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    I’m a professional older gal, single mom raising a beautiful daughter w/a bf that’s born again and I think I’ve lost him forever!!!

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    I’m Christian but I am open minded

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  1. My bf just told me sex b4 marriage is a sin. We’ve also discussed the fact that neither of us are interested in getting married. So he’s choosing a life of abstinence and wants to continue having a committed relationship w/me. He’s so overcome by his relationship w/God, a relationship he’s had since age 11 and I’ve just learned about it. The person I once knew no longer exists and I cannot compete w/God. I feel so helpless and I don’t think he will waver from his faith. Do I have any hope or should I just set him free? I’ve told him I don’t accept a relationship in his new terms. He’s got an addictive personality and I believe his new drug is God. He gave up smoking pot about a yr ago because of a knee bucking conversation w/God (which I only just learned about) and he gave up alcohol at the beginning of the year. I think he need to obsess on something new and he feels so empowered w/his newfound relationship. Feeling helpless!!
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