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  1. Yes if you only have one God , that God inevitably becomes a narcissist. As someone with a narcissist for a biological mother I see the same in all monotheistic religions. I fact I found a YouTube video that explains this perfectly. Watch this: https://youtu.be/qjZ3f-IXEXU EDIT:Note the video was made by a atheist. He points out the problem of monotheistic narcissism. As a polytheist I don't have these problems.
  2. It is so much better with fellow polytheist we can both acknowledge and accept each others Gods with the spiritual dick measuring contest of labeling one person's Gods as demons.
  3. I just wish Christians would accept my Gods exist. I acknowledge the Christian God's existence the least they could do is reciprocate.
  4. I agree all generalizations are false including this one.
  5. I can agree to that. I just experienced more than my fair share of misogynists, hence why I identify as a feminist.
  6. My Goddess has given me a sense of equality and self worth that the Christian God tried to strip me of. She is the one that gave me my first true sense of equality. I share my faith to empower women. I expect some push back for believing in Gods . I just ask that you don't lump my faith in with the monotheist .
  7. Equal in terms of ability yes men are physical stronger but women are better at magick than men. We are more intuitive than men. It is know as woman intuition for a reason. We have different strengths and weakness. Men and women are equal like a knight and a bishop are equal on a chess board. Of course we should Also be equal in law and rights. I don't know for sure which creation account is the most accurate.
  8. I'm just glad you are willing to learn unlike some people who are locked into their religious dogma. No offense taken I am used to correcting all sorts of misconceptions about Wicca.
  9. Yes fuck Sharia law. Yes, not sure how to fight patriarchy in religion yet, sure sexism against men should be opposed even though it is incredibly rare.yes I have compassion for them. Yes I want actual equality. I already did that I was assigned male at birth. My transition came after I found out I have two X chromosomes. But my early childhood was as a boy .I am out to destroy patriarchy in religions specifically. Patriarchy being anything that strips women of agency over their lives.
  10. Wicca doesn't involve the sacrifice of any living thing. Different ancient pagan customs that I find reprehensible did exist in the past but I don't worship those Gods . Wiccan belief have no sacrifice of animals let alone children. Don't lump me in with other belief systems.
  11. I actually am fighting for equality. Not everyone who claims to be a feminist actually battles against patriarchy. I seek to destroy all systems that strips women of agency over their lives. That's what I believe is fighting patriarchy.
  12. At least I'm not a monotheistic authoritarian like a fundamentalist Baptist. I believe it n many Goddesses and Gods . Why is that so bad in your opinion?
  13. If it is more consistent than random chance then it can count as proof. Prayers are only different than magick spells because magick spells are done in accordance with natural cycles of the earth. Prayers to the Christian God treat him as outside the natural world. My Goddess is found in all of nature.
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