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  1. I personally I trying to master the personality traits in the charge of the Goddess. So love& pleasure,beauty& strength,power& compassion, honor & humility,and mirth & reverence. So what about the rest of you, what are you trying to do to grow as a person?
  2. I don't hate atheist just anti-theist really piss me off and I was venting that. Sorry if any non-anti-theist was offended by that
  3. after some thought I've come to the realization that have more courage than atheists because I believe the God that was raised with is real and choose to reject him anyway. I'm ex-NIFB(new independent fundamentalist Baptist AKA Steven Anderson's cult) and I believe their God is real. ( For purpose of discussion let's give the rest of Christianity the benefit of the doubt and assume they have a different God than the NIFB) I believe this horrible monster the NIFB teaches about is a real being (I'm a medium and a sensitive and I'm sure there is a real entity being worshipped by them) and I choos
  4. what do y'all think about astrology? It seems to be very helpful to me personally but I understand most people are skeptical. It usually because of a overidentification with their sun sign without considering the moon sign and ascendent. Btw I'm a Taurus sun , Sagittarius moon and Libra ascendant. So what does that say about me.?
  5. I'm Leiabryant13 on Twitter https://twitter.com/LeiaBryant13/status/1297095695195873280?s=20
  6. Not all religions are harmful!!!! Stop conflating anti-harm with anti-theism
  7. Anti harm is different than anti-theism. I am looking for anti-harm allies not anti-theist.
  8. I'm not anti- theistic just anti-harm. Removing religion from everything looks like atheist hegemony from my point of view. I said all religions should be treated equally, cults and religions are different. Just like there is a difference between anti- harm and selective anti-theism . You conflating the two sounds disingenuous at best.
  9. Secularism would be the hegemony of atheism, just like we have a Christian hegemony now. Also I would oppose pagan hegemony too. Pluralism is equal treatment of all viewpoints on religion.
  10. I think BITE model cults are harmful and normal religion is not. We need experts on cults to help figure out the specifics and excult members are the first group to look to for expertize in this area . Also I put all forms of theism to be as an equal to atheism . I don't think you're necessarily inherently better than people who are theists or worse than them. so I want a pluralistic society where everyone is treated equally and there's no favoritism towards a particular flavor of theism or toward secularism. Edit: note some types of Christianity are not harmful but others are. For example yo
  11. This exactly!! We need pluralism and tolerance far more than secularism. If atheism was the majority how would I be treated for being religious? My religion having hegemony is not my goal. Equality and pluralism is.
  12. I have no problem with someone believe in leprechauns if they want to as long as you're not forcing it on anyone else or harming anyone what's the problem? can we have a pluralistic society instead of a secular one why is that bad? also just so you know some of my magick does involve the Fae, fairies. I believe in fairies just as much as Christians believe in angels, and technically leprechauns would qualify as a type of Fae though I've never done any spells involving them.
  13. My primary point is does a difference between fighting for pluralism versus fighting for secularism . I think one is better than the other I think pluralism is better than secularism
  14. I'm not a selective anti-theist I'm anti harm there is a big difference. Also anti-theist like Stalin murdered how many people? My only interactions with anti-theist so far has be occasional online harassment. Also when my spell works it won't harm people just destroy property. Are you seriously so dense that you think antiharm is the same as selective anti-theism? I really hope you understand or learn the difference.
  15. do you agree with me to antitheism is harmful just as much as fundamentalist Christians are? I support people's right to have atheism but antitheism takes a step further and proselytizes unbelief the way Christians proselytize their belief so anti-theist are no better than the fundamentalist Christians
  16. why are you limping me and is harmful with things that are actually dangerous. I'm not part of the problem I'm actually trying to make the world a better place why can't you just admit the antitheism is a step too far and settle for mere atheism? I'm not saying my kids are beyond criticism but I'm saying you have no reason to proselytize me like some fundamentalist and that's what antitheism is there no different than the fundamentalist Christians trying to shove their views down other people's throats as well. Mere atheism however only states that they don't believe there is a God. Not that a
  17. My primary goal with this thread is to oppose anti-theism not atheism and all it became was a attack on my particular religion rather than a discussion about antitheism.
  18. No I'm not anti-theist want to destroy all religions not just one kind. Did you watch the video in the op
  19. Technically yes because theism is a very broad term
  20. I think you are wrong too. Let's agree to disagree and work together against destructive cults
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