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  1. I see the way orthodox priest talk. Do you consider : - theological faculty school learned manipulation - it is the normal way they speak This is not a normal talk you have with a person, this smooth operator type of talk. I choose that they do this to manipulate people in becoming orthodox, a learned manipulation.
  2. When does free will begin ? If i have a urge to go naked in the streets, i do not because i do not think is right an because is not socialy accepted in my country. But it can be tolerated in a jungle type of tribe. Or if i had a mental illness i would go naked in the streets.
  3. But if someone sell stolen goods and if caught say that God miraculously gived them, they cannot say that they have the right to sell them without pay taxes ? Faith = no need for proof.
  4. "The secret of a blessed and happy life therefore, is “recognizing Jesus, but Jesus as the living God,” he said." https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2020-06/pope-at-angelus-the-secret-to-a-blessed-and-happy-life-is-recog.html I believe is just a turn around, a sort of religion rewriting, from blesing = God protection, to Blessed = happy, but only with Jesus. Or there are different meanings depending of past and present hapennings of the person blessed ? I'm personaly happy without Jesus.
  5. If christians were to say to IRS that they pray and objects appear and sell them (without pay taxes) and they have the right not to pay taxes, no christian country will believe them. But it is also a contradiction of give Caesar which is for Caesar (pay taxes) vs pray.
  6. "Cardinal Dolan should use his television appearances to exert his influence to open the churches or risk having his parishes go bankrupt." church closings impede our rights letter to the editor So, is all about money and is pathetic that churches relies on people money. In the USA constitution is not anything that impede rights for the protection of all in case of medical urgency, like in the Romania constitution ?
  7. - I am against Jesus for killing the tree in the bible. - i think, so question bible problems and contradictions. All above makes me a anti-Christ, but no signs from the bible for the end of humanity yet and i don't have money to rule the earth. Anyone from different religion, who wants, if given the chance (like me) to end all wars, will be treated like a anti-Christ and priests will give a diferent interpetation of signs from the bible. Plagues will be interpetated as corona-virus, if the disease killed allmost all humans (imposible). The priests want to bring
  8. First Council of Nicaea didn't know the authors of the new testament and what happened in the past and this is why they decided things about Jesus ?
  9. Yes, Romania. No, just the regular baptist churches, which some (priests will say all) orthodox people are against baptists. But as we know, orthodox people play the Jesus card, love all people, but is only "love".
  10. LeiaBryant, in my country is against the law to stop a priest doing his job (meaning in the church, but not said in the law). But this is usseles, because the cult law say that the state can close a cult if poses danger for people (diseases etc.)
  11. Sorry, i meant "What would a priest say about God punishing with disease at random, people ? I don't think i asked somewhere, but users cannot modify theyr topic ?
  12. For example, homosexuals are to be blamed doesen't stand with the fact that children too got infected with coronavirus (any type of coronavirus, as they are not only one in existence or any type of human transmited disease). So, what whould a priest say about this ? In Romania there is a word, duhovnic, meaning a orthodox priest confessor, but they say different things about one thing (contradictions), as a psychologist look-a-like (about marriage, money etc.) as i read they "advices" on orthodox christian sites.
  13. Children that behave like girls, when they are boys behave this way because of a genetical trait. A true and good God, regardless of any religion, will not kill old straight people as to blame homosexuals. I don't believe science will seriously look in this (homosexuality). Before birth, the sex part becomes male or female after some time. But viruses are milion years old, so God kill trough viruses in a 7000 year old planet (which is not) doesen't make any sense. And we are not made in a God image, as God should be homosexal too.
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