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  1. Christianity is based on the New Testament of Saul primarily, and also the gospels written by unknown persons.. these writings are not factual.. therefore, these teachings are based on delusion, imagination and personal beliefs.. Christianity, therefore, has no merit apart from certain ethical teachings which it did not originate.
  2. Regardless the bible's teaching on God and jesus are without merit and historically baseless, so the fact it is fictional is all you need to convince someone, assuming they're rational.. Christians are skeptical of rationality however, because of proverbs 3 : 3-5 and Paul's BS about the natural mind being corrupted and in need of divine reengineering.
  3. Go to evilbible.com. hundreds of absurdities, contradictions and offensive passages off all kinds.. the OT bible is shockingly disturbing if you aren't Jewish ...if you are, it's like " hey, He loves me and says I can have all your land money and your daughters too"
  4. The starting point for anyone considering Christianity should be the historical integrity of the Bible as God's revealed word. If that cannot be proven, its ridiculous to accept the teachings of Christianity. Pseudo experts like the Pope, Graham, Falwell, Robertson, Roberts, Stanley, McDowell, Strobel and other such clowns have never credibly proven that the Hebrew god Yahweh exists or that the Bible is an accurate record of its commands. Despite this failure, hundreds of millions of people devote their lives and their money to this deception. Obviously, they seek solace and answers rather than truth. They are then preyed upon by the Bible thumping hucksters, whose mansions are provided by the same gullible masses.
  5. Anyone has a right to judge anything .. even a fictional creature crafted to enslave humanity or deify Jews as the chosen. We have our reason and sense of morality. The Jewish God of scripture is immoral based on its actions. Furthermore, there is no proof it even exists, so it's a moot point.
  6. This question needs to be addressed by anyone exploring christianity. For some reason, it isn't asked. I see pastors as culpable in the great con of Christianity because they just proselytize without ant critical thinking and seekers accept based on tradition or upbringing without critical thinking. By the time they get around to thinking critically, they are steeped in Christianity and its difficult to break free. In my case, it took shocks of divorce and experiencing that evangelical are just as much asshats as anyone else. In fact, many were more so. Christians are just religious ideologues and afraid to ask hard questions. The idea that BELIEVING changes God's attitude and actions towards you is absurd and very unjust. Its hard to conceive of how people could be so credulous and gullible. Bully Graham, that demented fraud, did immeasurable harm by pushing this " believe and be saved from hell" lie. But it is shameful that so many millions have accepted this out of fear and dread of God's judgment.
  7. I'm disgusted by the way many pastors have supposedly figured out the Bible is bogus, but continue to teach it is the word of God. I wish someone had been honest enough to disclose all its baseless essence and vileness when I was starting out as an evangelical at age 27, instead of letting me waste 22 years in the wasteland of evangelical Christianity. None of my " brothers in Christ" seem to want to debate me nowadays , although I relish the opportunity. But, I guess the regret of those wasted years is what keeps me far from the Jesus swamp now. Better to wake up at 49, than die a fool. I've been out for 12 years, and every year of living, thinking and investigating reality for myself is exhilarating and inspiring. Every once on awhile my sons challenge me to say aloud "F*** Yahweh!"... it's a good elixir.
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