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  1. Derek, Nightwish is one of my all time favorite bands. Saw them in concert in Orlando , awesome! I believe Floer is finally a good replacement for Tarja I also love Evanescense and some older rock like anything Led Zeppelin
  2. ok, so you don't think I am trying to promote Christian music here, this is what I was listening to early while doing the dishes
  3. am I even allowed to post this here? If not, sorry... here is my absolute favorite Christian song
  4. Oh I don't know about that. Ok, let me start with this. When I was young ( early 20s) I played guitar in a metal band , heavy duty stuff, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Testament and of course, every Christian's favorite, Ozzy! So, while some of you might think my taste in music sucks, music has always been a huge part of my life. I don't play guitar very often anymore, but I still listen to music. While I was a Christian, I did still listen to metal ( just not very loudly on the way to church with the windows down ) but I also listened to some Christian rock music and there were just some really good ones imo. There was POD ( Babylon), Pillar and ok, I loved Third Day. That guy just had the most awesome voice, and we used to go to their concerts whenever we got a chance. That was one of the most awesome experiences as a Christian, you could really "feel" the holy spirit. Now, I know it was just like being in a mosh pit and totally getting into it at a Slayer concert, but at the time it felt so real! So, no , not all Christian music sucks. Oh, and there is Elvis. How can you not love Elvis? not the best video quality but awesome song
  5. Look on the bright side, you now no longer have to worry about "sin" and "going to hell" . When you die, you are just gone, no big deal. I imagine it will be just like before you ever existed. You no longer have to carry guilt around with you about anything. As long as you obey the laws of the land ( or if not, don't get caught), you are good! There is no hidden superpower watching every move you make. I find this part of being an exCh. very liberating to be honest. I no longer feel the instant eye upon me when I watch some violent movie, cuss, drink too much , lie about something, wish something bad to happen to someone I dislike, and so on. I no longer have to worry about stuff like my kids turning out gay or trans or whatever ( they are not, but when they were teenagers I worried about what I would do if they were, pointless worry) . I no longer am required to give a portion of my income away , nor am I required to "do good works' . I can help whoever and whenever I chose, or not.
  6. I guess I have other priorities from you. I would not spend every available minute I have sitting down reading something like that. Usually when I do read something, it is either a novel, at night, in winter when it gets dark early , or on rain days, or something useful like new canning recipes, or looking up goat stuff, or something related to what we do. Or I chat with friends on Facebook. I am not much a reader of heavy theological stuff, makes my head explode Same with history stuff, and any sort of humanities type subjects. In school I preferred math and science to those types of things. AND PE hahaha, I have always exercised, and a phycial labor type job is what I enjoy. It made me sick sitting at a desk most of the time. I don't do well sitting and being inactive.
  7. Logiacalfallacy: hope you don't mind me asking this, but do you not work? Are you retired? Just curious. Even before we were farmers I didn't have that sort of time, ever. Maybe you work less hours in NZ? When we were working, we worked around 50 - 60 hours a week, then husband commuted an hour in traffic, plus then we had kids to take care of , plus regular house chores. How in the world do you find the time to read that many books? btw I just got done helping husband put the goats in the pasture and pulled weeds out of the garden with a garbage bag around my cast lol, now my foot is swelled up some, but at least I did something
  8. Will check at the library ( quotes not working again ) but I am starting to be recovered enough to do things , so I probably won't have much time. As for being lazy , that's a joke , right? We are farmers, we do physical labor probably 12 hours a day when I am not injured. Lazy is not the word I would use... Not sure if you read this, but I had an accident and couldn't walk for a month now, just got my stitches out of my foot. This is the only reason I have had time to sit on here and write stuff online. Usually, when I am fully functional , I might watch 1 Netflix show online at night, or if it is raining outside a lot, and then I am too tired to read something "serisous" and I just want something entertaining I guess I thought someone on here might have a answer that can be summed up in a few sentences. I don't really want to read an entire book about it. But that's ok. I guess the true answers is we will never know.
  9. The thing is, books like Paul's ( or whoever really wrote them) seem to be in all of them. And Ephesus exists. Why and how did it get there? There is real historical evidence that there were early Christians there, and it goes along with Paul's letter to the Ephesians for example. If Paul did not eyewitness any of the Jesus events , and God really did not talk to him, WHY did he do it? And if not him, who did? That's all. But I understand , this is one thing that cannot be known, just like how come we are here in this universe and it's very complex, not some random thing that just happens.
