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    I'm from the Bible belt where I grew up in the deep south. I'm here looking for second opinions.

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  • Still have any Gods? If so, who or what?
    I don't have a problem with the idea of a God

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  1. The fact that there's practically nothing original about Christianity is one of the things I came across during my research and is a factor in why I started seriously questioning it. I've also been reading about other religions as well, particularly Judaism since it's supposedly the origin of Christianity because I wanted to see what the original source says. I'm aware that some things in Judaism aren't original to it either but I have at least seen Jews give credit to the original source when presented with the evidence unlike Christianity. I'm also still trying to figure out my beliefs. The
  2. I came here many months ago seeking advice after having panic attacks due to a crisis of faith. I've done a lot of reading, listening, and self reflection between now and then. I noticed a pattern from hearing many testimonies from my research that there seems to be two types of Chrisitian converts. There's the ones who all of a sudden had this warm fuzzy feeling inside out of nowhere one day which they attributed to Jesus for some reason. Then there are those who were under intense stress not thinking clearly as a result who latched onto anything that promised them relief and Christianity jus
  3. So what would be some ideas on how to unite a civilization of millions of people to where they can peacefully coexist and work together without some kind of a god, whether that god be some kind of a dictator or an imaginary man made one? I'm having a hard time figuring this out because it seems like every great civilization had some kind of god as their primary cause that for the most part unified everyone.
  4. @GeezerYes, Caesar's Messiah is one of the sources I'm referring to.
  5. Have any of you heard the claims that the Romans invented Christianity? If so, what are your thoughts?
  6. Thank you all for your responses, them along with some more research have helped to ease my mind for the moment although I may have to get on medication at some point.
  7. @nontheistpilgrimno I'm having to live with some of them at the moment due to my living situation although I'm currently working on trying to get out.
  8. What are some thoughts on biblical prophecies that have supposedly been fulfilled and are supposedly still being fulfilled today?
  9. I'm not real sure that I was ever a Christian to begin with although I felt like I was being sincere when I decided to become one and is something I've been trying to figure out. What are some ways to deal with feelings of anger, bitterness, and resentment? This is one of the problems I've always had with Christianity is that it puts all the burden and responsibility of forgiveness on you which I know from experience does nothing but create more problems. I realize that a lot of my teachers were basically indoctrinated themselves but at the same time it's like they don't think that they can be
  10. Thank you everyone for your responses. I don't have a problem with the idea of a creator at all which makes sense to me. I too certainly have a lot of questions for Christianity that I know I can't ask especially around here. Thank you for the link ficino. @ Geezer some book references would be great. I'm trying to learn more about the history of hell although I no longer believe in the traditional view of hell that most people have. How did you get over your fear of hell? What if we're all wrong, what am I supposed to say to God on judgement day? Have any of you had anxiety from your religiou
  11. Okay, so I was born and raised in the Bible Belt of the United States. I was brought up in a deeply fundamentalist conservative christian home which was absolutely miserable for me. The church that my family are members of is the Church of Christ. Based on what I've learned so far, I know that at least one of the churches we were members of was without a doubt a cult. If the rest of the churches we attended weren't a cult, I would say that they definitely had many characteristics of a cult. But I've since realized that most denominations, not just the Church of Christ, in my of the country lea
  12. First, I just want to apologize if this isn't the appropriate place to put my post because I'm not sure where exactly to go. I've been doing a lot of studying and thinking for a long time and I'm certain based on my research that I had or still have a lot of damage from the religion I was brought up in. I just don't know what to do and I feel lost and that's why I came here because this is the only place I have to go that I'm aware of at the moment. I really don't know what to say or even where to begin. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have for me and any help is greatly ap
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