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  1. It seems that in Pittsburgh, the greek orthodox church churches (or some maybe) are closed. holytrinitypgh
  2. Yes, Romania. No, just the regular baptist churches, which some (priests will say all) orthodox people are against baptists. But as we know, orthodox people play the Jesus card, love all people, but is only "love".
  3. LeiaBryant, in my country is against the law to stop a priest doing his job (meaning in the church, but not said in the law). But this is usseles, because the cult law say that the state can close a cult if poses danger for people (diseases etc.)
  4. Sorry, i meant "What would a priest say about God punishing with disease at random, people ? I don't think i asked somewhere, but users cannot modify theyr topic ?
  5. For example, homosexuals are to be blamed doesen't stand with the fact that children too got infected with coronavirus (any type of coronavirus, as they are not only one in existence or any type of human transmited disease). So, what whould a priest say about this ? In Romania there is a word, duhovnic, meaning a orthodox priest confessor, but they say different things about one thing (contradictions), as a psychologist look-a-like (about marriage, money etc.) as i read they "advices" on orthodox christian sites.
  6. Children that behave like girls, when they are boys behave this way because of a genetical trait. A true and good God, regardless of any religion, will not kill old straight people as to blame homosexuals. I don't believe science will seriously look in this (homosexuality). Before birth, the sex part becomes male or female after some time. But viruses are milion years old, so God kill trough viruses in a 7000 year old planet (which is not) doesen't make any sense. And we are not made in a God image, as God should be homosexal too.
  7. In 2019 i encounter this "Jesus day" in some apartment flats (blocks).
  8. If a priest got infected from the one who entered Italy or from others, i regard this as truth. How many wafers in a day a priest deliver ? If he is sick and doesen't show symptoms (if coronavirus can have asymptomatic people, this mean that they don't sneeze, just put theyr finger in theyr mouth and saliva on a public place after that, and infection occur ? Different from latent tuberculosis) or shows symptoms, could infect more than 100 in a day. In my country, it doesen't explain on tv what asymptomatic means.
  9. Seems to me that this is a way to fool and convert people to christianity. It can be business manipulation in the name of God. Act of God (wikipedia) Sea cargo ship rule (wikipedia)
  10. After i watched the following video, i jumped to a 99 % atheist believe from a deist believe (i don't believe in God from the bible anyway because he is presented like a serial killer). Paula White
  11. For the following reasons : - Baptism is forced upon children, and if God of christians is justice, than the current baptism is fake. - When children grow, priests don't go from month to month on theyr home, to check if they are still christians, and not atheists. - Media "orthodox priests strive to get former christians back to christianity" is just propaganda. - It is ilegal in Romania to make a campaign and go door to door and ask people (adults and adults about children) about theyr religion, so counting is usseles. But it has been done by the state a few times, one time with the help of a non-guvernamental organization. The romanian state behaves like in the years of Stephen III of Moldavia or Stephen the Great, made saint (a murderer actually), regarding love for christianity. But it is a fake love presented on media, for example with the help of former communist state television, TVR 1. - Romanian people (100 %) are christians, because the church say so. This is what priests in charge say on tv. This propaganda counts to globaly saying that christians around the world are 33 %.
  12. I told my brother a few days ago that God was made a man and with a white beard, so it will look wise. If God of the bible existed, he is a hypocrite. Fooling people by using a male personification, to show that males are above females and putting a beard on his face, so people will believe he is wise. Orthodox priests have beards for the same purpose, minus the fact that not all behave bad with theyr wifes, i quess.
  13. Can we present our Patreon place in Podcasts ? The link is already in our forum ex-christian Account, but we wanted to present our Patreon link in the forum and write about what we are talking about there.
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