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  1. Hi. Welcome back! It's nice to meet you.
  2. I found him! he really does exist! Praise the Lord!
  3. I feel this one fits the current state of the world.
  4. Does anyone remember Mary Did You know? Turns out somone made an ex-christian version.
  5. I mostly listen to classic oldschool metal, Black Sabbath is my favorite along with Deep Purple Led Zeppelin Judas Priest Iron Maiden Metallica Megadeth Slayer etc. I also like alot of 70's prog rock like Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd Christianity used to make me feel guilty about listening to metal, So I forced myself to get into christian metal bands like Stryper Which was hard to stomach because they're embarrsingly bad. Thankfully I don't ever have to put up with any of that anymore. Since deconverting I've been playing this track alot. It seems to sound much better than ever before.
  6. Welcome Larry! I see you are interested in metal. greetings from a fellow metalhead! What's your favorite band btw?
  7. Wow! So you're saying my stupid joke was actually true? Imagine that.
  8. Welcome FreeFromGuilt! It's so good to see that you are truly free from guilt! You'll find plenty of support here at Ex-c.
  9. Welcome SoulRebel! Your story shows you have incredible courage and strength. I hope you are able to find peace and freedom on your journey out of indoctrination.
  10. DarkMatter has an excellent video on this subject.
  11. I'm glad I didn't burn my bible, I may need it when the toilet paper runs out!
  12. Hi Phil! It's great to have you here! If you are still having doubts about leaving the faith, In addition to the books others have mentioned I recomend checking out some of the youtube atheists such as DarkMatter2525 Jacklyn Glen Nonstampcollector and The Thinking Atheist, Their vids helped me alot during my deconversion. I hope you stick around and I look forward to hearing more from you!
  13. That's wonderful that you were able to keep an open mind about it Weezer, I never thought much of pyschedelics or drugs in general either untill I learned of their true potential and experienced it firsthand. There is still alot of stigma hanging around from the 60's and the war on drugs, But if more research is done and more results are published I think that will fade away fairly quickly, It's already begun. The proper setting is certainly very important, I've done psychs both by myself and with trained professionals and the difference is night and day. Also important is the intention a person sets for themself before partaking, If you just want to have fun and trip out then it's only a drug, But if you approach it with the intention of deep psychological healing and self discovery then it becomes a profound and powerful medicine.
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