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    I spent the first 24 years of my life as a devout conservative Mormon, and was thoroughly brainwashed to believing all the ideals that went along with that faith. Between 24 and 26 I started to have doubts and began looking at other options before ultimately leaving the religion at around age 26. After that I spent a year looking into other religions which mostly took the form of reading several religious texts: The Bhagavad Gita and Upanishads, the Tao Te Ching, even The Satanic Bible. I read through the Dhammapada and found Buddhism to be a fairly comfortable moral code, though I was not impressed by the more theistic / spiritual elements of it. I have until recently described myself as Agnostic Buddhist (or as I put it "Agnostic with a rich creamy Buddhist filling"). But on consideration of a number of atheist sources, and accepting the definition of Atheist as "one who rejects theistic claims", I think it might be more fair to identify as an Agnostic Atheist, who just happens to borrow elements of Buddhism. Still parsing out the labels though.

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  1. Funny story. My old man was so over the bend about using the "Lord's name in vain" until this exchange when I was 10 and my sister was 8. Sister: Sweet Jesus! (Mocking a character from the musical 1776 we just watched) Dad: Don't say that! Sister: I'm just acting like (that character). Dad: I don't care! Don't use the God damn Lord's- ... At this point to his eternal credit, my old man stopped, grinned a bit at himself and we all ended up laughing. Fun senior moments lol.
  2. It is the same ideological imposition we place when we sensibly ban harmful pseudoscience, which we don't do nearly enough of for my way of thinking. All other things being equal, I am okay with preventing access to "personal liberties" which exclusively bring harm to self or others. But you bring up a valid counter argument of informed consent. To be honest, as repulsive as I find conversion therapy, there could be an argument made for your way of thinking. After all I am against suicide but am okay with euthanasia (which admittedly is not a perfect comparison, but it's the be
  3. Hey score one for the good guys! I am disgusted by the continuation of these atrocious practices and would love to see them outlawed in my own country but that probably won't happen for a while.
  4. Wow, I missed quite a discussion here. Couple of things to toss in: 1. Atheist as defined by those who lack a belief in god is not mutually exclusive with agnosticism as has already been mentioned by folks probably a lot more informed on the subject than I. I consider myself "Agnostic Atheist" based on my understanding that Agnostic = I don't know / no positive claim and Atheist = Lack of belief in God / lack of belief in theistic claims. Whereas Gnostic = I do know / I make a positive claim and Theist = I believe in a God / higher power. 2. I mentioned this in my origin
  5. Hilariously I just read that book for the first time this month. It was my personal Book of the Month for February. In particular the concept of doublespeak and doublethink remind me greatly of the idea that it's okay to not use logic when discussing God. In particular the idea that "the Party can make 2+2=5" is very "God says so, therefore it must be." And then theres the whole Goldstein book being comparable to the Bible but yeah I 100% second this assertion. It is also an amazing book because Orwell is a brilliant writer too.
  6. Thank you for the welcome! Yeah, the subtle lies about contributing to the church are some of my favorites. Worse than tithing, I think, is how the church goes about doing charity. Particularly the LDS. There is always a horrible string attached that doesn't exist in other well-meaning non-profit charities. My folks had a rough time recently and they had to get grocery and bill help from the church. To the church's credit, they pulled my parents fat out of the proverbial fire, but only after making my Army Veteran and "never been unemployed a day in his life" take "Self-Reliance Clas
  7. BookOfMicah

    I Am Free

    Welcome welcome! Very new myself, but always happy to see a new face. I'm sorry to hear that you have been through the wringer because of your decision! I hope things are better off for you now, or at least are getting better. It is always preferable to be living true to yourself than conforming to somebody else's prescribed identity for you. It might be painful, but never let somebody else dictate the parameters of your life. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  8. This might be slightly off topic, but a resource I found very helpful when first discovering my own Atheism and one that I still like today is the atheist youtuber community. In particular, I like Steve Shive's old "An Atheist Reads" series where he reads Christian apologetics books and gives full blown lectures (with an admittedly snarky and humorous edge). His series on The Screwtape Letters was particularly good (and frankly even as an agnostic I rather like that book because Lewis can be a wonderful writer when he wants to be).
  9. Hell is basically a form of religious trauma. Imagine being taught from a young age to be afraid of going to literally the worst place imaginable for minor mistakes and being routinely told that if you ever lose your faith you will definitely go there. And with it being something that we won't know with 100% certainty until after we die, it remains untestable. I consider fear of Hell to be an irrational phobia that comes from this trauma. It's not something we can control. You could liken it to otherwise rational people who have a mild fear of ghosts or the supernatural but I would ar
  10. Thank you for the welcome! I definitely mean to! Interesting comparison, and one I hadn't considered. I hesitate to weigh in on arguments if what is or is not heretical to the "one true faith" because even the idea I find kind of foolish in an age where every major religion has hundreds if sects and as many interpretations of that sect as there are people who believe it. If anything can be said, I'd argue Islam is less obviously false than Mormonism because I mean... seer stones? I can't believe I professed this nonsense in my youth lol. Pleasu
  11. Yeah I have heard this, but it's absurdly easy to turn on it's head. Let's say we have somebody who is full-blown religious and believes in everything: God, Ghosts, Demons, Angels, etc. Even if they believe in all of that, they cannot remain intellectually honest without admitting that their belief comes from one worldview - i.e. their religion. They reject all other of the hundreds if not thousands of faiths in the world. I like the line from, I think it was Matt Dillahunty: "Atheists just believe in one less god than you." And if you have somebody who does believe in Go
  12. Thanks for digging out the scripture. I'm more of a dirty limerick / parody haiku guy myself. God is not at home, leave a message at the beep, Voicemail box is full. Thanks for the welcome! One of my video projects from my old vlog, which I have cleared out, was a rather detailed explanation of why Mormons did fall under the subset of Christianity. Even though I took it down because I'm not Mormon anymore I'm kind of proud of the effort that went into it, digging out the Nicene Creed and doing some historical study. I don't do things by half measures lol.
  13. Thank you very much! I can spin a yarn as well as anybody But I've also had some wonderful teachers too! Appreciate the welcome! Thank you kindly!
  14. After the initial state of panic and mental grappling with a sudden shift in my worldview (even one that had been declining over time), I can say that this does sort of apply to me, but in a different way. It didn't help that my religious awakening immediately preceeded my marriage's decline (they weren't related, just poor timing) so I can't say with any certainty that my emotional state was improved any. In fact my initial feelings, and ones that I still grapple with to this day, were feelings of bitterness. I basically felt as though I'd been cheated out of 24 years of a healthy upbr
  15. Well this is my first post outside the introduction forum, and I certainly chose a hot button issue to jump in on. If the couple were rejected from having kids simply because of their Christian worldview, even if that worldview included anti-LGBT ideals, I would argue that - while I certainly disagree with their worldview - it could be seen as a form of religious discrimination. That isn't what happened here. Saying they would send a gay child to conversion therapy is why they were rejected and I 100% agree with the decision for a number of reasons. Gay Conversion Therap
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