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  1. Hello all! Sorry for taking so long to respond to your kind and thoughtful posts but I suppose now is a good time to catch up with people. I'm doing okay but it is a difficult process. I'm the most ex-Christian-y I have ever been in my life. I went through the rigmarole of "formally defecting" from the Roman Catholic Church. Canon law says you aren't "allowed" to do that anymore but I sent the local bishop a letter anyway for my own reasons. I figure it stands even if they don't recognize it. I had been attending a pretty liberal Episcopalian church with a friend. I figured that would be a good step down/place to figure stuff out. I was wrong. I don't mean to offend anyone on these forums that happens to be an Episcopalian but the clergy particular to this parish were less "on the level" than the Roman Catholic ones I left the RCC over. I've been trying to read/reread some things. Some stuff that is new to me in the form of articles online and reread some religious stuff that I used to take comfort/guidance from. Other than that, I think it may just take time for me. Hopefully the tedium and self reflection will wear off soon and I can be more active in these forums. Thanks again! Also, This makes a lot of sense UniversalFriendliness. Good point. I might pick your brain sometime on how you went about accepting that.
  2. Thanks @Weezer! I'll give your testimonial a look. I'm thinking similar things more and more every day. Like tonight for instance. Apparently there used to be a formal process to defect from the Catholic church and formally become an apostate. That is until 2009 apparently thanks to Pope Benedict XVI who put a stop to it. I think do to the people applying for it en masse to protest various scandals but for the reason that PBXVI says was weird marriage situations. I made the mistake of posting on the catholic answers forum on the not catholic subforum to discuss and learn about the canon law surrounding this and if anyone had ever done it/what their experiences were. To put it bluntly, people are starting to show themselves. I thought officially having it on the record that I wanted to distance myself from the RCC would be cathartic, give closure, and possibly put me in a better light as far as history is concerned.
  3. Thanks everyone for all the help and advice so far. There is certainly a lot to think about and it seems like I'm in a good place to start asking those questions. What I'm taking away from most of your comments and suggestions is that I have a lot of homework to do when the emotional/psychological stuff allows. @nontheistpilgrimI'm doing better everyday. Baby steps. I'm going to attend mass at a pretty liberal Episcopal church this Sunday and hang out with them afterwards to broaden my view of things. If nothing else, it might act as a step down from religion. Also the ____ for Dummies series is surprisingly helpful on a variety of topics. I'll probably be picking that one up. @Fuego That sounds like a solid way to live. Very practical stuff there. I like the view of doing good but don't be naive and a doormat like you said. That kind of reminds me of Epicurus's attitude toward things, not in regards to pleasure in the way people seem to interpret him but how he saw God. I'd almost call him a practical atheist. I think you would like him. Here is my favorite letter that he wrote to someone and I think it really shows his philosophy. @older Those are good questions to ask. Putting pen to paper, so to speak, could really speed up this process instead of just sitting on ideas until they form. lol. Also thanks for the encouragement. As of now, I'm still open to a prime mover concept of a god so that could go either way. I picked up my old copy of Thus Spoke Zarathustra. I figured Nietzsche might be a good place to start critiquing Christianity and religion in general. @MOHO Thanks for the insights and author recommendations. I already happen to have copies of Dawkins's Selfish Gene and God Delusion somewhere around here. I had to read those for a comparative religion class in my undergrad. I didn't care too much for them at the time (God Delusion more so than Selfish Gene) because of some of the straw-man arguments and Dawkins personality seeping through but perhaps things will be better this go around. Thanks again. I'm glad I found this place
  4. “She said, ‘I know that there will come a time When I get nothing from the blood and the wine’” – Me and the Devil, The Fratellis Hello! I'm seriously considering leaving the Roman Catholic Church and was wondering if anyone had any constructive advice as to what I should do next, support, or general help? I'm considering this for a few reasons, and I'll go ahead and list those because I feel they are relevant. Reason 1. A couple months ago my consortium (they consolidated my county's parishes into one administrative entity) hosted a weekend long paid conference. Mass was only offered at this conference in my county so effectively you had to pay to attend mass. In order to go to a different parish, I would have had to drive at least an hour to attend due to the geography of the region. The conference didn't cost much to attend but the fact that you had to pay to attend mass didn't sit well with me. There was no one to appeal to about this either as everyone up to the Bishop was involved. Reason 2. I asked one of my consortium's priests, with whom I had a good rapport with, if I could confess somethings to and talk about something with sometime. It didn't have to be right then and there. I planned on scheduling something with him. He told me, in no few words, that he didn't have the time to talk with me or even schedule something further or much further out. In a post on the Catholic Answers forum, I asked for help and I was told that canon law pretty much favors the priest in this situation, the grass wouldn't be greener anywhere else, and that I was being unreasonable. I thought that a priest was "legally" (as far as canon law was concerned) to hear a penitent's confession due to what was candidly said during my catechesis and a video Bishop Robert Barron did when the California confession bill was being discussed and debated. According to my RCIA classes and Bishop Barron, a priest should (is obligated) to hear a confession even if it leads to personal harm or death of the priest let alone minor inconvenience. Before all this, I was pretty happy with my faith. Sure, there were little things but nothing a person couldn't deal with. I guess initially, I just lost faith in the ministers of the Church and not the Church itself but then I got to thinking, “what is the Church without its living ministers?” Also, the way the Church ties everything together makes one consider how much else should be brought into question when something does go wrong. It is true that I haven't been confirmed too long (2 years) but I was a closet catholic for more like 7. I don't do things lightly and when it comes to things like this; I don't think anyone does. In the couple of months between the paid conference and now, I've been sort of drifting, mourning the loss of my faith, trying to figure out what everything means now, and trying to decide how to best separate my beliefs from the belief system of the Church. If anyone is in a similar boat and wants to vent or has advice, feel free. Also, I apologize if this is the wrong spot for this kind of thing. Feel free to move or remove it. Thanks!
  5. Hey! I’m thinking about leaving the Roman Catholic Church and maybe Christianity entirely. I found this site after looking for a place with people that were in a similar boat, who might be able to help me figure out some things. I grew up confused when it came to religion. My parents were nominal Protestant Christians but my father, although having only a negligible fraction of Native American blood and no Jewish ancestry, incorporated Native American faith and Zionist elements to what I was taught. I grew up confused and so in response to this, I became Christian only in name and was more of an agnostic in secret. Then I was a closet catholic for several years. I think it might have been the need for community or the need for faith after a series of traumatic events that led me to the RCC. Eventually I won my family over to the idea of me joining (they were staunchly anti-Catholic) and I joined a few years ago. Everything was going well (I was even seriously considering becoming a priest) when a few events (I don’t know how else to say it.) "shook" me to the point where I knew I couldn’t stay in the Church anymore. I have a couple of reasons for wanting to do this, but I think I found another section on here specifically for talking about that, so I won’t ramble too much just yet. Suffice it to say that the “final straws” were pretty recent and I guess I’m still in the mourning/grieving phase of things. Anyway, I’m grateful that this site exists, and I hope to grow and heal with all of you. Thanks, -knighterrant
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