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  1. this has all really blown out of hand... I made a statement forever ago that ‘the worlds greatest country is in danger’ or something like that... it’s my opinion and was never meant to be an insult to other countries. The point is America is a great country and we need to recognize, appreciate, and protect it. That’s my point. I don’t think the left belittling our accomplishments helps anyone. I shouldn’t have to avoid saying patriotic things because people will take it wrong, be offended, or make false assumptions.
  2. you make excellent points! I agree with everything you said and you put it more clearly than I would’ve. I am indeed a republican and a trump supporter. I have been called racist and bigot, and I think someone suggested I was ‘immigrant-phobic’ in this thread when I stated opinions about ILLEGAL immigration.
  3. I think Americans naturally point out the good we do because the rest of the world is so quick to point out the bad. It’s kinda like cnn and fox spending more time countering each other than delivering the news... There’s allot of bad in our past. That’s true for most world powers. I see value in appreciating and recognizing the accomplishments of our country. I’m worried the left doesn’t appreciate what we have, and is more likely to f it up.
  4. Than why have a problem with me saying the US is the greatest country? Happiness and wellbeing is not greatness. Sitting on a beach in New Zealand for 80 years is less great than 1 day feeding children in Africa. The US consistently gives more in foreign aid than any other country. Why not use that metric? We also lead the world in medical research and innovation. Our breakthroughs in medicine and science have improved people’s lives in every nation. Why not use that metric? My school played a small part in the Green Revolution, which is credited with saving over a billion lives. That’s greatness. It’s not about being happy or healthy or getting everything right... it’s about solving problems and innovating new ways to improve the world. It’s about pushing yourself to the limits and leading others to a brighter future. That’s greatness. No country does this like the US.
  5. what would you say is the greatest country in the world based on your metrics?
  6. I’ve never heard Swedish music... I’ll have to check it out. I’m a country and rock fan... so all the greats in those genres are pretty much American. lord of the rings is the second best movie. Just behind Dark Knight and right before Empire Strikes Back (opinion) I don’t think New Zealand makes better movies than the US though... most of the best movies are made by American companies and I’m pretty sure lotr was too. what exactly are my religious ideas? I really want to know lol
  7. I don’t blame the immigrant at all. honestly with the wages they’re paying in Mexico I’d be happy coming here to work for minimum wage... immigration is fine, it just won’t work in socialist America. People will flock here for the handouts and the innovators will be choked out by rising taxes.
  8. our constitution was a huge leap forward in the evolution of limited government. We created it because England’s leadership was not giving us representation and thus stripping our freedom. innovation is not an American thing but we’re the best at it. I think the facts support that statement. It’s not that our military is the most powerful that makes us great. It’s the great things the military has accomplished. I admit there’s allot of bad things our military has done (especially 100+ years ago) but we’ve helped allot of people and deserve massive credit for our efforts and sacrifices during the world wars. name me one country that even comes close to the natural beauty and diversity of America. We have almost every kind of ecosystem from rainforests, to deserts, to tropics. We have unique natural wonders like the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. We have incredible mountains and the lowest valley on the planet. if all this isn’t good enough for you, then by all means go live in Europe.
  9. Have you ever been to America? #1 Freedom. Our constitution was the first to limit government and give true freedom to a people by protecting their rights in a new way. Other great country’s copy our constitution. It’s one of the greatest contributions any government has ever made. #2 Innovation. Ever heard of the internet? Our military invented that! What about google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, IBM... all products of American innovation! We’ve been leading the world in creativity since we started! Things like the light bulb, telephone, airplane, and assembly line are triumphs of the American dream. What about our space program? We put a man on the freaking moon! We have over 300,000 patents, that’s second only to China! (We have more per person than China) #3 Military. I won’t say much about our military but no other military risks it’s lives for people the way we do. We won the largest wars the world has ever seen and we defeated the greatest threats the world has ever known. Not single handedly, but if we’re honest, we deserve allot of the credit. #4 Natural Resources. I’ve been to every state and every National Park and Monument... we are extraordinarily lucky to have such a beautiful country. No other nation has a greater diversity of nature (or people) than us. #5 entertainment. We make the best music, movies, and invented the best sports. I think that contributes to people’s well being more than one may expect. I could go on but I don’t want to write a book here. I recognize we have some skeletons in our closet, but that doesn’t erase all the good we’ve done and are still doing. The spirit of innovation, creativity, and ingenuity are what makes America great. That’s exactly what I’m afraid we’ll lose if we strip the most successful and creative people of their wealth and motivation.
  10. America receives more immigrants that any other country... And that’s just the legal ones I support. There are literally millions of illegal immigrants too and more coming every day. We have a party that wants to give these people all sorts of free stuff to win their vote, and they have no way to pay for it. If being scared of this situation makes me phobic then I guess I’ll accept that.
  11. it’s not that we hate immigrants. We want to make sure the people coming here respect and appreciate our country. What scares me is immigrants flocking here for government handouts and creating more socialist votes until the majority’s main voting concern is what they can get for free. That would be the end of the worlds greatest country, and I think it’s a realistic threat.
  12. actually I am largely Cherokee. I never said I don’t like immigrants. I feel like democrats are often making harsh judgments like this. I was pointing out a loop hole that you apparently support? So let’s recognize people cheating the system on both sides, and work to fix it... pointing fingers gets us nowhere.
  13. I don’t support ultra rich getting tax breaks. Everyone should contribute... but a real effort needs to be made to keep people from taking advantage of the system. Their are democratic loop holes too, my next door neighbor hosts several pregnant immigrants a month. They come here to have their babies so they can gain citizenship easily for the whole family.
  14. didn’t Mr. Kellogg push really hard for this in the 1800s? I’m not well read in this... but it was my understanding that circumcision was largely out of fashion in the US until Dr Kellogg (the Frosted Flakes guy) Said it would stop school boys from engaging in their favorite sin... he also recommended putting acid on girls genitals to reduce sexual desire. Fortunately the latter never caught on.
  15. I don’t think any of those things are being pushed that hard by serious politicians. I was homeschooled under direct supervision of the church until I turned 18. We pledged allegiance to the Bible every morning, our textbooks said evolution was a hoax, we took bible classes every day, and we prayed before every meal... and I’m totally fine. The brainwashing didn’t work even when carried out to that extreme. I don’t think any religion should be practiced in school or on government hours, but whatever they’re doing can’t be any worse than what I went through. Religion is dying off and it will continue to die. I don’t see it as a serious threat to my country... but the things the democrats are pushing seem like a serious threat to the well being of America. As far as abortion goes I think we mostly agree! I don’t see any republicans protesting condoms and I don’t see any democrats killing toddlers. Somewhere in the middle there’s a gray area we can justifiably disagree about. The media on both sides has done a horrible job with this issue. It’s not about women’s rights or murder.
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