (so they claimed) than the other which of course served to make their petty talk more valid than those who didn't believe the exact same way. I think it is a human trait to validate ones self by aliening with the main one in charge ie Jesus.
  13. I want to join the topic Energy and Consent, but there are no links to do so. What am I doing wrong Thanks
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