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  1. Yes!!! Poor children. So many parents don't deserve children.
  2. Commanded or forced submission is abuse. Plain and simple.
  3. I'm sorry. I've projected all women to be the same. Like the ones in my family. I need to stop thinking all women are the same. There are some really admirable respectable women out there. I need to take more care to not lable and demonize women because of my bad experiences with them. I was being ignorant and very disrespectful. I sincerely apologise.
  4. I've encountered too many mysandrists and misogynists. I'm an androgyne. Neither masculine or feminine. So I'm in the wrong here. I'm a weirdo, abnormal, freak I guess.
  5. Yeah lots of men are cruel too. I admit that the misogynists are just as bad as the misandrysts. Both are to blame.
  6. You gonna fight against Shariah Law? You gonna go fight to free and protect girls and women from abusive Muslim men? How are you fighting the patriarchy? What about misandry? Boys and men have their own sruggels too. Do you have compassion for them? It is just as difficult to be a man as it is to be a woman. Just with different problems. No one cares about the men. 80% of suicides are committed by men. Men have died at the hands of abusive women because of chivalry. If a man loves kids he must be a pedo. If he likes pink or wants to do ballet he must be gay. Men are expected to protect, fight, and die for others. Men are expected to carry the entire world on their shoulders. But no one cares enough to acknowledge that. Are you sure you want true equality girl? 100%. Are you willing to really walk a mile in a man's shoes? I'm a biological adult human female a.k.a. Woman. But I can still empathize with men. And women. Equally.
  7. Their evil and support child sacrafices. But so do monotheistic Gods.
  8. Well if they really want equality they should work in dump areas. Be mechanics and engineers. Infantry women and all that stuff. If they really cared about other women they would go to Islam nation's and fight to free those poor abused girls and women. I would. But not the spoiled entitled feminazies here. Who get all triggered and offended and cry sexism just because some guy opened the door for her.
  9. Women also don't have the physical strength to be Carpenters. They aren't spatial either.
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