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  1. His name as well as The Christian Delusion on another forum have both come up a lot. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  2. Great point. That's a very good possibility. I would even say that's likely to be the reality.
  3. I have completed reading "The God Delusion" and "God is Not Great." While I enjoyed them both, they don't do a very good job representing Catholicism or the Bible. For example Hitchens mentions all four gospels being based off of Q. Only 2 (Matthew and Luke) likely were. Do the details matter? I think they do if these details are being used to support your argument. What should I read next? Are any of the modern atheist writers more scholarly? Again, I like Hitchens and Dawkins for what they do, but I'm looking for something that I don't have to mentally correct as I'm reading it. Cheers
  4. BookOfMicah, Thank you for sharing your story. I feel more connected now as well, but I have been struggling with a lack of purpose and meaning.
  5. I have sadness around leaving my church--as well as how I may have damaged my children in some way by raising them in a church. I'm lamenting the loss of tradition. But I don't think it's depression (not like my normal depression). I think it might be grief. I watched two birds today sitting very comfortably on a wire. It was low 30s but they looked warm as toast. It brought me comfort.
  6. Excellent. I am glad to hear this is normal. For my depression, I think it's due to a couple things. I was raised in a mentally and physically abusive home. My abuser went through a brief period where he found god and religion. I suspect he was as subtle with that as with anything else. I think this de-conversion is therapeutic for my CPTSD. I also think my depression is negatively impacted by anticipation of the thing to come and my unworthiness. Living in the now and no longer thinking I'm not good enough for something that doesn't exist, has allowed me to grow in some sort of confidence and contentment.
  7. Since losing my faith and religious beliefs, I have noticed some things changing for me. I feel more connected to the earth and the universe. Not necessarily in a spiritual or mystical way. I want to say primal, but I can't quite explain it. My life long depression seems to be be noticeably better. Any similar experiences?
  8. I struggle with depression as well. And this journey into atheism is very new to me. I have had been thinking a lot about purpose. Specifically, I have been thinking "without an afterlife, what purpose do I have?" I would be lying if I said it hasn't affected my motivation in a negative way. But it got a little better today. What has given me comfort is thinking about being a very young child. I didn't have any real concept of God, death, or an afterlife. I just enjoyed life for what it was. I enjoyed playing in the dirt, laying in the grass, climbing trees, playing games with my friends, buying candy with the change I found, and so on. It's freeing to me. To allow myself to live in the now. I also see much to find meaning in still. Family, taking care of the earth, helping eliminate poverty, protesting against war, etc. I hope that is helpful.
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