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    Languages (natural and constructed) and linguistics, evolution of cosmos, mythology (mainly Greek), self-help and and self-development, watching sci-fi films and TV Series (my most favourite is the Stargate series Trilogy - fundamental to my becoming atheist and a lot of fun)
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    When I was 11 my grandpa, the nicest person in my whole family, died and shortly after that when I was 12 I found a book from Jehovah's Witnesses. I had never enjoyed religious education at the primary school (ages 6 to 15, 9 years altogether). I had found it nonsensical and boring. After I found the JW book my opinion on religion changed, though still disliked most of mainstream Christianity for the teaching they espoused, things like hell and trinity, I viewed religion as one of the most important things in life. Then almost a month before I turned 20 I had moved to England where I've been living ever since.During the first year of my stay in UK I considered myself Jehovah's Witness. But please don't mistake me for the type of JW you might often hear of or even encounter on the streets or on your doorstep. I kept to myself, my religion, my faith was my own business and didn't force it onto anyone and only answered questions of people who were curious to know or understand what I believed. After I realized something was wrong with my faith I began to investigate and found out a few disturbing things about JW cult. But because of their teaching that being atheist was a bad and immoral thing I was afraid to become one. Which only lead to being a passive christian for about 2 years after which I discovered yet another cult, similar to JWs, based on the theology of Herbert Armstrong - United Church of God and many other churches of similar names. This form of Christianity stayed with me till I turned 28 and then I found that this too was yet another cult. Again I became a sort of passive christian but still religious to a certain extent. Then I realized there was something seriously wrong with the most basic teachings of Christianity, the most important one in my case being the issue of being forbidden from having sex before marriage. This was immediately followed by in-depth study of Christianity and other religions, study of deism and atheism. All this almost immediately, within a few weeks, lead to getting rid of my beliefs and faith, many months of which were filled with so much anger I hadn't been sure it was possible to be so angry. For several month I considered myself a deist, merely believing in a creator god whilst rejecting any religion and its truthfulness completely. During these months I read many articles from deists, atheists, agnostics and other non-religious people. After I read Greta Christina's article on deism and thinking about the issue of a deistic god and its existence I came to the conclusion that even deism didn't make much sense to me. I learnt how evolution works and ever since I have considered myself an atheist. Now I am proud to call myself one and not afraid to let others know about it. P.S. At some point I will write more detailed exposition of my life as a christian, deist, atheist.

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    None. Fuck them all.

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