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    Religion, philosophy, physics, astronomy, biology, math, making the world a better place.
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    Preacher's daughter. Ex-christian for almost 3 decades. Lizard brain took over lately and asked me to pray again! I guess I needed the reinforcement that if I want it, I have to do it..... wouldn't a gift giving father be nice???? Lizard brain is my nemisis.

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    Me!!!! Logic, reason, curiosity and loads of fun.

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  1. pkbutrfli


    Thanks for the welcome. Pkbutrfli simply means preachers kid out of the cocoon. There are times I wonder if I’d have escaped a more loving denomination. A question with no answer. Today Trump has said he’s the second coming . I wonder just how many in my family had their heads explode. They’re probably all standing outside waiting to be raptured this very moment. What a great time to have joined this site.
  2. The concept of heaven as I was taught was never appealing. It’s a place where some humanoid god is worshiped for eternity by drooling mindless masses - a humanoid god who doesn’t deserve to be worshipped even by those sorry masses. Hell included wonderful people like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Einstein. I’d much rather be in their company. If I get the opportunity to meet that humanoid god face to face I’d probably punch him. After the moment of death is a mystery. I like mysteries. Life would be terribly boring without them.
  3. pkbutrfli


    Does anyone here know Bob Thieme? I am a preacher’s daughter. My dad (preacher man) and family worshipped and still worships Bob Thieme and his philosophy. I learned a lot. I don’t come from some ushy gooshy lovey dovey aspect of Christianity. Take your fuzzy feelings and shove it, I’ll show you how. I’m lurking in the “Lions Den” and other places on this wonderful site. I love you all!!! (Yes that’s gushy ushy icky and sticky) you aren’t god so I know damned well you’ll forgive me!!!! Seriously!!! I love this site and all of you regulars. I hope to become one. Maybe I’ll stop lurking and become gushy and mushy for those idiots that want me to read the Bible and see if I come to their conclusion. Because we all know they’re only trying to save my soul right?
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