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  1. Spiritual experiences can't be proven in the way you want me to prove it.
  2. I allready believe, but I don't follow that scumbag. I burned a Christian book today.
  3. I have no doubt that hell exists. I hate God, but I do believe in him, so I guess that makes me a Satanist, even though I also hate Satan. If God says that Satan is my daddy, who am I to contradict? I don't want to be God's child, and I certainly don't need another father!
  4. Not exactly. He was hated and let himself get killed by others. Suicide is sin because you are taking control over your own life. That is never allowed in the Bible. God gives, God takes, God makes ALL the decisions in your life cause you are his.
  5. I don't share your experience.In my experience God exists, and I can't just pretend that he doesn't, it just doesn't work that way. I am trying to find meaning, but the treat of losing everything in the end, because you're not worthy, makes everything meaningless allready. I don't care about afterlife.I wish it didn't exist.I would be very happy if we all just died and stayed dead in body and soul.
  6. Hell is horrible. Annihilation seems awesome compared to the other options.
  7. I agree with you. So what are we now? Are we apostates, or are we still his? Once saved, always saved? I don't wanna go to heaven anyways, but I sure as hell don't want to go to hell. But that's where I've been this last year, I'm trying to see life the way I saw it before, but after this experience with the Holy Spirit, NOTHING means ANYTHING anymore.You couldn't make me happy with a million dollars.Life is as empty as hell itself.With empty I mean soulless, cause hell will be pretty crowded.
  8. I feel the same.I can't be a Christian, cause it's too hard, and it isn't really what I'm looking for, but It did give me peace sometimes ( and a whole lot of turmoil also).But joy, not really. I just can't get excited anymore. Everything is empty.Day to day things or entertainment don't entertain me at all. I wish I had never met God tbh. Life was much more excited when I was just Catholic.
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