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  1. Fair points, but that's why I pointed out possibly adopting or fostering. I mean, thinking about it critically I'm not attached really at all to the idea of biological kids. Esepcially given my ASD and the history of mental issues on my dad's side.
  2. Hey fellow heathens! So like many of you, both the church and society in general sees it as imperative to have children. I wasn't raised a fundie but my mom had remarked to me before to ''be fruitful and multiply'' and wants me and my sister to give her 4 grandkids each. Currently I'm 20 years old, going to take my EMT exam soon and preparing to move out and finally start taking my life in a better direction. Growing up, I had to deal with both having Asperger's Syndrome and a plethora of dysfunction with my parents' relationship, my sister's mental health crisis' and a manipulative bastard of
  3. Hey folks. So in the past, I've lamented the time I spent as a Christian(deconverted around age 17) and the social awkwardness growing up with Asperger's. I haven't dated or kissed a girl, didn't do sports and few extracurriculars in high school(tried wrestling, but quit and didn't even compete, but did writer's club one year and dodgeball club the next). This bummed m out for awhile, and for those of us who grew up with abuse, strict religion or other such inconveniences it can be upsetting seeing others have the opposite experience. But more recently it doesn't bother me so much anymore. Mai
  4. Good points, and sure go ahead I would love to hear more.
  5. Dating and romance is one problem for us ex-Christians since most of us hail from majority Christian countires(i.e. the USA, etc). I'm in California, which is probably better than the Bible Belt I'm sure. I haven't actually tried to ask anyone out yet(bth due to getting shit in order plus covid) but I definitely feel anxious about wanting to get my feet wet in that department. I've had mixed feelings about apps for awhile, but with how many people are using them to ease quarantine loneliness they don't seem like a good prospect. Plus in the city I'm moving to there is apparently lots
  6. It's cool, and thanks. It did give me some perspective on things, and was a good place to start. I mean, things weren't awful literally all the time. I'm not gonna tell you I never had birthday cake or gifts, presents at Christmas or have never been to an amusement park or that my dad never showed me affection or anything. But my parents definitely didn't have a good relationship. They had issues from when I was born and split when I was 5 or 6 but got back together when I was 7. From that age to when I was 11 things weren't too bad but from middle school onwards things got uglier between them
  7. I know. I went through high school with various acquaintances but no real friends and only did anything with anyone outside of school a small handful in all those 4 years. Being on the spectrum can suck.
  8. I actually have been to therapy before, and getting friends is definitely on my to-do list. I also am not ashamed of my nerdy interests really
  9. Good points, and to your last one about trust, I had to learn that the hard way:https://www.ex-christian.net/topic/82904-my-former-christian-friend-used-me-manipulated-me-and-turned-to-be-a-true-predator/
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