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  1. "If God exists then we are all doomed" or something to that effect. You mean the god of the bible? That one? Because there is nothing in that book that can be proven, and here we go...If that god exists, then why the heck did this god leave such an important message/task to getting it ultimately messed up? This is how the whole Christianity thing gets embedded into our minds...With false guilt and shaming, two very strong emotions we carry around for self-control. It's quite amazing to me that most people have not figured this out. I discovered the psychopathic nature of the bible when I
  2. The problem with Darwin's theory is that there wasn't enough time after the dinosaur fall out for the modern human to evolve into what it is, today...Mathematically, it is impossible for the DNA. This doesn't mean that evolution did not take place, though; it means that there are bacteria that have taken on different characteristics that changed life, much like the way a virus changes itself to survive; it morphs into a different configuration.
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