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  1. Hello all! Sorry for taking so long to respond to your kind and thoughtful posts but I suppose now is a good time to catch up with people. I'm doing okay but it is a difficult process. I'm the most ex-Christian-y I have ever been in my life. I went through the rigmarole of "formally defecting" from the Roman Catholic Church. Canon law says you aren't "allowed" to do that anymore but I sent the local bishop a letter anyway for my own reasons. I figure it stands even if they don't recognize it. I had been attending a pretty liberal Episcopalian church
  2. Thanks @Weezer! I'll give your testimonial a look. I'm thinking similar things more and more every day. Like tonight for instance. Apparently there used to be a formal process to defect from the Catholic church and formally become an apostate. That is until 2009 apparently thanks to Pope Benedict XVI who put a stop to it. I think do to the people applying for it en masse to protest various scandals but for the reason that PBXVI says was weird marriage situations. I made the mistake of posting on the catholic answers forum on the not catholic subforum to discuss and lear
  3. Thanks everyone for all the help and advice so far. There is certainly a lot to think about and it seems like I'm in a good place to start asking those questions. What I'm taking away from most of your comments and suggestions is that I have a lot of homework to do when the emotional/psychological stuff allows. @nontheistpilgrimI'm doing better everyday. Baby steps. I'm going to attend mass at a pretty liberal Episcopal church this Sunday and hang out with them afterwards to broaden my view of things. If nothing else, it might act as a step down from religion. Also the ____ for D
  4. “She said, ‘I know that there will come a time When I get nothing from the blood and the wine’” – Me and the Devil, The Fratellis Hello! I'm seriously considering leaving the Roman Catholic Church and was wondering if anyone had any constructive advice as to what I should do next, support, or general help? I'm considering this for a few reasons, and I'll go ahead and list those because I feel they are relevant. Reason 1. A couple months ago my consortium (they consolidated my county's parishes into one administrative entity) hosted a week
  5. Hey! I’m thinking about leaving the Roman Catholic Church and maybe Christianity entirely. I found this site after looking for a place with people that were in a similar boat, who might be able to help me figure out some things. I grew up confused when it came to religion. My parents were nominal Protestant Christians but my father, although having only a negligible fraction of Native American blood and no Jewish ancestry, incorporated Native American faith and Zionist elements to what I was taught. I grew up confused and so in response to this, I became Christian onl
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