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  1. Then please explain which religion can effectively combat Covid-19, without causing harm.
  2. I asked you a perfectly reasonable question, Leia. I see that you ignored it.
  3. A rational, sane society grounded in science, facts and critical thinking tends to limit the growth of cults. Just look at the statistics contrasting superstitious America with some other industrialized nations who have larger atheist populations. Christianity finds a stronghold here because Americans are trained from birth to believe in crazy shit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To add to Florduh's second paragraph... I have been consistently amazed and flabbergasted at the slow-motion train wreck that is the American response to the Covid-19 crisis. As Dr. Fauci recently pointed out, most European nations achieved a lock-down figure of 95%, compared to the 50% of the US. Ok, a lot of the resistance to sensible anti-virus measures is politically motivated, but a good portion of it also stems from science denial, magical thinking and religious indoctrination. Or as was succinctly described above - from the crazy shit Americans are steeped in from birth. What really worries me is that back in 1919, when Spanish flu hit the US in three waves, nobody knew what a virus was. The authorities did their best, but they were up against an invisible killer they couldn't understand and couldn't get to grips with. Fast forward a century and America has no such excuse. A rational, sane society grounded in science, facts and critical thinking should have been able to meet Covid-19 head on, keeping the death rates, the hospitalisations and the rates of transmission down to the European levels. But that didn't and isn't happening. So WTF is the US going to do when (not if) another, more virulent pandemic sweeps the world? Pray? Lay on hands? Anoint the sick with holy oil? Rebuke the disease in Jesus' name? Cast a spell? Call upon a pagan deity? Perform a ritual? Burn a candle? It's ALL magical and in the face of a deadly disease it's ALL harmful. Walter.
  4. Yes, but these experts and ex-cultists (and many Ex-christians in this forum) do not share your definition of what constitutes harm, Leia. As far these people are concerned ALL theistic beliefs perpetrate some degree of harm. The experts you want to help you usually regard ALL magical and supernatural thinking as harmful. Why should you receive any help from people who don't agree with your definitions and who have no interest in your aims? Can you please explain that to me? Walter.
  5. Leia, I'm afraid I just don't see that these experts and ex-cultists would be at all likely to help you achieve your aim of theistic equality. As far as I'm aware they don't want very much to do any kind of theism, let alone work to equalise the status of disparate and often opposed theisms. The expert and ex-cultist who comes most readily to my mind is Michael Shermer. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Shermer He spends most of his time debunking magical thinking and promoting rationality and reason. Much like some of the experts, ex-cultists and Ex-Christians in this forum. Quite why they would want to be involved in a plan to equalise all theistic belief systems is beyond me. If I'm any judge they'd probably be happier to see all theistic beliefs equally... extinct. As I do. So, in the face of my confusion Leia, could you please explain to me why you think these experts and ex-cultists would help you achieve your goal? Thank you, Walter.
  6. Leia, If your aim is for equality with other magically-thinking theisms, then that puts you on a par with Christianity, Judaism, Islam and similar. If they are all equalised with each other, on what basis is it decided that one theism is harmful and another one isn't? And who gets to decide this? Walter.
  7. If you don't take the Bible literally, why do you have an issue with big bang cosmology? I had you down as a Young Earth Creationist. A Christian who does take Genesis literally. Can you please clarify where you stand on Genesis? Thank you. Walter.
  8. Now you've shifted the goalposts. You said that you would discuss only Biblical fallacies in this thread, but instead of remaining focused on that you've swerved over to your personal relationship with Jesus. The two are not the same. Please stay focused on the subject of this thread. Hierophant -- You're trying to make the discussion personal. I'm here to address perceived fallacies in specific Bible passages. I won't respond to anything else.
  9. I did. You refused to go where I was directing your attention. If the Bible really is inerrant it cannot lead to error. Yet, in the example I gave of eagles catching their young, even if this is poetic, it still leads to error because it relies on a fiction and not a fact about the behaviour of these birds. It is an error to believe this literally and it is an error to believe that this illuminates something about God's nature. The example given is untrue. Untruths cannot lead to truths about God, can they? Walter.
