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  1. Sorry I rambled a lot in the post and didn't say a lot of what I wanted to hahaha.. I wait for your questions!
  2. My beliefs- The hebrew "God" of the bible is the father and creator - "God" is not his name. His name is YHWH "Jesus Christ" is the word- the mediator between us and the father. He is NOT "God", he is not equal but he is divine and the esteemed son. His name is not "Jesus Christ". The letter J did not exist in biblical Aramiac or Hebrew. I believe if you do not have a solid relationship with the father and you call out for "Jesus"- you will not get anywhere. The ruach hakodesh or "holy spirit" is the energy we embody when we speak to "God" through our mes
  3. Hello Everyone! I hope your all well, keeping safe and happy Sorry for my sudden absence from the chat, I'm not bailing out, iv just had lots of things going on in this difficult time .. one of them being one of my dogs is extremely unwell and has very aggressive cancer..anyway.. I haven't read through all the past comments since I have been gone but my last message stated I would outline my beliefs so I will pick up from there... it's 9.20am here in London UK so expect slow replies! I am going to make a cup of tea and I will be back!!! It's a
  4. That's the devil talking to u, persuading you its not real!! Give it a shot regardless..
  5. OK everyone I am going to set out my beliefs below (I am prepared to get ripped to shreds )
  6. Again, why is this funny? If your misinformed about what the book says it could have a huge impact on your belief system.
  7. I did not mean to offend you. What I meant is, I am suprised to see so many ex Christians suprised that I have faith without all of the hard evidence- does that make sense? Faith is like the power of attraction, yes- positive energy and frequency-a whole other topic but something which "religion" does not talk about. Even the idea of going to church on a Sunday The church has it all wrong Being taught about faith and knowing how to use it are two very different things
  8. I hope nobody has taken offence to anything I have said. It's not my intention to insult anybody
  9. If you were Satan you would show people your plan and expose that the "God" the one who will save us is real and risk people calling to him for help? Satan doesn't try to encourage people by fear, he's extremely manipulating and is camouflaged as light. He wins you over not by fear but through carnal pleasure and the ego. Like that poem of the snake I heard Trump say at some convention, the one about letting the snake into the house?
  10. Why is that funny? Please think about it and answer the question? What would you do? Would you allow the evidence to be there? Just humour me for a moment, think about it and answer?
  11. My friend- the grand designer, the one who made everything we have and everything we see. Yes, it's his rules. He has set the law- like your state has- you abide by these rules with no question, are you protesting the death penalty? Are you an activist for these people?? If not then you don't do this because it's a concept your used to and accept.. If you chose to not follow the rules when you have been gifted life then why should you not be punished? Let's not act like it's hard. Don't kill, steal, cheat etc, don't gossip, be kind to people, don't sleep around- get married, love y
  12. No I'm not a conspiracy nut. I work in mental health and with women who have experienced domestic violence, child abuse and sex trafficking. What I am saying is very real- the experiences these women have had are very real.
  13. Death penalty- lake of fire, both have the same concept.. you do something wrong and your punished. But you accept the death penalty because it's a concept you might be used to if you live in the US. You have your entire life on earth to find your relationship with the father. If your a non believer because you never had to chance to know the truth then you will be shown and given the opportunity to make a choice. This is not about common sense, just because it's outside of your understanding or liking doesn't mean it's not happening.
  14. It's all related. You ask me why theres no hard evidence to support my claims. My response is don't be so naive to think there would be. If you know the scripture then you know it's states there are two forces in the world- good and evil, postive and negative. If you were Satan and your mission was to destroy the faith what would you do? Allow the evidence to be shown? No, you'd do what u can to destroy it.. like people try to cover up their crimes and destroy evidence. Would you allow people to find out its real? No you wouldn't. On that note, the governments come i
  15. You don't have to continue using this thread! As many people have pointed out, there are lots of other forums to use if it's not worth your time
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