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  1. "Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear." --Thomas Jefferson Think about it this way: The idea that there is sin beyond redemption assumes that Christians still have a law they have to live under and follow to avoid condemnation. It implies that the sacrifice of Jesus was to remove sinners from under the law but that it couldn't do the whole job, blatantly contradicting Romans 5:20. It's part of Christian theology which makes no sense. And the whole idea of the "devil"...a super-angel who knew God better than any other, knew that God was the creator of everything including super-angels, knew that God was omnipotent and held everything in existence with his sheer will.....and this super-angel waged a war to overthrow that omnipotent deity? And had an army of angels side with him? We're supposed to believe that heaven was full of Q-anon angels who followed a leader who would have to be either doorknob-stupid or a blithering loony to think he could defeat the omnipotent God? If he's stupid, he could hardly be the threat he's made out to be. If he's mentally deranged, then he can't be held responsible for his actions. Either way, the "rebel angel" scenario falls apart under scrutiny. Have you read "The Age of Reason" by Thomas Paine? I think you might find it intriguing.
  2. To follow up on this general subject, has anyone been following the recent story about Tennessee firing a vaccination specialist?
  3. True enough, but I was asking if our judgement of the statement might be colored by the source.
  4. "Some men *choose* to identify as women, and some women *choose* to identify as men." Not to play Fundamentalist's Advocate here, but would any of us here expect ourselves to cut the same generous slack to a conservative Christian who uttered the exact same sentence? I think it's worth taking an extra moment to look hard into the mirror and really ask ourselves.
  5. Here it is: March 5th, and I see nothing in the news this morning about any president being arrested or any former president being sworn in yesterday. Insanity: believing Qanon over and over and expecting different results.
  6. Is the Covid-19 vaccine linked to the mark of the beast, or do some people want so desperately for the Bible to be validated that they interpret every major event as biblical?
  7. There are people I miss associating with and some moments I look back on fondly, but I haven't felt that life has no meaning. I think there are two ways to think about "emptiness": 1.) as a feeling of something lost, and 2.) as a freedom to be filled with something new and better.
  8. Once as a teenager I woke up in the pre-dawn hours and thought I saw a hideous demon face right in front of mine. It turned out to be a bunched-up fold in the blanket. As an adult and after my deconversion, I once dreamed that I was in a classroom where a female teacher was giving a lecture. I'm not sure exactly how, but in the dream the realization came to me that she represented the mother goddess or divine feminine. I then looked down and saw a girl lying on the floor with what looked like flames projected onto her body. She looked up at me and said in a sarcastic deadpan voice, "I'm burning in hellfire forever." The whole thing played out like a little skit touching on the empty fear of the church system I had left.
  9. This may seem odd since I'm not Jewish, but one thing I've found helpful has been to research the inconsistencies between Christian scriptures and the Jewish Bible. The former are supposed to be supported by the latter, but Jewish scholars give some pretty good presentations refuting that claim. As for resources, there are just scads of them. I'm not an atheist myself so my personal library goes in more of a spirit-quest direction, but if you look around you'll find no shortage of perspectives you can consider. In Christian apologetics there's a lot of talk about "judging God by our own standards". When looking at the Bible's often-questionable description of God, a question I would ask a Bible apologist is, "If this same story were told about any other god in any other religion, wouldn't you hold that god to a higher standard than this?" I know you said you're not looking to debate, but formulating logical questions can help you clarify your own beliefs and why you hold them, which in turn can strengthen you should you ever find yourself having to state your position to someone. In any case my advice would be, "research, research, research". Devour all the knowledge you can and think through everything. As you do, you'll learn more and more how to be true to yourself.
  10. Let me guess----they're in the basement of a pizza chain outlet that doesn't have a basement, right?
  11. Let's start a trend. Let's stop giving conspiracy RUMORS a dignity they don't deserve by referring to them as "theories". Conspiracy rumors don't qualify as theories. Theories are supported by hard evidence. Theories are reasonable explanations. Theories can be tested and falsified. Conspiracy RUMORS do not make the grade. If we can get those around us into the habit of calling conspiracy RUMORS what they are, we may have greater leverage in snuffing those rumors out.
  12. Even if we were to evolve away from religious belief, which I doubt will happen, I don't see that doing us any good. Those more "enlightened" societies of the last century which did away with emperors and patriarchs merely replaced them with Fearless Party Leaders who punished critics of the People's Glorious Revolution just as savagely as any religious heretic was ever punished. I don't necessarily agree with everything that Chris Hedges says, but I do agree with his assertion that we are not advancing morally at all. I remember an X-Files episode in which Mulder makes a comment about "the civilizing influence of technology" which I have always thought worthy of nothing but a scornful laugh. Here's basically how I see it: FANTASY: Hey, look at us! We have computers! Let's use them to start building the starship Enterprise! REALITY: Hey, look at us! We have computers! Let's use them to steal each other's personal information! I'm convinced that, whatever evolution may make us into physically, it's not what's going to save us from ourselves.
  13. Hello Emma, From what you've expressed, I'm thinking that you might find yourself to be a deist. It often gets lost in the shuffle, but if you're curious you can take a look here: www.deism.com
  14. I wouldn't be doing it over without a theological belief, but with the belief I have now I would have done a lot of things differently. It was through a church-related job that I eventually got the job I have now, which I've had for years and which is very good, so it's hard for me to say that I'd have been better off without taking that church-related turn in life. Still, my present philosophy would have made me take a different stance on some things, making myself----and possibly others----less miserable.
  15. I was never into the popular "Christian music" scene, but I'll always listen to Gregorian chant.
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