  10. But it is personal, InamBerea. It cannot be anything other than personal. Whatever you write here displays your spiritual fruit. Even if you strictly confine yourself to Biblical fallacies, how you behave when doing so will display your spiritual fruit to us. If you do as you wrote in your profile information and conduct yourself with honesty and respect, then we will see the good spiritual fruits of peace and faithfulness in your words. But, if you refuse to answer perfectly reasonable questions that throw a spotlight on the Bible and matters of faith, then this displays a different kind of spiritual fruit to us. Thank you. Walter. Edit. Oh look. Florduh is on the same wavelength as me and I didn't even know it until I posted. How you behave here is under scrutiny, InamBerea.
  11. Just found this... https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/dawn-dead-in-ceres-orbit-ran-out-of-fuel-oct-2018.793140/page-43 There are 43 pages of posts covering the Dawn probe's approach to and orbits of Ceres. If you want the latest stuff, start at 43 and work backwards. If you want a blow-by-blow account of the discoveries as they were made, start on 1 and work through to 43. Thank you. Walter.
  12. Ok, so the deepest drilling on Earth to date seems to be on the order of 7.6 miles. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kola_Superdeep_Borehole But this newly-detected water reservoir on (in) Ceres is around 25 miles deep. I think there's a reasonable trade off to be made here. Deep drilling on Earth means going through silicates, pyroxenes and basalts. These are dense and tough materials. But its a different story on Ceres. The crust and mantle are composed of a rock and ice mix that's likely to be much less dense than any counterparts on Earth. Think of Arctic and Antarctic drilling projects. https://www.wired.co.uk/article/antarctic-ice-drill-climate-research The experience we gain here can be applied when a permanent colony is established on Ceres. Of course, there's a different, and much easier, way of obtaining water, oxygen and hydrogen from Ceres' ice. Just excavate a few tens of metres under the surface to create subterranean living spaces. You'll be deep enough to be shielded from radiation and whatever you dig out you just melt to release all the resources you need. Ok, nuclear power is a must, but as the Juno probe has demonstrated, solar electric power is still viable, well beyond the orbit of Mars. https://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/juno/launch/Juno_solarpower.html Thank you. Walter.
  13. InamBerea, We know that no extinct bird ever did this InamBerea because all birds have to abide by the laws of aerodynamics, trading off lift against weight and drag. Catching its falling young would kill both the parent and the young. Furthermore, if such a bird had existed but was now extinct, then the physical remains of these animals would have been discovered and examined by scientists. They would have reconstructed it's flight characteristics from its bone structure (as they have done with other species) and found that it could have caught its young on its outstretched wings. This finding would have been announced to the world as a clear vindication of the truth of scripture. But has that happened? No. No such animal has ever been discovered, living or extinct. Your two final sentences highlight the RedNeckProfessor's point. You are not letting the text stand on its own merits. You are inventing excuses to keep the text as perfect and inerrant as you have decided it must be. That's right, isn't it? You have already decided that nothing and nobody will ever be able to show you that the Bible is flawed? That you will always be able to find some way to keep it inerrant, no matter how it doesn't agree with reality? Please answer these questions. Thank you. Walter.
  14. My fave Biblical inaccuracy is Deuteronomy 32 : 11. Like an eagle teaching its young to fly, catching them safely on its spreading wings, the Lord kept Israel from falling. This never happens in reality. Eagles don't catch their falling young on their spreading wings. Such behaviour has never been observed. Treating this as some kind of metaphor really won't work because if you are going to allude to something in nature to illustrate something about God then the illustration you use works best if its based on something that actually happens - not something that never happens. Inventing something or being mistaken about the behaviour of eagles is a poor way to illustrate something about God. Thank you. Walter.
  15. Hello again InamBerea. Please be so good as to respond to these two items, which I put to you yesterday. If both Christians and Muslims advocate intelligent design, who are we to believe? Please explain how a theory is confirmed. Thank you. Walter.
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