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  1. WillT

    Hello all!

    Thanks for the welcome all!
  2. Do you have any other resources? This has been a really big struggle for me, and that document looks like something that would help if I could just internalize it. I’m not getting much on ye olde google, but I might be searching the wrong term.
  3. WillT

    Hello all!

    I’m glad to have found a group here! I was raised in a rather lukewarm Catholicism as a child, but became very fundamentalist catholic in my late teens/early 20s in a desperate attempt to find meaning and be “pleasing to god”. Of course, being false, I never found meaning and living according to the dictates of religion was the cause of many, many poor decisions. I’m in my 30s and now extricating myself from a religious mindset and living my life on my terms. I’m looking forward to being a part of the group here, and I’ll make a longer post in the testimony section at some point!
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