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  1. Hey Ex-C community! I'm a pk from the Bible Belt and deconverted about 6 years ago. Somewhat new here and super excited to get involved! When I first left, there were so many problems I had to work through. Guilt for disappointing people I loved, anger at my family, confusion over life's meaning, and allllllllll the sexual shame and dysfunction of a puritanical upbringing. Suffice to say, it took years of therapy for me to work through some of this stuff, and a lot of it's ongoing. But looking back, I feel like some of this was a lot harder than it needed to be. Yes, I needed to do the hard internal work, but in a lot of cases I didn't even know what I was working towards. Now that I have a bit more perspective, I want to help people who have a similar struggle. But, I want to help in a way that is the most effective. So I'd like to ask: What were the hardest things you dealt with when you left? What is the best way you can get support? Is it a how-to guide for a certain topic (ex. breaking the news to family, finding sexual pleasure), or a phone call with someone who's willing to listen? I want to help people with what they actually need, and I thought it made sense to ask.
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