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  1. Wow! What a story. I'm glad you got free of that world.
  2. WORD OF CAUTION: What I'm sharing is my personal experience. I absolutely do not want to sound as if antidepressants are bad or that anyone should change their medication without the supervision of a doctor. I've had depression most of my life (past 20+ years). As a result, I've been been on Celexa for years. I have had a difficult time focusing and have been constantly tired over the past 6 months. I narrowed it down to my medication but it hadn't changed in years. Regardless, I started my dossage in half. I have tried this in the past (probably once a year) but I always sink into my depression after a couple of days. But this time it's worked. I've been at half a dose for a couple of weeks. I feel great all the way around. So why is it different this time? I'm no longer in the cult of Christianity. I had a couple Catholic friends tell me that whenever someone is struggling with depression, it's usually due to some spiritual attack. In the opposite way they meant it, I think I can finally agree.
  3. It's good to have you here, Jenni. I feel bad that you went through all of that. I am a newer ex-Christian myself. I miss the ritual, friendships, etc., but by and large I feel like a renewed person. Most of my life long anxiety vanished with my beliefs. I hope you find similar relief.
  4. Excellent advice. Thank you for sharing your journey as well. I think you're right. I just need time to reprogram. I recently started listening to Dillahunty and Ra. I really like them especially Dillahunty.
  5. Over the course of my Chrisrian life, I began to move away from a belief in a Western penal Hell and more towards an Eastern Orthodox version of it. To me Hell was being in the presence of God and not wanting to be. I also came to believe that this was only painful for as long as the individual rejected God's embrace (so to speak). So I guess I stopped fearing hell before I stopped believing in it.
  6. Fuego, That's a very good summary. I am trying to keep an open mind, but artificially altering one's perception through the use of drugs doesn't seem like a thing rational atheists would do and then buy into it as if its spiritual. It seems like it should be obvious to such a person, as florduh stated, thay its just a drug induced hallucination.
  7. I've spent some time thinking more about this and reading up on deism. I think it is just me trying to hold onto something. Deism, for me, is just the God of the complex gaps.
  8. TEG nails it. That was exactly my understanding as a Catholic...it was the resurrection. TEG I also agree with your interpretation of the prophecies.
  9. Are you familiar with the DMT believers out there? I am pretty sure Joe Rogan is one. This guy hear is an *interesting* listen. What do you make of all of it? They all seemed so convinced that they speak to god(s), but to me it all just sounds like the effects a drug has on the brain. I don't know why it's not obvious to them. Most aren't exactly radical theists before they try this stuff, but many leave as believers. I just dont get it.
  10. Thank you everyone. Your replies definitely help. And TABA, yes that makes perfect sense. It's good to be able to talk to people who understand what this change is like and have been through it before. Thank you!
  11. Lately I've been leaning towards deism in the Einstein, Spinoza, Jefferson sense. I'm leaning this way because I can conceive of something outside of our universe, laws of nature, etc. But such a "god" doesn't actively participate in our lives. What's the point? Wouldn't it be better (or less misleading) to just say agnostic? I'm not looking for a label. I'm just a new ex-Christian and trying to understand the world without my previous faith. The idea that there is something else is enticing and comforting, but would it be without my previous faith coloring my perspective? Is it nature or nurture? Is it just more confirmation bias?
  12. That would not resemble anything the Jesus I grew up with would condone.
  13. Similar to what mwc stated, it was all around the Emperor trying to remove a growing divide between Arius' and Athanisius' theology regarding Jesus. Was he created as Arius thought or was he divine (of the same stuff as the father) which is what Athanisuis believed. Arius is considered a heretic now so you can guess who one. Arguments were made from tradition and scripture, but I'm pretty certain the scriptures they had were already attributed to the authors who's names they bare today.
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