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  1. "Will" is the profile name the forum would allow but I am, in fact, Bill. I was a certified Wellspring prayer minister and helped a lot of people with illnesses become well. Using the principle of forgiveness people were able to have that hope of a better future by living the life of a loving Christian. It lowered their stress level and cortisol level and was positive. Little did we know it was the power of the mind that lowered their inflammation to the point they could allow the body to do it's healing thing. I'm 64yo and it just hit me one day (two weeks ago) religion is just a carefully crafted lie to give people "hope" of the ever after and everything after death is actually much better than life here on earth. It also lays down basic laws (10 commandments) that hopefully will keep some of the populace under control without force. So I was thinking (whoa!). I was taught god is love. He is all powerful and has complete knowledge of all things. According to the holy bible god created the angels and the head dude who turned out to be Satan. Well, god is supposed to be "outside of time" and knows everything before it even happens, right? So why create an asshole like Satan and his minions KNOWING they will rebel? Then, what's he do? Sends them to earth. Really? So then he supposedly creates man and one man messes up and is now ALL MAN is going to suffer his entire life and be subjected to, guess who? The asshole that was thrown out of "heaven". The bible then explains how Satan's' only mission on earth is to torment us from conception to death. Really? Hold it, god is LOVE right? Not the kind of love I'm thinking about. My pet peeve is the millions of convenience abortions performed every year under the careful watch of this loving god. Forget about ALL the other shit that occurs. It just doesn't add up. And the constant threat of "hell". You gotta throw that in too when this Satan is trying everything to kill and destroy me? And you also made Satan more clever than me? Nice. I will concede that the "healthy", non fanatical Christians derive some benefits from the lifestyle. The concept of forgiveness is powerful as it tends to lower cortisol levels and the resulting inflammation related to diseases. But I don't need to pray to imaginary beings to forgive someone. So, I take away the forgiveness aspect and march on. I DO want there to be a god. I DO want there to be an eternity of bliss and everlasting life. It ain't happening so I am coming to terms with the fact that I'm worm food when dead. Kind of a bummer. I told my fictitious god that he would, indeed, have to show himself to me (he did it for Paul in the bible story). If he does I will immediately fall down an worship him. But it ain't gonna happen. I'm sad about that. I am, however, enjoying the whole living without any guilt though. Guilt was stressful at times. I also don't like the idea of daddy god watching me have sex (including marital). Religion is not for me. Any kind. I am now taking up yoga and don't give a crap about any Hindu influence. I am now immune to "spiritual" influence. I want to start doing things that are healthy for me and mine. I am not bitter or hateful toward religious people. It's where they are at now and they need to find their own way. Just don't tell me I need to fall into their line of thinking.
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