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  1. https://www.dailywire.com/news/51018/internet-wrecks-obamas-over-15-million-marthas-amanda-prestigiacomo?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=benshapiro and here is another good one! Make sure you read the comments on the bottom, they are very entertaining....
  2. Ok, so I lied, me bad.... I do have one more thing to post ( friend just sent this) Still no real data, but I bet this could be obtained https://www.realclearenergy.org/articles/2019/08/23/climate_alarmists_foiled_no_us_warming_since_2005_110470.html
  3. Logical fallacy: you are now doing what the people that believe in global warming ( no name calling, sorry) always do in these sort the threads on any sort of forum. You are repeating what you already said and not coming up with any actual data. You are insisting what happened 65 billion years ago is relevant and can be proven, when it isn't. You STILL haven't come up with any actual data for the last 100 years showing warming that correlates with CO2 increase., I would say this conversation is done until you ( or someone) comes up with data. You can blindly believe what p
  4. Joshpantera: I don't think theories of what happened 65 million years ago are scientific fact. They are just theories, like evolution. It might have been like that, or not. Basing everything on some ice in the arctic doesn't sound very scientific to me. Theory is just that, it is NOT fact, until you can prove it. You will never be able to prove what happened 65 million years ago. Well, maybe some day they will invent some sort of new science, that we can't even imagine yet. But for now, theory is not fact.( It's like evolution and the beginning of life. Until someone can create life out o
  5. Pantheory , sorry I misunderstood your post and didn't really look at the links ( I clicked on a few and couldn't get the open, we have crappy internet) Yes, I do believe there could be global cooling. If there is such as thing as ice ages , you would assume there has to be. Ash from volcanoes can block the sun and cause cooling. I wonder how cold this winter is going to be with all these volcanoes going off this year. Cooling would be worse for humanity than warming. Places like Canada and Northern Europe would no longer be able to grow food because it would be too
  6. HERE is something that is GOING to affect the weather for sure, at least some areas. Might have cooling on the earth until the ash goes away! And yes, this also obviously increasing CO2.
  7. "I did notice that. So far you case largely seems to be that we can't trust any data sources from anywhere in the world making the entire science rather useless. Correct?" YES, pretty much. I don't think there is ANY reliable and verifiable data on this entire planet that shows A: the temperature is going up any place and B: the temperature is going up because humans put to much CO2 in the atmosphere. And no, I also doubt any reliable data exists for increase of CO2 , but I do believe it is increasing because it should. I don't argue that humanity is causing CO2 to increas
  8. "Somehow I managed to gain some objectivity, which started with an examination of extinction (claims/projections vs actual numbers). I'll leave that for a separate discussion, but it helped me look at climate a bit differently as well. For example, where does sea level rise matter? Well at the coasts, of course. Who cares if the middle of the ocean swells unless it puts your coastline under water. So far tide gauges have shown a steady 2mm annual rise for as long as we've had tide gauges. All the fear about sea levels comes from climate models. *None* of it comes from actual measurements."
  9. Reply to pantheory: Sorry , I am not too busy to look at all those links, but I am pretty sure the links won't contain any actual data. Plus, anyone can put anything online. Climatologists are not legitimate scientists in my opinion anyway. They get paid to find something wrong with the climate. Think about it, of course they are going to say there will be some disaster regarding climate, their income depends on it!! And American universities are just an extension of the government. Besides, all they can do it use someone else's data to produce whatever information they
  10. Want to say one more things here today, I DO worry about the environment and do think there are way too many people on this planet, and we are doing massive damage to the planet in many ways , and some are very real, like that gigantic fire in the rain forest in Brazil. I am not some flat earth cook that doesn't believe in birth control, clinging to the bible...just pointing that out' Any of you ever been to a country with REAL massive pollution? I have , Mexico and India. I loved India but the pollution was horrible.
  11. This graph is just exactly the kind of thing I was talking about!!! WHERE is the actual data that produced this graph? Think about this, do you REALLY think that in 1880 they were able to calculate earth's temperature correctly within even 1 degree? This graph is nonsense and I bet you will never find the actual data on how they arrived at it ( like I said, locations, dates, temperatures , who did the measuring and what they used to measure with) And I DID years of research on some of this, and so did others. Here is a list of scientists and other professionals that dealt with t
  12. bread baked.... Sorry for the many typos in my post, I typed fast, and didn't read it over before posting , I do know how to write proper English if I try... And yes Florduh, the weather does change daily and nobody seems to be able to accurately predict it very often even only a day ahead. I doubt very seriously anyone can predict it 50 years into the future like some so called climate scientists wish to claim
  13. Ok, not a lot of time either, got to get ready for farmers market tomorrow ( baking bread now) , first time back for me since my accident. I hope I can do it. Just a few things, it is very hard to discuss this issue without getting into politics, because that is the motive behind it. But I will try. Do you know what TR 55 is? It's rainfall curves used in engineering that are used to help figure out for example what size drainage pipe you need in what area. Those are based on climate data collected before the 1970s. I started doubting official government data when the dat
  14. Ok one reply , how about we both state exactly what we believe about climate? Sometimes people get into arguments without even stating what exactly it is they believe first. Here is what I think: I do not believe in man made global warming that is going to cause some catastrophe. I do not believe the U.S. should pay any sort of money to the UN to prevent this catastrophe. I do not think there is any solid proof. I do believe the climate changes for a variety of reasons. I do not believe humanity currently has the capability to do anything about it. Your turn
  15. tomorrow, it's getting past my bedtime here, I have recovered enough to milk the goats in the morning so I have to get up, but ok, if you want to discuss this, we can. Promise it won';t turn into ugly personal attacks and name calling?
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