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  1. Being Christian for almost half a century has left a mark on me. Easter was always my favorite religious holiday. As a nonbeliever, as they say, I'd like to find an alternative way to celebrate. I was thinking of following some of the older pagan traditions. I'm not interested in goddess worship (still an atheist). Any ideas? What are some of your ex-Christian traditions?
  2. You're absolutely right. A part of my struggle is that I didn't have a very good upbringing. My Catholic faith (something I found as a new father and new adult) became the parents I never had. I used the church and Catholic writers to learn how to be a father. So even though I'm in my forties now, I feel like I'm flying blind. Fuckity for sure.
  3. That's an excellent point. Gives me something positive to focus on. Responding from my phone so please forgive the brevity.
  4. I don't think I have. I have church dreams though. Dreams where I am back at church.
  5. When I first admitted I lost my faith I found out my wife and children had already lost theirs or were at least to the point where they were ready to let go and my loss gave them permission. Here it is a year later. They talk about "Christians" and "the church" with so much disdain. They seem legitimately hurt by our prior life as Christians. It makes me feel awful. Wether it was then or now, I have always tried to do what I thought was best for them. But when I hear their complaints, disdain and ridicule towards our previous life I feel sick to my stomach with guilt.
  6. Wow! What a story. I'm glad you got free of that world.
  7. WORD OF CAUTION: What I'm sharing is my personal experience. I absolutely do not want to sound as if antidepressants are bad or that anyone should change their medication without the supervision of a doctor. I've had depression most of my life (past 20+ years). As a result, I've been been on Celexa for years. I have had a difficult time focusing and have been constantly tired over the past 6 months. I narrowed it down to my medication but it hadn't changed in years. Regardless, I started my dossage in half. I have tried this in the past (probably once a year) but I alw
  8. It's good to have you here, Jenni. I feel bad that you went through all of that. I am a newer ex-Christian myself. I miss the ritual, friendships, etc., but by and large I feel like a renewed person. Most of my life long anxiety vanished with my beliefs. I hope you find similar relief.
  9. Excellent advice. Thank you for sharing your journey as well. I think you're right. I just need time to reprogram. I recently started listening to Dillahunty and Ra. I really like them especially Dillahunty.
  10. Over the course of my Chrisrian life, I began to move away from a belief in a Western penal Hell and more towards an Eastern Orthodox version of it. To me Hell was being in the presence of God and not wanting to be. I also came to believe that this was only painful for as long as the individual rejected God's embrace (so to speak). So I guess I stopped fearing hell before I stopped believing in it.
  11. Fuego, That's a very good summary. I am trying to keep an open mind, but artificially altering one's perception through the use of drugs doesn't seem like a thing rational atheists would do and then buy into it as if its spiritual. It seems like it should be obvious to such a person, as florduh stated, thay its just a drug induced hallucination.
  12. I've spent some time thinking more about this and reading up on deism. I think it is just me trying to hold onto something. Deism, for me, is just the God of the complex gaps.
  13. TEG nails it. That was exactly my understanding as a Catholic...it was the resurrection. TEG I also agree with your interpretation of the prophecies.
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