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  1. I'm not a selective anti-theist I'm anti harm there is a big difference. Also anti-theist like Stalin murdered how many people? My only interactions with anti-theist so far has be occasional online harassment. Also when my spell works it won't harm people just destroy property. Are you seriously so dense that you think antiharm is the same as selective anti-theism? I really hope you understand or learn the difference.
  2. do you agree with me to antitheism is harmful just as much as fundamentalist Christians are? I support people's right to have atheism but antitheism takes a step further and proselytizes unbelief the way Christians proselytize their belief so anti-theist are no better than the fundamentalist Christians
  3. why are you limping me and is harmful with things that are actually dangerous. I'm not part of the problem I'm actually trying to make the world a better place why can't you just admit the antitheism is a step too far and settle for mere atheism? I'm not saying my kids are beyond criticism but I'm saying you have no reason to proselytize me like some fundamentalist and that's what antitheism is there no different than the fundamentalist Christians trying to shove their views down other people's throats as well. Mere atheism however only states that they don't believe there is a God. Not that all religions are harmful or siding with me as an ally in the anti harm movement. Why does anyone want to take the position anti-theist?
  4. My primary goal with this thread is to oppose anti-theism not atheism and all it became was a attack on my particular religion rather than a discussion about antitheism.
  5. No I'm not anti-theist want to destroy all religions not just one kind. Did you watch the video in the op
  6. Technically yes because theism is a very broad term
  7. I think you are wrong too. Let's agree to disagree and work together against destructive cults
  8. At least we agree on antitheism which is why I made the thread
  9. To be clear this is not about me arguing about my religions claims but dismissing antitheism which is the claim that all religions are inherently harmful. Do you support the anti-theist claim??
  10. AlI science is based on observation. Epistemologically your reality is based on your sense. Can you prove that you are not a brain in a vat ?
  11. Epistemologically you don't have any more truth than me.
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