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  1. Can I borrow this for next time? lol I do find his opinion on homosexuality makes my blood boil. It feels more intense than just a normal difference of opinion on stuff like politics. This is a central part of who I am. I'm leaning towards no as to whether hanging out with him is worthwhile or enjoyable.
  2. Thanks for your input. You have a good point. He doesn't have much interest in chatting about things non-Catholic, but I could give it a shot and see what happens. Do you have friends who honestly think you're going to hell? If so, do you just avoid that topic and focus on non-religious interests you share?
  3. Hi, I'm unsure exactly what I want out of this post, maybe some of your advice. I had an interaction over text with a friend (not a close friend, but not a stranger) over homosexuality last Sunday. It has been bothering me ever since, and I feel stuck in my desire to argue with him and tell him how stupid I think his beliefs are. I know it's not good...it's just an urge I feel :) He was telling me that homosexual acts are wrong because they don't generate life, even though being gay in itself is not wrong. I responded by saying it makes no sense that a loving God
  4. I just thought I would share an uplifting news story we had in Canada today. The federal government is introducing legislation to ban Conversion Therapy. It seems like this "therapy" is based more on religious hatred of gay people than actual science. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/lametti-conversion-therapy-eradicate-1.5491718
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been reading some of your posts and thought I would like to create a profile and join. Seems like a nice community of thoughtful, caring people! Not sure if my path is a little unique. I grew up in a non-religious household and then started attending Catholic Mass on my own a few years ago. I went through RCIA and everything and even participated in assisting at Mass. I decided to be intellectually honest with myself and acknowledge that I probably never truly believed. I certainly tried hard to force myself but it just never made sense. I do fee
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