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  1. Thanks all for the very nice welcome. Apologies for a slow response. I am actually on a research trip on the Kumano Pilgrimage in Mie Prefecture Japan. Home of the Shinto gods.... As an atheist, this is a curious situation. I reject the Calvinism that I grew up with, but sometimes, when it comes to Buddhism or Shinto, I can be more like, "Oh, that sounds interesting... I'm all ears." Yet, not devout in any sense. And most Buddhists say their beliefs are more philosophical than religious. But it is all quite interesting nonetheless.
  2. Hello and warm greetings from Takamatsu, Japan. My name is Mark Groenewold and I am very glad to find these forums here. As for a self-intro... I'm a long term expat living in Japan. I've been here for over 20 years. I am a business owner, a teacher, and I write, but not very well. I wrote a few books, and one of them is an angry screed why I gave up religion. I think that was mostly an act of self-therapy but I am glad to finally, after so long, find the guts to put it out in the world. I grew up as a Calvinist in the Dutch-Canadian bubble of Reformational theology. Long steeped in dogma, and well-programmed too. It took some time to pull out all the wires, but it was worth it. I just found these forums so I will take some time to cruise around and see what other kindred un-wired/re-wired folks are here. Many thanks to the moderators who run these boards. It is a thankless job, so let me thank you in advance. Have a great day! Mark
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