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    I was homeschooled through high school by an extremely legalistic Baptist church, stuck around through college, and now I’m finally “ex-Christian” :)

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  1. I’ve been an atheist for about a year now. I get along well with my family but they don’t know I’m no longer Christian. My parents are really into southern baptist Christianity. I don’t know why but I just feel like talking to someone. Literally everyone I know is religious and I feel like I can only be myself online. I don’t get along in real life with athiests the way I do with Christians. I guess I just haven’t met any that share my values. Why do I feel like talking about this with people? Is it worth risking important relationships to have the conversation?
  2. They don’t seem to acknowledge the danger. They think it’s god’s plan and they’re betting everything on an afterlife. I’m pretty sure they’d welcome “persecution.” I was raised the same way as my brother so I know he can make it out too... but his church is so controlling. He lives and works with church members that keep him on track. I read a review from an ex member of the same church that said they left when the church leaders said god wanted them to switch jobs and housing.
  3. I wouldn't care so much if they identified as atheist... but I would want them to “believe what I believe” about the dangers of dogmatism and the importance of logical reasoning...
  4. I assume most of you would try to talk your wives/husbands out of joining a cult right? I think that’s closer to my situation with my brother. I don’t care if he’s an atheist, I just don’t think he should be openly evangelizing Christianity where he’s not welcome. A few members from his church (cult?) were held hostage by Islamic terrorists a while back. This is really dangerous stuff. Even my crazy homeschooling fundamentalist parents think his new church is too controlling... idk I just feel like I should do something. Maybe if my family wasn’t so extreme I wouldn’t have an issue.
  5. I can remember the first conversation I had that made me question my faith. I didn’t reject the religion instantly of course, but it got the ball rolling. I’m very thankful for that because I’m not wasting my life anymore. If you had close friends and family literally throwing their lives away for a lie, wouldn’t you want to do something? I’m mostly thinking of my brother who’s a missionary in the Middle East and has seen Christians targeting in bombings multiple times. I also have a close friend who’s a missionary in China and has to use code words and stuff to let us know he’s okay.
  6. Obviously you shouldn’t stay if you feel you’re wasting your time. My old church had paid musicians. Maybe you could offer your skills for hire and that would encourage them to hire a replacement soon while making it worth your time financially. Personally, I couldn’t stand being in church after my deconversion. It’s hard to hear all the BS without getting upset, so if it was me I’d just leave and wish them the best. You don’t owe them anything at this point.
  7. I’m definitely out of the religion, but I haven’t lost any family or friends because I haven’t told them I’m an atheist. My relationships are a bit hollow, and I can’t really be myself all the time... but I haven’t made any atheist friends so I guess I’m just waiting. Part of my reason for posting this is my desire to see the friends and family I do have free from religion. It would be great if just one could relate. I’ve never made friends easily and I still have allot of cult indoctrination and social setbacks to overcome before I’ll feel like I fit in with the “normal” crowd.
  8. Definitely not amongst the 10 of us around the same age. I’m going to see my best friend tomorrow. I moved away a few years ago and haven’t seen him since becoming an atheist. He was pretty miserable back in the day. He was always guilty about something, and his dad (the pastor) had crazy high expectations. I had a few conversations of doubt with him growing up but I think the doubt was mostly on my end I’m sure he’ll bring up religion and church tomorrow so we’ll see how that goes.
  9. I agree with everything you said... but I was once one of those crazy fundamentalist Christians, and I broke away from it. I had as much brainwashing as anyone, but it didn’t work in the end. Idk why I’m the only one.
  10. At Christmas dinner today the conversation was mostly about church and missions trips and god. There was probably 30+ of us there and everyone was fully participating in the testimonies and stuff. I actually made some excuse and left early... but what makes the rest of my family so religious? Why am I literally the only one that’s an atheist? Are others atheists too and just afraid to admit it? (I’ve never admitted it to family, but I don’t participate anymore) it kinda sucks seeing them all spend so much time and effort on religion. If they haven’t seen the flaws yet, is it even possible for
  11. it’s very hard to determine tone with just text... so when you suggested I wanted to have sex slaves and beat people I think I responded appropriately. I’m glad you weren’t serious. The ham thieves at your work are exactly the people I want to avoid. I hate politically correct things. My college soccer team had two gay guys and we all shared a shower facility with very little privacy. I was literally the only one uncomfortable with it and everyone sorta hated me for that. My communications teacher showed a slideshow of nude women for an introduction on how to make slide shows. I was uncomforta
  12. this is exactly what I hate. It’s like if people disagree with you they’re automatically bigot, murdering, nazi, slave owners... all my family and friends are religious. It’s been my entire world. I’m smart enough to know the books are outdated and ignorant... but there’s real people in these religions and they’re just trying to get through life the best they can. They’re still good people even if they don’t agree with you and even if they get things wrong.
  13. What I meant by an “old fashioned girl” is someone who doesn’t take offense at everything. Someone who doesn’t scream inequality when they don’t get a participation trophy... I want someone who doesn’t flaunt their body online and call it “empowerment”. Someone who values loyalty and respect.
  14. I’m not dating anyone right now... a girl I like is very Christian, but she’s the kind of girl I think I could settle down with. She’s old fashioned and sweet and really down to earth. My more progressive friends are just annoying to me. They’re mostly loud, slutty, and way too “woke”... maybe I’m part of the problem, but I want an old fashioned wife with a little farm and a no drama. I guess I’m just attracted to the kind of people that tend to be religious... maybe it’s how I was raised. I don’t think I’d mind going to church, sharing in that community, and being with that girl. I could pro
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