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    Yoyo, music, gaming, religion, video production
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    Former fundamentalist evangelical who is surrounded by religious family and former friends. Began questioning forever ago, but began transitioning out 2017. I am a hopeless chip and soda addict.

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  1. So, for starters I was raised as a fundamentalist Southern Baptist. I was heavily involved in the church including being a key member of the worship team. I received a Bachelor's of Religion from Liberty University. This lifestyle and belief began dissolving roughly three years ago and I am now comfortable identifying as an atheist. Since my deconversion, I've grown interested in philosophy and logic. Also, my love for biology is no longer hindered by a faulty Creationist viewpoint. Outside of my religious beliefs, or lack thereof, I am married, we have one son and my wife is currently pregnant with our second child! To pass the time, my wife and I make a lighthearted comparative religion podcast as well as make music and goofy videos. I personally enjoy playing video games, yoyoing, and skateboarding when I get the chance. I'm looking forward to getting to know people on here!
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