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  1. I studied psychology at Queen Mary for my undergraduate and then MSc at Queen Mary for study in mental health and psychological studies. MSc was from 2014 I believe
  2. Hello Walter, Yes please give me some time to find out the name of the professor. I was there between 2009-2012 I believe. I will find the name of the professor and let you know as soon as Thanks
  3. Genesis explains we were made in image of him, as part of his creation we have an understanding of what's right and wrong but you still have the option to chose between the two.
  4. But if there's no choice then there's no genuine love. Giving us free will doesn't mean he doesn't have control, free will gives rise to love based on choice. If we didn't have a choice then we'd be robotic wouldnt we?
  5. As I said, we all have free will but innately know what's wrong and right. The law is written on everyone's hearts but you choose to follow it or not.
  6. How have they developed over time? Did the first group of humans have a sense of morality or was it like a trial and error thing? Evolution is brutal, selfless love doesn't always benefit the person giving it out so why adopt such a thing? Is it like the altruism theory? Yes we are completely imperfect, the moral law is written in our hearts but our hearts are fickle and we have free will to choose otherwise. We must pray to jesus to help us direct our fickle hearts and ensure we are following the law as best we can
  7. There would be no need for Jesus if we didn't break the law. But as Christians we have a standard of morality that doesn't chnage.. God set his law, people did not follow it so he made provisions for when people don't follow hence the rules around slavery and second wives. And no, I don't believe a true born again Christian would commit a crime like murder, rape, child abuse, domestic violence etc. Each church will have a mix of true Christians and those who aren't. But I must say it is getting harder to find purely genuine churches
  8. Everyone breaks Gods moral law, but you highlighted a sex addicted person who murdered someone and then blamed Christians and purity culture. Not a great example. Why pick the worst example? It's like when people highlight catholic priests being child abusers.. Its like, no brainer this person is not a Christian... Is that not just extremely obvious
  9. And who taught your atheist parents? In your theory of evolution (presume you agree with this) how and where did these morals develop? who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them ) Romans 2:15 The law is already written on our hearts.
  10. This "Christian" has also broken another commandment! Really poor example, just because someone says they are a Christian does not mean they are.. That's really niave to assume so.. Purity culture can be really damaging and is just another form of brainwash. Not all professing Christians are Christians.. Like the majority of the catholic Church... There a huge masonic influence in mainstream churches, wolves in sheep's clothing.
  11. The bible doesn't encourage these behaviours though, so if a Christian is doing these things it would be seen as transgression of the law, not a subjective morality. What I am trying to get at is how can you punish others from doing "wrong" when morality is seen as subjective... There were a group of people who tried to get the age of consent lowered to about 7, so adults could have sex with children. They were tax paying, working individuals living inthe West. They believe this to be right in their subjective morality so how can someone else with subjective morality
  12. From Wikipedia on Pro social behaviour - These actions may be motivated by empathy and by concern about the welfare and rights of others,[5] as well as for egoistic or practical concerns, such as one's social status or reputation, hope for direct or indirect reciprocity, or adherence to one's perceived system of fairness.[1] Loving your neighbour as yourself is not maybe based on empathy and doesnt have anything to do with social status or reciprocity. It's through love we do this
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