  10. well, at looked at Bart Ehrman's site, he wanted money so no go....lol, atheist collecting money for the poor? I might as well have stayed a Christian....sorry So, I was looking at some photos, postcards and books I got in India, and found a large brochure of the Hare Krishna temple in Mumbai we visited. I like it, but I can't be a vegetarian. That;s a problem if you want to be a Hindu. This is actually weird, I wouldn't mind eating that way, I love Indian food, but when I was pregnant with my kids meat of any kind groced me out, so I became a vegetarian for around a year each time. The result was I became very anemic , tired and feeling bad. Doctor actually told me I need to either take massive amounts of supplements or eat red meat. So I ate meat. Now we own a MEAT goat and sheep farm and I must say, they taste pretty good. So while I would like to be a HIndu, I can't. Oh well, nice thought anyway. I guess I am not going to worry about the historical stuff. Nobody can go back in time and find out for sure.
  11. Thanks, read everyone's replies . I am not a huge history buff, to be honest, I got out of those classes as much as I could in college , so I was not sure what actual historical stuff is available on Christianity. You type in a search in google, and you mostly get Christian sites defending it. I will look up that Bart Ehrman guy, thanks!
  12. I don't understand what that first sentence you wrote means?! I don't know if the stories in Paul's ( or whoever wrote them) letters are true, but I DO know Christianity spread to the Ephesians and the Romans. How? If there was no Paul and someone just wrote them later, why? The Romans just made shit up? Why do that? They already had a religion and the Roman emperors where considered gods. Why on earth would they want to become Christians, especially after killing so many . They did do that, its historical. Muhammed was one guy with a dream that wrote a book. The Bible has tons of books, who wrote it?And why make it SO complicated and convoluted, if one person wrote it? I am not defending the Bible, I just want to have a good answer if some Christian tells me the Bible is historical and gives me Paul as proof.
  13. Yeah! The quotes are working... Mohammed existed. He was a real person. He claimed to be a prophet and he benefited from his religion. He never claimed to be God. The mormon guy wanted to have 4 wives. So he had an ulterior motive. People believe what they wish to believe, and back then it was perfectly normal to believe in all sorts of "magic" . That isn't really my question. My question is what REALLY happened? Paul did not benefit from his religion at all. So why did he do it? SOMEONE must have spread Christianity to the Ephesians and the Romans. If Paul didn't exist, how did it spread? I mean there was no internet back then. Traveling was hard and dangerous. Why do it? I would like to know the truth: Did Jesus exist? Did he die? How did he convince his followers to continue believing in their mission, if Jesus was dead and buried? Was Paul real, did he go to the Ephesians? If not him who did? It's such a huge lie if none of it happened. I guess what I am asking is an alternate history to the Christian one. How did Christianity REALLY start?
  14. I have a religion question that has been bugging me. Can I ask it here or does it need to go somewhere else? Here is my question: how do you explain St. Paul away and the places he went and spread Christianity, like to the Ephesians ( that place still exists, its' historical) ? His letters supposedly still exist and are real , or at least some of them. How do you explain that he believed in Christ, and risked his life, and did without , just to spread Christianity? It must have happened , or it would not have spread to places like Ephesus ( Turkey now) , or Rome. This was one of those things in the past that made me more sure that the Bible was true, but now I need to explain this away and I don't know how....
  15. No I am sure. I don't ever want to end up like my grandmother and mother , confined to bed, pretty much a vegetable, for years until they finally died. Hell no. I don't think life is all that grand, that I have to cling to it and live that long. And you all on here have no reason to fear death, right? If there is no hell, there is nothing to worry about now, is there? I am one of those people that would have chose non existence , if I had been asked before I was born, so leaving this life is not a big deal to me now that my kids are adults and able to take care of themselves. I am not suicidal, but at the same time I don't want to live if I am physically not able to do anything anymore. This accident I had once again made this very clear. If I ended up like this and it was permanent I would not wish to continue living for example. The only way I want to get to old age is with a physical body that is able to do stuff. Once that ends , it's time to go. Therefore I am totally not worried about money when I am old ( I think probably 75 is the cut off age, I know very few people that are older than that and healthy)
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