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  1. You know... I'm not in Heaven.. I"m not going to live 1000 years or so... It isn't as if I have all the time in the world to NOT have to be so tied down to a relationship. You know that, right? I mean, if I was in 'Heaven' then maybe the daily communication, etc, might be seen as overindulgent. But I don't have those types of 'years' to live on this Earth now in this life I have still yet.
  2. For me, the question isn't about why I might have done something or who caused what to occur. To me this is not the case. To me I ask, how can severed relationships ever get back together if the break was really bad? And then I think of how this applies also with those that left their relationship with someone this forum is relating to. How do severed relationships get back? Do they ever get back? Does it take effort? How does it take effort when only 1 person is around.. I mean... what does the real person do when the/a relationship is severed? That is the question that I find really unnecessary for me to try to even ask. Why would my relationship with The One have needed to be 'severed', if it was not about the whos or the whats?? That is the question I ask. How are humans, what are their mechanisms of rehealing after a 'break'... because in most human break ups, there are 2 present, side by side.. to talk about it. But what occurs when there is only 1?
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