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    I was the guitar player on our worship team, privately studied theology, and I was learning NT Greek for about 7 years. I'm not sure that I am "exchristian" right now, but I think I am done with church, at least for a while. IDK?

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    I'm not sure. Yahweh may be there, but IDK.

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  1. Thanks RNP. You will be my first like when I graduate to the cool kids club.
  2. How do I "like" a post? I see a lot of posts here that I like, and I see that other people have put little "likes" onto them. I don't know how to do that. Is there a certain post count that needs to be achieved first?
  3. I think you are right. (You must be a member of my tribe!) But seriously, I was watching one of those idiotic "survivor" shows on Netflix. The idea was that a person had to survive all alone in an arctic region of Canada. I thought that it was unrealistic because people have always banded together in order to survive. Perhaps one day, we can learn to cooperate with other "tribes" and gain a mutual advantage for everyone. Maybe we can start by removing walls instead of building new ones.
  4. Timothew


    Okay. Do you have a mother? Does she exist? (She created you)
  5. I live in a small town, where there is a GOP area office located in an old 60's-era storefront on a side street one address off of Main Street. If you walked out their door and around the corner, you would walk directly in front of the local DNC office. That's spooky. I just got a chill. On the other hand, these people are everywhere.
  6. But apparently, God can only ordain republican presidents. If a democrat is elected, they shrug their shoulders and say that god works in mysterious ways.
  7. All of them said that it was God's will that allowed Trump to win the 2016 election. Now I'll just wait to see if any of them says that it is God's will that allowed Joe Biden to win.
  8. Why do trumpers hate non trumpers so much? If I dislike Donald Trump because of his lack of character, and someone else likes Donald Trump despite his lack of character, why does the trumper dislike me so much for disliking Donald Trump?
  9. I've been wondering if I am a Christian or if I am not a Christian. I don't know if I believe there is a god or not. A very big claim of Christianity is that Christians have the Holy Spirit living inside of them. With the way they are acting right now, it doesn't seem possible that there is a god living inside of them. I'm not judging, I'm just thinking things through. Looking for evidence of a god. Here is the thing, whether or not I believe that god exists or not, whether or not I believe that Jesus existed, it doesn't seem harmful for me to do what Jesus said. I mean things like treating ot
  10. Sorry about that Alreadygone, I tried to reply to your comment, but ended up adding something TO your comment. I don't know how to use the furum.
  11. Furinstants: The pastor's wife (a while ago) told me that it is my "duty as a christin" to support Donald Trump. Meanwhile, she also told my wife that it is a sin for christins to read the Harry Potter novels. This just seems weird (and really funny). I'm supposed to support the grabbing of lady parts, but reading a fictional account of a boy wizard is stepping over the line. How is this line drawn anyway? It's stupid! (I'm not supposed to say that) It seems the rules still exist (for me) but other people can do whatever the hewl they want to do.
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