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    Music, guitar, video games, VR, meeting people, board games, ect.
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    I don't really know what to put here. I'm trying to figure out what I believe and kinda taking a step back from religion in order to see how other people interact with the world.

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    Yes, Christian God

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  1. Well at this moment I'm not looking into that side of things. Honestly your post makes me wonder if you even read my post.
  2. So I grew up christian and after a long time in it and believing it at various levels I'm taking a step back. One thing thats always bothered me is the views on sexuality. I think consenting people should be able to do what they want. Thing is, ive never really applied that idea to myself. At 26 years old I'm a virgin, Ive only kissed 2 women and that was pretty rare. I was sexual with one but we never had actual intercourse. Ive watched porn and masturbated but always in a reluctant way. I at time would talk to women online sexually and do the whole cyber/phone sex thing with them but it was
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