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  1. Man

    Need help

    Thank you all for the recommendations, I'll have a look in those ones ! And yes, Glendalough is definitely one of my favourite place if we were not on lockdown, I probably would go have a walk there.
  2. Man

    Need help

    Hi ! I just find the coincidence too big. Especially the fact that they use the same method of calculating. But it could be fear talking as well, a kind of "I am not sure if it is significant but what if it is?"... Let's be honest, I have a huge fear of going to hell, especially because it is said to be eternal, that causes me lots of anxiety. Somebody mentioned about looking for a psychiatrist that knows how to deal with the cult-related traumas, I tried to look for one, but I am based in Ireland, and I could not find so far, I believe because we are such a tiny island
  3. Man

    Need help

    Thank you for your very nice words, they are comforting to me.
  4. Man

    Need help

    Hi all, My name is Marie and I posted here a few times already. I really feel like I need some support... I have been struggling with the same issue for more than a year regarding christianity. I do believe there is thousands of evidence that proves christianity is not true. But... There is this thing (that I already posted about) that keeps me stuck in the fear that it might be true. The thing is a calculation from genesis 1:1 that finds pi and the same calculation in john 1:1 finds e. If you google pi and e in the bible it will appear straight away. I was never int
  5. Hello everyone, I was wondering if there were people who also had difficulties with leaving Xtiannity, I feel empty ever since I left the faith. I was born Catholic, always believed in god, but was not practicing the faith on a daily basis (as many Catholics in my country). I became born again at the age of 18, stayed 7 years, left a year ago after studying the discrepancies of the bible. But I have an emptiness inside of me now... Christianity gave me a purpose in life, a hope, answers to questions about life (why are we here? What happens after death? Etc...). Now tha
  6. Man


    Hi all, I'd just like to have somebody else's opinion on this: A guy named Vernon Jenkins found a calculation with the first verse of Genesis that gives him pi to 5 digits (rest is wrong, and he does not find 3.1415 but 3.1415×10^45). Anyway no big deal here because his calculation is too random (thousands of other way to calculate something from a verse) What is confusing is that he did the exact same calcul for John1.1 and found the constant e to 4 digits. As the verses both talk about "in the beginning", the verses are linked theologically.
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